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DIY Christmas Tree Holiday Vignette on a Tray

Do you wish that you had elves helping you decorate for Christmas? I’m playing elf and sharing with you how to create a DIY Christmas Tree Holiday Vignette on a Tray.

Somehow this year, I’ve developed a DIY Christmas tree addiction. There are many different ways to make cute small trees that fit into small spaces.

All you need is a little imagination, some easy supplies, and you are on your way to making little vignettes throughout your home.

For this Christmas vignette, I’m using two easy ways to make Christmas trees. What makes them a vignette is that they are gathered together on a tray.

Why a tray?

Well, trays, along with baskets and other containers, are perfect for creating a base to gather any group of decorative items.

Whether your vignette is on a coffee table, a mantel, a side table, or your kitchen table, a tray is your best decorating friend.

And guess what?

Today is tray day. Hosted by the talented Katherine of Katherine’s Corner, a group of 24 talented bloggers (including yours truly) is showing you ideas for a Winter Wonderland on a Tray for your holiday decorations.

If you are joining me from Irene of My Slice of Mexico, I’m thrilled you are here for this holiday season blog hop.

If you are new to Bluesky at Home and want to know a little bit about me, then please visit My Story and see the projects and information I share and what we have in common.

Before I share my Christmas tree vignette on a tray, let me show you how to make these easy DIY Christmas trees.

Two Styles of DIY Christmas Trees

I love the personal touch that DIY Christmas decorations give to our homes. I don’t know if a Christmas decoration can get easier than these bottle brush Christmas trees.

My first DIY Christmas tree project of this year was these yarn Christmas trees. Last year I made these glitter Christmas trees.

This Christmas tray vignette would go in our bedroom. The console table across from our bed would be the perfect place to highlight a Christmas arrangement.

The color palette for our bedroom would be pink and blue this year.

I had two kinds of DIY Christmas in mind for this Christmas vignette on a tray: bottle brush trees and felt wool ball trees.

Of course, for both styles of trees, you can choose any color enhancements that fit your color scheme.

What Supplies Do You Need for the Bottle Brush Christmas Trees?

A few weeks ago, on my almost weekly trip to Dollar Tree, I found these white bottle brush trees with lights for $5 each. Don’t you love twinkle lights at Christmas?

Christmas tree holiday vignette

I already had purchased the small pink and blue Christmas ornaments for Christmas craft projects.

  • bottle brush Christmas trees in your size and color of choice, preferably with fairy lights. Here are 6-inch trees
  • batteries for the Christmas trees
  • mini-Christmas ornaments in your size and colors of choice; I ordered these pink ones and blue ones
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks – this is the one that I want for Christmas

Bottlebrush trees and mini-pink and blue ornaments are a match made in heaven.

Making the Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

This project is so easy it’s like a recipe that really isn’t a recipe.

First, heat up your glue gun.

NOTE: Since my glue gun is old, I set it on a large piece of wax paper to protect my work surface.

Christmas tree holiday vignette

While the glue gun is heating, you can add batteries to the lighted Christmas trees.

Next, remove any attached hangers from the mini-ornaments.

TIP: I kept all the plastic hangers for other projects.

Carefully run a circle of glue around the spot where the hanger was.

Christmas tree holiday vignette

With your other hand, separate a section of the bottle brush tree “branches”. Push the ornament into the tree as far as it will go. Hold for a few seconds until the glue sticks.

Christmas tree holiday vignette

NOTE: I started at the top of my tree and worked down and around it. I tried to alternate the colors as much as possible.

How many ornaments you glue to the tree is totally up to you. I put about 3 inches between my ornaments.

That’s it. It’s as easy as singing jingle bells 3 times.

What Supplies Do You Need for the Felt Ball Trees?

These felt ball trees are as easy as the bottle brush ones.

Christmas tree holiday vignette

I had a couple of different size cones on hand, but I chose the ones that were smaller.

Making the Felt Wool Ball Christmas Trees

Place a fresh piece of wax paper on your work surface and heat the glue gun.

Christmas tree holiday vignette

While it’s heating, separate the colored balls into different bowls. This is the easiest way to randomly arrange the balls to the trees.

Christmas tree holiday vignette

Starting at the bottom of your tree, add a small dollop of glue to a felt ball.

Christmas tree holiday vignette

I also made a felt ball tree in bright colors for our living room. For that tree, I used 1 1/2 packages.

Place a ball at the edge of the bottom of the tree and press to the styrofoam cone and hold it there for a few seconds.

Christmas tree holiday vignette

Continue around the circumference of the cone, placing the felt balls close together. On the next row, place the balls in between the two balls in the first row. Press into the space between the two balls in the first row.

Guess who finished off the felt ball tree for me? Annabelle loves crafts and worked like an elf.

Christmas tree holiday vignette
Christmas tree holiday vignette

Continue around the tree, making sure to alternate the color of the felt balls, until you reach almost to the top of the tree.

Top the tree with one last ball or another type of tree topper.

Christmas tree holiday vignette

Pull off any “glue threads” from the Christmas trees.

OPTION 1: Use either multi-colored felt balls, as I did, or one color. You could also make an ombre effect or a striped look.

OPTION 2: You could also place the wool felt balls around the tree in a “polka-dot” pattern. Good for when you are running out of felt balls.

