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6 Easy Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas

Do you like decorating your home for Valentine’s Day? How about making your own Valentine’s Day decorations? Here are 6 Easy DIY Valentine’s Day decorating ideas using stickers.

You can buy Valentine’s Day stickers at the store. But it’s so fun to make your own Valentine’s Day decorations using stickers with just a few supplies.

Then you can add them to items you already have at home.

Valentine’s Day crafts are fun for home decor or party decorations. They make a great Valentine’s Day gift.

These 6 simple Valentine’s Day decorations will give your home a touch of romance in the season of love.

What was my inspiration for this Valentine’s Day sticker project?

I saw some cute Valentine’s Day stickers at a local paper supply store. I thought it would be fun to use them on things I already had at home. What kind of items?

Items to Use as Valentine’s Decorative Pieces

As I held the package of Valentine’s stickers at the store, I realized I could make stickers with supplies I already had at home.

I bet you have things at home that you can add Valentine stickers to:

  • bowls
  • vases
  • glasses
  • containers
  • dishes
  • platters
  • mirrors

I had six items that I knew would work very well for adding stickers:

  • red bowl
  • wine glass
  • white bowl
  • white vase
  • round glass container
  • white bud vase

Supplies to Make Stickers

For these DIY Valentine’s Day decorations, you need just a couple of supplies.

The two ways to make stickers? Use paper punches and a Cricut Explore machine.

I had both at home.

What other tool do you need? Cricut Vinyl.

I had plenty of Cricut Vinyl at home, too. In traditional red, pink and white – perfect for Valentine’s Day stickers.

We’ll start with stickers using paper punches. I love punches and have several different sizes and shapes.

For these heart decorations, I used heart-shaped punches in two sizes: 3/4 and 1 1/2 inches.

We’ll start with stickers using paper punches. I love punches and have several different sizes and shapes.

For these heart decorations, I used heart-shaped punches in two sizes: 3/4 and 1 1/2 inches.

This collection of four heart punches in four sizes would be a very good buy.

Let’s get started with these 6 easy Valentine’s Day decorations. These are some of the cutest Valentine’s Day crafts you’ll ever make.

Item #1 ~ Red Bowl with a Heart Punch

I have had this red bowl for a long time. I’ve always wanted to embellish it in some way. I thought making white hearts with vinyl and a heart punch was the answer.

You are only limited by your imagination and the available punches. For the red bowl, I used a 1 1/2-inch heart punch.

I made eight hearts to use around the red bowl. Pretty cute, uh?

Item # 2 ~ Valentine’s Day Wine Glass with a Punch

I have used punches before to embellish wine glasses for different occasions. Dollar Tree wine glasses are perfect for adding shapes and color to enhance your table settings.

Last year I used this decorating idea for a Valentine’s tablescape.

For this Valentine’s Day decorating idea, I used the smaller 3/4-inch heart punch. For vinyl, I used red, pink, and white in a random pattern.

TIP: If you have leftover stickers, definitely keep them for other future projects. I put mine in a small plastic box.

Item # 3 ~Valentine’s Day Decorating Idea – White Bowl Using a Cricut

Now let’s look at how to use a Cricut Explore to make vinyl stickers. In addition to the Cricut Explore Air and vinyl, you will need some tools:

  • weeder* ~ for removing negative vinyl
  • spatula* ~ for removing larger pieces of vinyl
  • scraper* ~ for burnishing, rubbing vinyl or transfer tape
  • scissors* ~ for cutting vinyl
  • tweezers (optional) ~ helpful for picking up smaller pieces of vinyl
  • Transfer Tape ~ this is what you use to transfer the vinyl from its backing to your chosen surface.

*Best to buy as a tool kit

I had not used my Cricut in a long time so I was a little rusty.

To re-familiarize myself with the process, I went to two of my own blog posts, How to Make Vinyl Decals and How to Cut Vinyl Decals.

Both of these posts have step-by-step printable guides for you.

This plain white bowl was part of a gift basket we received a few years ago. Adding vinyl stickers using red vinyl would add a sweet punch of Valentine’s decorating.

I picked a heart shape from Cricut Design Space on my computer. There are thousands of images to choose from. You can search by category and shapes.

