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How to Make Pretty Jeweled Christmas Ornaments

Do you look for creative ways to make your Christmas tree shine for the holidays? Would you like a quick and easy DIY project? I’m showing you how to make pretty jeweled Christmas ornaments.

This easy DIY project uses adhesive jewels and styrofoam balls to create shiny ornaments. Your Christmas decorations will glow with the addition of these quick and simple jeweled Christmas ornaments.

Scrolling through Amazon, I discovered these jewels by chance. I was looking for a way to decorate the styrofoam balls I already had.

I was so excited when I found these adhesive jewel decorations.

This a great project to make while watching a Hallmark Channel movie, sitting by the fire listening to Christmas music, or watching a football game.

I’ve planned to design a new Christmas tree for several weeks for our bedroom. We’ve had a 4-foot tall faux green tree in our bedroom for several years. This year, I wanted to change to a white tree.

My plan is to use mainly pink and blue decorations on the tree. I would then add to the Christmas tree with other pink and blue decorated small bottle brush trees.

I was thrilled when our Pinterest Challenge hostess, Cindy of County Road 407, suggested DIY Christmas ornaments as our last PC Challenge of the year. Timing is everything and I was ready to make the ornaments for the new white tree.

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Jeweled Christmas Ornaments: Simple, Easy, and Quick

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These DIY Christmas ornaments are so easy. You don’t even need a glue gun for making them.

The Christmas ornaments turned out even better than I thought they would.

What do you need? Just a few supplies.

Supplies for these Jeweled Christmas Ornaments

  • styrofoam balls in your size of choice. I already had eight 3-inch styrofoam balls on hand that I didn’t use last year.
  • jeweled adhesive stickers. I ordered 2 packages and had leftover jewels.
  • U-hook hangers. The styrofoam balls don’t have hangers. I found these hangers which you push into the styrofoam ball.
  • skinny ribbon to hang the ornaments. I already had skinny pink ribbon.
  • scissors to cut ribbon
Jeweled Christmas OrnamentsJeweled Christmas Ornaments
Jeweled Christmas OrnamentsJeweled Christmas Ornaments
Jeweled Christmas OrnamentsJeweled Christmas Ornaments
Jeweled Christmas OrnamentsJeweled Christmas Ornaments

NOTE: The number of packages of jewel stickers you will need depends on three things:

  • the size of your styrofoam balls
  • the number of balls you are decorating
  • the design you use for your ornaments

To be honest, I don’t remember if I have ever made handmade Christmas ornaments. I actually have a couple more ideas for other styles of Christmas ornaments.

Making the Jeweled Christmas Ornaments

This may be the easiest Christmas ornament you’ll ever make. It would be great for kids.

The jewels come in a nice gift bag that you can keep.

Jeweled Christmas Ornaments

All the jewel ornaments can be the same or each one can look different. I went for a different look for each ornament.

Spread the plastic sheets of jewel stickers out and pick the individual one you want. I think it’s best to start with the bigger jewels.

As you can see, each style of jewel comes in a plastic bag.

Jeweled Christmas Ornaments

Remove the jewels you want to use from the bag.

Pull the jewel away from the plastic backing, Make sure that the adhesive backing comes with the jewel and doesn’t stay on the plastic. That only happened to me a couple of times.

Stick the jewel on the styrofoam ball and gently press down. That’s it.

You can cover the entire styrofoam ball like I did for my first one. That style will take more jewels. I used three different styles of jewels on this first ball.

Jeweled Christmas Ornaments
Jeweled Christmas Ornaments

I realized that that design would take up a lot of jewels. For the other seven balls, I spread out the design.

Jeweled Christmas Ornaments

I mixed up the shape – round, square, heart, diamond – of the jewels as much as possible. I mostly went for a random design.

You can fill in the larger jewels with the small round ones.

Jeweled Christmas Ornaments

I guess you could paint the styrofoam balls first, but I didn’t see the need for it.

Jeweled Christmas Ornaments

After you have placed all your jewel stickers on the balls, you add the hangers. Be sure to push them into the styrofoam with some pressure.

Jeweled Christmas Ornaments

Displaying Your Jewel Ornaments

First, I set up the 4-foot-lighted white tree that I ordered online. For an inexpensive tree, it was just the right choice. It looks better than I thought it would.

Jeweled Christmas OrnamentsJeweled Christmas Ornaments

I put the two parts together and added batteries to the battery-pack. This tree has four different lighting options.

Rather than use the plastic stand that comes with the tree, I used one of our silver champagne buckets, but first I had to polish it.

Of course, I used my favorite silver wipes. These wipes are so easy to use – no muss, no fuss.

Jeweled Christmas OrnamentsJeweled Christmas Ornaments

Now I placed the tree in the IG silver champagne bucket and filled the bucket with crushed newspaper to keep it straight and secure.

Then I added a piece of cream fabric from my stash to cover the paper.

Next, I added the felt ball garland that I made. (I’ll share the how-to and complete tree in a later post.

Jeweled Christmas Ornaments

Now you can add your jewel ornaments.

Use your skinny ribbon to tie the jeweled ornament to the tree branches. You can either tie a bow or make a loop. After hanging seven jeweled Christmas ornaments with a bow, I found making a loop is an easier method.

Jeweled Christmas Ornaments

I added all eight ornaments around the tree.

Jeweled Christmas Ornaments
Jeweled Christmas Ornaments

A few weeks ago, I found 10 vintage pink ornaments at a local antique mall. They were 25 cents each.

Jeweled Christmas Ornaments
Jeweled Christmas Ornaments

Am I done with the tree for our bedroom? No, I made another wool felt garland (You can see a bit of it in the picture below.) and added it to the tree.

I still have another type of DIY Christmas ornament to add (One of them is poking out in the picture below.) and a topper for the tree. For now, the tree is sitting in our breakfast room, waiting to be finished after Thanksgiving.

Jeweled Christmas Ornaments

I hope that you liked this super easy jeweled Christmas ornament. I think it will be so pretty in our bedroom for the holidays.

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The complete list of Pinterest Challenge participants is below. My friend Lynne of My Family Thyme is next up. She has a cute jingle-bell ornament for you.

Have fun discovering all these fun Christmas ornaments.

Jeweled Christmas Ornaments
Jeweled Christmas Ornaments
Jeweled Christmas Ornaments
Jeweled Christmas Ornaments

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  1. What an easy and inexpensive way to create olorful Chrismtas bling! Your ornaments look so good on the white tree too!
    So fun hopping with you. Merry Christmas!

  2. Oh wow, the jewels are so pretty and they sparkle so pretty in the light. What a fun and genius way to create some stunning ornaments.

  3. Your home has to be the happiest of Christmas homes! I love all that color. You make me want to change everything in my house and start off with an all white tree. Seriously so cute and you amaze with your creativity. Thank you for joining in this month. Happy Thanksgiving! pinned.

  4. These would be so fun for kids to make! The make your tree so festive and pretty and show up beautifully against the white tree.

  5. Bring on the jewels! Carol your ornaments are super cute, and I love how they look on your white tree with pink ribbon! So clever!

  6. Carol,
    OMG I love this. They look amazing! Pinned. My nieces would love to do this!
    Happy Thanksgiving friend! xo laura in Colorado