How to Make the Prettiest DIY Yarn Christmas Trees

Do you like to make DIY Christmas decorations for your home? The Christmas season is the best time for fun DIY projects.  My first project of the season is the prettiest DIY yarn Christmas trees.

These DIY yarn Christmas trees are the perfect decoration idea for your home.

You’ll love how to decorate your home for Christmas with this quick and simple DIY yarn Christmas tree project. It’s so easy even the kids can help.

You can make these trees in a few minutes. They are also inexpensive, easy to store after the holidays and reuse.

Best of all, these adorable yarn Christmas trees are easy to customize with your favorite Christmas colors.

Today is Day 1 of Christmas in July 2023. I love this week. For me, it helps to “cool” off during the hot summer months. It gets my creative juices thinking about the holidays. For you, this week gives you ideas and projects to plan early for Christmas.

The Idea for these DIY Yarn Christmas Trees

Although I’ve seen yarn Christmas trees in the past, it was time to try this pretty idea myself. It looked like a fun DIY Christmas decoration.

NOTE: Before you buy your supplies, you will want to decide on the size you want for your Christmas trees. You will also want to decide what color(s) you want.

Supplies for DIY Yarn Christmas Trees

You only need a few supplies for the DIY Christmas trees.

That’s it. I already had my glue gun and glue sticks and scissors on hand.

NOTE: You can also use cardboard cones or make your own.

The styrofoam cones I used are almost 12 inches tall and come in a package of four. I used three of them for my yarn trees.

styrofoam cones

TIP: Styrofoam cones come in white and green. I used the white ones unless you are using green yarn.

For variation, you can use different sizes.

The colors I wanted for my yarn trees are blue, white, and pink. I wanted the yarn to be as thick as possible. I found the pink and white yarn in a nice chunky style. The blue is a little smaller.

pink, white, and blue yarn

Keep in mind that the larger and chunkier your yarn, the less you will need. Obviously, the size of your styrofoam cone also determines how much yarn you will use.

Steps for Making Your Yarn Christmas Trees

Before beginning your project, I recommend placing a large piece of wax paper down on your work surface. You want to protect it from the hot glue and glue strings.

The steps for all the Christmas trees are the same.

Step 1 – Heat your glue gun.

Step 2 – While the glue gun is heating, gather your other supplies.

Step 3 – At the base of the styrofoam cones, lay down a line of hot glue several inches long.

adding blue yarn yarn to styrofoam cone
pink yarn

Step 4 – Place the yarn on the glue and gently press down. Continue adding more hot glue around the bottom edge of the cone.

Step 5 – When you complete the first “circle” of yarn, add a second row of hot glue around the cone. Place the next row of yarn above the first one on the second row of glue.

TIP: Don’t make your row of glue too thick. You don’t want it to seep through between the rows of yarn.

adding pink yarn to styrofoam cone

Step 6 – As you place a row of yarn on the cone, gently “roll” it down to meet the row below. This little action will ensure that your yarn covers the styrofoam and make your yarn tree look full.

wrapping blue yarn around styrofoam cone

Step 7 – As you get to the top of your tree, wrap the yarn until you can’t wind it anymore. Cut off the yarn with an extra couple of inches. Add a drop of glue to the top of the cone. Press the end of the yarn to the cone.

You’re done! Wasn’t that easy!

pink yarn on styrofoam cone

This project is so easy. It’s the perfect project to do while you are watching TV. Bring on the Hallmark Channel!

Using your hands, press around the yarn to make sure that every part is attached to the cone.

Also, check the tree for glue strings, Either pull or cut them off the yarn.

Embellishing Your DIY Yarn Christmas Trees

This is the fun part of the project. How do you want to decorate the trees?

You can leave the yarn Christmas trees as is. They are pretty with just yarn.

I wanted to add a topper to my trees.

Option 1

First, I gathered some of my mom’s vintage rhinestone jewelry. I also had several stones that had fallen off some earrings and two very nice necklaces.

vintage jewelry

I began by picking three pieces, one circle pin, one star pin, and one earring. Since I did not want to glue the jewelry to the tree, I placed the stick pin into the top of the tree.

Yarn Christmas Trees with vintage jewelry

This gave the trees a sparkling dressy look.

Option 2

I decided to try a more casual look.

Looking through my stash of wood pieces, I found several 2-inch wood stars.

I used my hot glue gun to glue a toothpick to three stars.

wood stars and glue gun

That was a nice look, but I wanted something just a little bit dressier.

