Ideas for Making Valentine Vignettes


How do you decorate your home for Valentine’s Day? You don’t have to go big. Go small with some ideas for making Valentine vignettes to spread around your rooms.

I love creating vignettes for areas of our home, especially those areas that are already natural focal points. The iconic Valentine colors of red and pink are your starting point. After that, anything can be used to make a Valentine vignette.

Already have Valentine decorations at home? Then, use them to make a Valentine vignette that will be fun, whimsical or romantic.

Today is our first Pinterest Challenge of the year. You may have guessed that our theme is making a Valentine vignette. And, more specifically, Valentine vignettes using a cloche.


Our hostess, Cindy of County Road 407 selected a fun Valentine’s inspiration for us. If you are joining me from Rachel of The Ponds Farmhouse, then welcome. Wasn’t Rachel’s vignette pretty?

This collection of Valentine’s emphera is from Birgit of Crafting While I Wait. Birgit shares how to make several Valentine’s vignettes, but the one that we are focusing on is this one using a cloche.

Birgit used a “sewing” theme with faux thread and buttons encased in a cloche as her focal points.

Valentine vignette in a cloche

I grabbed onto this idea as soon as I saw it. My only problem? I only had one cloche and it is too small to use for a Valentine vignette.

Don’t have a cloche? No problem. You can use any jar, glass or vase. Or several. You can mix and match.

So my interpretation is to use things that could serve the same purpose as a cloche ~ any glass which allows you to see inside, but holds your vignette together.


Cloches are round~topped glass containers used to feature and protect the items inside.

No cloche to make a Valentine vignette? Use whatever large jars you have on hand.

  • apothecary jars ~ with or without the lid; turn them upside down
  • a cake stand with a cover or use the cover by itself
  • a triffle bowl
  • glass vases ~ upright or turned upside down.
  • wire lantern or basket

I gathered several glasses and one ceramic container that I thought would work very well for this Valentine decorative project.

apothecary jars and cake stand

As you can see, I gathered four apothecary jars and a white cake stand with a glass cover. I threw in a couple of cupcake stands to use as risers.


You can use anything to make a Valentine vignette. I went through my kitchen drawers and my Valentine box. At this point, I didn’t have a firm plan in mind. Call it Valentine~storming.

The only thing I was certain of was where I wanted to place a Valentine vignette: our kitchen island console table and our living room coffee table.

TIP: Gather more things than you think you will need. You’ll be surprised what you come up with.

From the kitchen . . .

  • My lovely Le Creuset heart~shape casserole dish ~ a gift years ago from a cooking class
  • heart~shaped ramekins
  • a small Valentine plate
  • small heart~shaped cake pan
  • samll heart~shaped tart pans
  • heart~shaped cookie cutters


Valentine heart cookie cutters and heart dishes decorations

From my Valentine box (which was a bit of a mess) . . .

Valentine heart decorations

*both were part of last year’s Valentine heart wreath

Valentine heart decorations
red heart adn white pom~pom garland

I also had the Valentine items I made using DIY vinyl stickers.

Once I gathered every Valentine thing I could find, I was ready to start making my Valentine vignettes.


I knew I wanted to make a Valentine vignette for the kitchen island console table.

I knew that the cake stand would be part of the Valentine vignette. Also in the vignette:

Valentine vignette on kitchen table

Valentine M & M’s and strawberries are must~haves.

Valentine vignette on kitchen table

Red Velvet cake is Sweet Shark’s favorite. I love macarons, so I had to include a few.

Valentine vignette on kitchen table

In the background is the heart~shaped Le Creuset casserole, some red ice cream bowls, and a DIY painted Valentine sign.

Valentine vignette on cake stand on kitchen table

As you can imagine, the cupcake and macarons won’t last long.


Here is a very simple arrangement: I paired the pink bud vase with a Dollar Tree wine glass adorned with heart stickers and filled with Hersey kisses. Placing the two items on the heart plate grounds them. The pink fabric DIY napkin adds more pattern and color.

pink roses in vase and candy in wine glass


The coffee table is always a focal point. Add pretty red and pink Valentine vignettes and it becomes the star of the room.

For this vignette, I used:

  • four apothecary jars of varying sizes
  • one glass vases
  • one ceramic vase
  • a red check fabric napkin

I knew that the large apothecary jar would be the center of my Valentine vignette on the coffee table.

NOTE: Start with your largest element and then fill in around it.

First, I began by using my yarn and pom~pom garland as filler. Yes, a garland can serve as a vignette filler.

Then I removed the ticking fabric hearts from the wreath and added them around the inside of the jar. Here is how to make the fabric hearts.

large apothecary jar with Valentine hearts

Next I placed a cupcake stand in the center of the apothecary jar, which you can’t see and set it inside the jar.

Finally, I prepared a bunch of pink roses and arranged them inside a glass vase. I set the glass vase on the cupcake stand inside the jar.

large apothecary jar with Valentine hearts and pink roses
large apothecary jar with Valentine hearts and pink roses

To complete the Valentine vignette, I prepared the remaining three apothecary jars and vases.

Again, I used two different garlands to fill the jars. This is such an easy thing to add color, pattern, and interest.

apothecary jars filled with red hearts and pom~poms

For the tall, skinny jar, I used three colors of tissue paper for an ombre effect.

Years ago, while part of the decorations committee for our Junior League ball, we used inexpensive glass vases filled with crumpled tissue paper on the tables as centerpieces. It was beautiful and no one thought, “that’s tissue paper”

apothecary jar with pink tissue paper

After the original real red roses wilted from my Valentine sticker photo shoot, I replaced them with faux flowers from my Kentucky Derby box.

Crumpled white tissue paper and a random red pom~pom filled another glass vase, allowing the Valentine decal to show.

vases with red roses and red pom~pom

Once all my containers were filled, I was ready to combine them to make my Valentine vignette.

I surrounded the large center jar with the other apothecary jars and vases.

Valentine vignette on the coffee table

There is something to look at and enjoy from every angle.

Valentine vignette on the coffee table
Valentine vignette with roses on the coffee table

Next to my Valentine vignette, I stacked three coffee table books with a pink theme. Two of my favorite vintage pink sherbet glasses filled with candy complete the coffee table vignette.

pink glasses with candy on books

I loved that I was able to use many of my Valentine decorations. What did I have to buy?

  • pink roses
  • a red velvet cupcake
  • red macarons
  • M & M’s
  • Hersey kisses

We will enjoy the roses and Sweet Shark will love all the sweets.

I hope you can see how easy it is to make a Valentine vignette ~ or any vignette.

  • Gather all your Valentine and decoration and any others that may work.
  • Find any containers that you think might work; have an open mind.
  • Don’t hesitate to mix ingredients up. It will make your vignette more interesting.
  • Think outside the box; use ingredients in unusual ways.

Ready to visit my friends and see how they made their Valentine vignettes? Start with my dear friend Julie of My Wee Abode. Enjoy the entire line up and be sure to make your own Valentine vignette.

pin for later graphic in blue

making Valentine vignettes graphic

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