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How to Paint a Flower Pot with Ceramic Paint

Flower pots come in all colors. Unfortunately, sometimes they come in a color that doesn’t fit your style or aesthetic. What to do? I’m going to show you how to paint a flower pot with ceramic paint.

Ceramic flower pots can be found at the big box stores, dollar stores, garage sales, and flea markets. They come in all sizes and shapes. And colors. That’s where this project comes in – changing the color of that flower pot by painting it with ceramic paint.

I was lucky last year when a friend brought us a beautiful orchid in a ceramic pot. The orchid was gorgeous, but the color of the pot was not my favorite.

The orchid quickly found a home in our bedroom for several months. The bloom is now in remission as Sweet Shark babies it back to blooming.

Now is the time to change the color of the ceramic flower pot. Come along on this project.

Using Ceramic Paint and Stencils to Decorate a Flower Pot

Good timing for this ceramic flower pot paint project. I needed just the design and the type of paint for this project.

Supplies You Will Need To Paint A Flower Pot

Have you ever painted a ceramic flower pot? I haven’t. Painting this ceramic flower pot was so easy. Now I will not let the wrong color hold me back.

I have stenciled with ceramic paint, but I have not painted a flower pot or anything with ceramic paint. What supplies will you need?

Painting The Flower Pot

Step 1 – Choose your pot. As I said, mine was a gift. Make sure that the flower pot is clean and free of dirt, grease, oil, etc. If you read Bluesky at Home often, your know my favorite colors are blue and pink. Mauve isn’t on the top 50.

QUESTION: Can you use a terra cotta pot for this project? Yes, terra cotta pots are a good alternative if you don’t have a ceramic pot on hand.

mauve ceramic flower pot

Step 2 – Choose your ceramic paint color. I already had a pretty blue – You’re the Water to My Ocean – that I have used for other stencil projects.

QUESTION: Can you use acrylic paint for this project? Yes, but you will get a different finish on the planter.

mauve ceramic flower pot and tube of blue ceramic paint

Step 3 – Turn your flower pot upside down. This makes it easier to paint the bottom of the pot first. I put my flower pot on a candle to hold it off the work surface.

maxue pot upside down

Step 4 – Squeeze a dollop of the No-Bake Ceramic Paint on a piece of cardboard, paper plate, or glass plate.

NOTE: A little Ceramic Paint goes a long way.

This amount covered the entire flower pot.

blue ceramic paint on white cardboard

Step 5 – Use your paintbrush to apply the Ceramic Paint to the flower pot. I painted one coat and let it dry for several hours and then added a second coat.

Step 6 – Turn the flower pot over and paint the inner rim of the pot and the inside for an inch or two. Then let the flower pot dry overnight.

painted ceramic flower pot

You are done with painting your flower pot – or any plain glass vase, dish or platter. Your transformed ceramic piece will have a smooth finish and slightly shiny.

Was I done with my flower pot painted with ceramic paint? NO! I wanted to add more design to my now pretty blue-painted flower pot.

Adding a Stencil Design to the Ceramic Painted Flower Pot

Want more design on your painted pot? It’s easy to do with a stencil.

A few weeks ago I ordered a new stencil from A Makers’ Studio. I love French-inspired designs and Le Fleur has 8 different designs you can use on just about any surface.

French flower stencils

You can stencil with Ceramic Paint, GelArt Ink or ChalkArt. Since ChalkArt is removable, I chose it for this project. I used Peace & Joy, a bright white. I always keep this color on hand.

If I wanted the stencil design to be permanent, I would have used Ceramic Paint in Angel Wings.

jar of white ChalkArt paint

Step 1 – After choosing your stencil and your paint color, cut out the stencil that you want to use. Remove the stencil from the paper backing. Then adhere the tri-mesh stencil to the surface. Smooth it down to remove any bubbles.

NOTE: Keep the paper backing and the plastic envelope for storing the stencil.

flower stencil on ceramin pot

Step 2 – Normally, you use a plastic scraper to apply the ChalkArt. Since my flower pot had a ridge in the surface and the sides are not straight, I find it easier to apply the ChalkArt with my finger while wearing a plastic glove.

hand with plastic glove

Step 3 – With your finger, rub the ChalkArt over the stencil design. Be sure to cover it completely.

glvoed finger iwth whtie paint
ChallkArt paint on stencil

Step 4 – Carefully pick up a corner of the stencil and gently pull it back to reveal your stencil design.

Place the stencil in a container of water or in the sink and rub off all the ChalkArt. Place the stencil design-side down on a paper towel to dry.

Allow your ChalkArt design to dry for about 30 minutes.

blue ceramic flower pot with French stencil

Filling The Ceramic Painted Flower Pot With Flowers

With my flower pot now painted with ceramic paint and finished with a pretty French flower stencil, I was ready to fill it with flowers.

I picked up two bunches of white hydrangeas at my local Trader Joe’s. I cut off part of the stem and let them soak in a container in the sink while I was painting and stenciling the ceramic flower pot.

white hydrangeas on counter

I used three stems in my flower pot.

painted blue ceramic flower pot with white hydrangeas on counter

It doesn’t get any better than a blue flower pot filled with white hydrangeas. I placed the flower pot on a side table in our living room. In this spot, we can see it from the entry, the living room, and the kitchen.

painted blue ceramic flower pot with white hydrangeas on table
painted blue ceramic flower pot with white hydrangeas on table
painted blue ceramic flower pot with white hydrangeas on table

I hope that I’ve shown you how easy it is to change the color of a ceramic or glass container by painting them with ceramic paint.

Here are other ways that you can use ceramic paint for stencil projects:

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pin for later graphic in blue
blue ceramic- painted planter with stencils

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  1. Your flower pot came out great, Carol! I love the color you chose and the French inspired stencil! It looks perfect with your beautiful hydrangeas. I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!

  2. I’m not a big fan of mauve either, Carol. It was pretty popular in 80’s home decor lol! Your flower pot looks so chic now in that nice shade of blue with the French stencil. I didn’t know you can use your fingers with the mesh stencils…I’ll have to try that! And I agree that’s there’s nothing better than white hydrangeas 🙂 It’s always fun to hop with you!

  3. The pot looks beautiful, Carol. I had no idea there was a “thing” such as ‘ceramic paint’. I have purchased plenty of these orchids that come in these pots and yes, they don’t always come in the color that goes with your decor. I know I have donated more of those to the local thrift store than I can count, now I have a different option! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Carol, I love the way this pot turned out. The blue is your color and perfect for summer, and the label adds lots of French charm 🙂

  5. How pretty; the new colour you chose looks great! The before looked like a pot more suited to Gail – lol! Now it would certainly fit in with our decor too; we love the combo of blue and white!

  6. Wow you have really inspired me to try this paint. I wonder if it works on ceramic tile? I love the way it looks with the stencil. And I love to get peaks into your home. Thanks so much for being in the hop.

  7. Great makeover Carol! I’ve never seen that ceramic paint, I must check it out, it looks like good stuff! Great idea to use your finger and plastic gloves to apply the stencil, it turned out so pretty and the hydrangeas are perfect in it!

  8. Looks amazing Carol, and I love that stencil too. My daughter’s nickname is “B” and her favorite color is blue. I’m going to show this to her and I know she’ll love it. Thank you so much for sharing and wonderful crafting with you