Yarn Christmas Trees with stars

Option 3

Of course, I had glitter on hand – in gold, silver, red, and green. I decided to use silver glitter.

glitter and wood stars

With a foam brush, I applied Mod Podge to the stars. You can use any type of craft glue.

TIP: Reuse your piece of wax paper.

The last step was to sprinkle the glitter on the stars and shake off the excess.

wood stars

Stick the toothpick star into the top of your tree.

Yarn Christmas Trees with star toppers

One more addition.

How about adding fairy lights? Fortunately, our batter-operated fairy lights were in a labeled box in the garage and easy to access.

Wrap each tree with a string of fairy lights. The lights give a little sparkle to your Christmas trees.

lighted Yarn Christmas Trees

Displaying the Yarn Christmas Trees

For now, I decided to use the yarn Christmas trees on our living room coffee table.

I placed the trees in a round basket. For a little more height, I placed them on cupcake stands.

Then I covered the bottom of the basket with blue and pink mini ornaments. I actually bought these little ornaments for another Christmas tree project (standby).

mini-ornaments around yarn Christmas trees

I will probably move these DIY yarn Christmas trees to our bedroom. (Hint, hint – I’m going pink and blue this year.)

I think this is a great project for your holiday decor. It’s easy, inexpensive, and very pretty. I love projects that I can do while watching a movie or TV show.

Other Options for Your Yarn Trees

  1. Make your trees all one color.
  2. Vary the size of your trees.
  3. Use different colors of yarn on one tree for an ombre look.
  4. Glue faux gems around the trees. I had some that I ordered for another project.
  5. Glue mini-ornaments on the trees
  6. Glue wool felt balls around the tree in a random pattern.
  7. Wrap a small-bead garland around the tree.
  8. Drape a piece of green yarn around the tree to look like garland.
  9. Insert a skewer in the base of your tree. Attach the skewer to a wood block or wood slice to make a tree stand.
  10. Place the skewer into a small decorative votive holder. Secure in a small piece of florist foam.

I hope you love this easy, pretty and fun DIY yarn Christmas tree project. This is a great craft for the holidays.

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  1. Hi Carol! Your trees are adorable. I am hosting a cookie party for some 11 year olds and thought this would be a fun craft. Can you tell me using the same size cone and yarn as the pink, how many cones did one roll cover?
    Thank you

    1. Emily, it depends on the thickness of the yarn and the size of your cones. I would use smaller cones and bigger yarn so the kids don’t get bored. My cones were 9 – 11 inches tall. The pink yarn I used was not too chunky. Hope that helps. Thanks for the feedback.

  2. Hi Carol- Popping in to let you know your trees will be featured at tomorrow’s Home Imagined link party. I have pinned these and will be making my own version. Thanks for the inspiration. Hope to see you at the party. XO- MaryJo

  3. Hi Carol – I love the soft colors you chose for these trees. The entire project turned out wonderfully. I love the glitter stars you put on the tops and the fact that you added lights. Thank you for sharing this post with the Home Imagined Link party.

  4. What a fun idea Carol, I am going to give this a try. Thanks for sharing over Team Creative Crafts link party.

  5. I’m back to say that I’m featuring your cone trees on today’s Crafty Creators. Congrats & I hope you’ve had an amazing Thanksgiving!

  6. You yarn trees are really pretty! I love how you topped them with the glittery stars, and they look extra cute with the lights. Pinning!

  7. So cute, Carol! I LOVE that chunky yarn that you used…that makes them look like such cozy little trees! The glitter star toppers are the perfect touch!

  8. Carol, your trees are adorable. Love how you added lights to yours. They look great in the tray with ornaments. The colors are so pretty too. Thanks for sharing.

  9. So pretty Carol!! I LOVE the way you displayed them with the pink and blue ornaments! The glitter star toppers are a perfect festive touch, and everything turns to magic with little white lights! Beautiful!

  10. Carol, the chunky yarn and jeweled toppers really elevate your yarn trees! I also love the colors you used.
    Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  11. Your yarn trees are adorable, Carol! Of all the decorative tops, I love that you used your mom’s vintage jewelry! They make the trees extra special and very nostalgic! And the lights certainly enhances the holiday mood! Well done!

  12. Carol these truly are the prettiest yarn Christmas trees! I’ve been looking for a craft for my friends luncheon that I host every year and this just might be the perfect craft for that. Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. This is so timely Carol; I have so much left over yarn scraps and this would be perfect to use them up! They are so lovely all lit up and I love that you used your mom’s vintage jewellry as toppers; it makes them so special. Have a happy holiday season :).

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