OPTION 3: You could also add battery-operated Christmas lights to the felt ball trees.

Your DIY Christmas Trees are done.

These faux holiday trees are easy to make, inexpensive, and can be used throughout your home.

Arranging your Christmas Tree Holiday Vignette on a Tray

This holiday vignette came together so quickly.

For my tray, I needed a rectangle to fit on our console table. My brass rectangle tray was perfect.

Christmas tree holiday vignette

Next came three bottle brush trees. You can use how many you need for your tray vignette.

Christmas tree holiday vignette

Then came the two wool-felt balls trees.

Christmas tree holiday vignette

I was able to find my bag of faux snow in the garage. I sprinkled handfuls of snow around the trees on the tray.

Then I sprinkled some of the leftover pink and blue ornaments from the bottle brush tree.

Christmas tree holiday vignette

Don’t these trees look pretty lit up?

Christmas tree holiday vignette

Final Embellishments to Your Christmas Tray Vignette

The next morning after creating this tray vignette, I decided I wanted a little more embellishment on the vignette.

Since I had more pink and white felt balls, I decided to make another felt ball garland (like the ones I made for our new bedroom white Christmas tree). See last year’s Christmas garland for detailed instructions.

Christmas tree holiday vignette
Christmas tree holiday vignette

You could also add some faux or fresh greenery.

As a final cute embellishment, I used two acrylic reindeer which I bought last week during my shopping spree with my older daughter.

Christmas tree holiday vignette

I didn’t realize until I opened the package that it was from Kalio Chic ( not an affiliate link).

I used the pink and aqua reindeer, which picked up the colors of my vignette and adds another festive touch.

It’s usually the small touches that create an interesting focal point.

Christmas tree holiday vignette

Since this table is narrow, this Christmas tray vignette fit perfectly. I love the pastel colors and the lighted trees. And how quickly the Christmas vignette came together.

Christmas tree holiday vignette

Christmas Tree Tray Vignette Supplies

Christmas tree holiday vignetteChristmas tree holiday vignette
Christmas tree holiday vignetteChristmas tree holiday vignette
Christmas tree holiday vignetteChristmas tree holiday vignette
Christmas tree holiday vignetteChristmas tree holiday vignette
Christmas tree holiday vignetteChristmas tree holiday vignette
Christmas tree holiday vignetteChristmas tree holiday vignette

I’m not done, but we now have the beginning of the spirit of Christmas in our bedroom.

Here are some of my Pinterest Christmas Boards to give you more ideas:

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Are you inspired to make a DIY Christmas tree holiday vignette on a tray? I would appreciate it if you would PIN this project to your Pinterest Christmas boards.

Christmas tree holiday vignette
Christmas tree holiday vignette
Christmas tree holiday vignette
Christmas tree holiday vignette
Winter Wonderland on a Tray Tour

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  1. These are so cute! I’m loving your Christmas color scheme! Next year I’m going to borrow your idea for our master bedroom Christmas decor. I’ll be featuring your post on Thursday’s Crafty Creators. Hope to see you there! It was great touring with you as well! Tell Annabelle “Roll Tide!!” Our kids have been saying it since they could speak lol. My son has already decided that’s where he wants to go to college when he’s old enough (I don’t even want to think about that!!).

  2. Your pastel color scheme for your vignette is so pretty! The wool ball trees look amazing. So nice to tray hop with you.

  3. I love all of your wonderful trees. I may like the pompom tree most of all. The non traditional colors make it even more festive. Love it all!Thank you for joining in the fun. Pinned! Hugs!!

  4. Carol! Your tray is so full of happy color! The deer are too cute! Thank you for sharing. Lovely hopping with you! Merry Christmas! Toodles, Kathryn

  5. Carol, I am loving your pretty in pastel tray. How sweet to make some of the trees. The felt balls make wonderful trees. The reindeer are darling. The tray is a showstopper. A pleasure hopping with you.

  6. Carol,
    I love your trees and those felt ones are gorgeous. Love your tray vignette.
    Have a lovely holiday season.

  7. This tray is so fun and festive! Great job Carol. I love that it was something you could work on with your granddaughter too. I love how all the trees turned out. Have a great week.

  8. Oh what a great idea! Thanks for the tutorial and I love that you made this a family affair! Making memories along the way… perfect!

  9. This is so cute Carol! I just love the happy colors! The felt ball trees are adorable, and so easy to make! What a great idea, thanks for sharing. Happy December!

  10. Hi Carol! I love that you used pastels for your Christmas decor. These are both great DIYs and I love how the trees look all lit up at night. The tray is the perfect footprint for your console table and it all came together beautifully. Nice to be joining together on this tour. Enjoy the season. XO- MaryJo

  11. HI Carol,
    I love seeing friends joining in on these parties! Okay I love your felt pom pom (balls) Christmas trees. I love them because at our house, with two Bernese Mountain dogs, my felt decor would be like a lint brush! So pretty! You have stepped up your craft game, girl! xo laura in Colorado
    PS Is your son still in CO or did he travel to new state?

  12. Hi, Carol; your DIY trees are so lovely, both kinds, and I like how they coordinate so tastefully with the painting above the vignette!

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    This is so darn sweet!!I love what you did with the trees and I would have never thought of felt balls and lighting those little trees!! Thanks so much for sharing!! It is just darling!!

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