How to Decorate a Lazy Susan from the Dollar Spot


What can you do to make a lazy susan attractive for your home decor? Let me share how to decorate a Lazy Susan from the Dollar Spot.

The Target Dollar Spot is as popular as the dollar stores for finding DIY items to decorate our homes.

Can you walk by the Dollar Spot without making a sweep for something you can’t live without?

I can’t. That’s how I found a wood Lazy Susan. My DIY brain immediately clicked into create mode.

By the time I returned home (My Target is 5 minutes away.), I knew exactly how I was going to decorate this Dollar Spot Lazy Susan.


What supplies do you need for this project? Just a few:

  • First, you need a Lazy Susan. Here is the wood Lazy Susan I bought. The smooth wood will be the right surface for this DIY project.
dollar spot lazy susan

This Lazy Susan was $5.00. It’s actually very sturdy.

  • For this Dollar Spot Lazy Susan decorating project, I’m going to use one of my favorite DIY techniques ~ decoupage.
  • To cover the wood surface, I’m going to use scrapbook paper in blue. This paper material will provide a stronger base than a napkin for any objects placed on the Lazy Susan. I had several pieces that might work.
blue scrapbook paper

I picked this one because it best matched the accent tile in our kitchen. The color and the pattern of the scrapbook paper is what will give your Lazy Susan the personal touch that fits your home decor.

blue scrapbook paper



Place the scrapbook paper face down on your work surface. Turn the Lazy Susan upside down on the paper.


With a pencil, use the Lazy Susan as a template.

drawing a circle around the Lazy Susan


Cut out the circle.

blue polka dot paper on Lazy Susan

NOTE: I decided to use the Matte Mod Podge to apply the paper to the Lazy Susan.

Lazy Susan project supplies


Use the brush to add Mod Podge to the surface of the Lazy Susan.

Pour some Mod Podge into a disposable plastic container I bought a large package a few years aog I think they are for nachos.

Mod Podge glue in plastic container
Mod Podge applied to Lazy Susan


Apply Mod Podge to the back of the scrapbook paper.


Carefully set the scrapbook paper on top of the Lazy Susan. Line up the edges of the circle to the edges of the Lazy Susan.

Add more Mod Podge on the edges, if necessary. Use a plastic food scraper or a credit card to smooth our the scrapbook paper across the Lazy Susan.

Set aside the Lazy Susan to dry for about 30 minutes.

scrapbook paper on Lazy Susan


Use the small super sharp scissors to trim the paper close to the edge of the wood Lazy Susan. I love these little scissors for trimming paper and fabric.

trim scrapbook paper on Lazy Susan


Apply a coat of Mod Podge to the top of the scrapbook paper.

I chose to use the Gloss Mod Podge on the top surface of the Lazy Susan. Make sure to cover the edges well.

Mod Podge and Lazy Susan

Set aside and allow to dry overnight.

Gloss Mod Podge on Lazy Susan

You are done with your decorated Lazy Susan. Wasnt that easy?

Now you can use it in your home decor.

How did I use my Dollar Spot Lazy Susan?

I used it in a little kitchen vignette. I placed a silver lamp with the fabric~covered lamp shade that I recently made.

fabric covered lamp vignette

You may have noticed that I didn’t paint the Lazy Susan. I thought I would leave the wood natural.

At some point, I may use the decorated Lazy Susan in a different place for a different purpose.

Ready to Pin this easy Lazy Susan decorating project?

pin for later graphic in blue

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