I used a roll of sparkle vinyl for this Valentine’s Day sticker decorating idea. I used the weeder to remove the center of the heart.

Next measure a piece of Cricut Transfer Tape over your vinyl sticker. Cut out the Transfer Tape a little bigger than the Vinyl sticker. Remove the backing of the Transfer Tape.

Now, place the sticky piece of Transfer Tape on top of the vinyl stickers. Use the scraper to smooth out any air bubbles from between the Transfer and the vinyl stickers.

TIP: Be sure to have some overlap of Transfer Tape on at least one side of the vinyl sticker. This little step makes it easy to grab the Tape to pull it away from the sticker.

Then, cut each design apart.

Next, very gently pull the vinyl backing away from the vinyl sticker. If any part of the vinyl sticks to the backing, use your fingernail or the tip of the weeder to keep it attached to the Transfer Tape.

Lastly, attach the vinyl sticker with the Transfer Tape to the surface of your object.

Press down all over the Transfer Tape to adhere the vinyl sticker to the surface. Then, gently pull away the Transfer Tape from the vinyl sticker.

Discard the backing and the sticky front of the Transfer Tape.

How am I going to use this Valentine’s day decorating idea? Then I attached each heart sticker around my white bowl.

What a difference a little red heart sticker makes!

Item #4 ~ Valentine’s Day White Vase

I believe this vase came from Trader Joe’s. My idea was to decorate it with a heart design.

I again used Cricut Design to make the sticker design.

You want to use the weeder so remove the vinyl pieces from the letters.

This is another view of attaching the vinyl sticker to your surface.

Then proceed attaching the word heart as you did the heart design.

I repeated the design on two sides of the vase. I also added two red hearts in between.

Item # 5 ~ Valentine’s Day Round Glass Container

This Valentine’s Day decorating idea works as a flower vase or as a container for Valentine’s sweets.

For this container, I chose a design with a more intricate design. You will definitely use your weeder to remove the areas in the “l”, “o”, “e”, and between the two scallop outlines.

I made two copies of this design to place around the glass container.

Item # 6 ~Valentine’s Day Decoration – White Bud Vase

For my last Valentine’s sticker, I used a simple design with pink vinyl. I used the weeder to remove the area inside one of the hearts. I repeated the design four times around the vase.

NOTE: Once you have a design in the size you want, it’s easy to duplicate it in the Cricut Design Space Dropdown menu.

When you have a round surface, the vinyl may not lay completely flat. For a small area, use your fingernail to rub it down smoothly on the surface. For a large vinyl, use the scraper.

Valentine’s Day Decorating Ideas with Stickers

Can you believe how easy these 6 Valentine’s Day decoration ideas are? You make all 6 of them in about 2 hours.

Here are all my completed simple Valentine’s Day ideas – complete with flowers and candy.

What do you think of these easy Valentine’s day decorating ideas with stickers?

All of these Valentine’s Day decorating ideas would make great gifts. Use them as favors for a Galentine’s Day party. Include them in a Valentine’s Day vignette.

It was fun to use my Cricut again. I had forgotten how much I love this machine.

Here are some other projects you can look at that use a Cricut:

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  1. Carol, I love it when you show your Cricut DIY. Making something special out of ordinary dishes is a great skill. I’m featuring you at tomorrow’s party! Thank you for adding your ideas.

    1. Thank you so much, Amanda, for the positive feedback. That makes my day that you like the projects. Please let me know what you think of other ones.

  2. All your Valentine creations are adorable Carol! I am always amazed at what can be done with a Cricut Maker, and those heart punches are handy too. It looks like you had a lot of Valentine fun and you’ve made lots of Valentine pretties to enjoy!

  3. What a fun way and unique idea to decorate for Valentine’s Day, Carol! This is an adult version of what kids do and I love it! Just imagine how our creative juices can flow, making all sorts of cool stickers to use on different types of containers! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  4. You’ve found the perfect way to dress up some plain items we all have around the house, Carol. I have a Maker and use it quite a bit, but there are always more projects that can be made (and made easier) with it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Carol for the past few years I’ve made my own “Rae Dunn” mugs with vinyl. But why have I not ever thought to do it with all of the other things I have? This is such a great idea! The only downside is that the stickers you made are so cute you might never want to take them off. I can see doing this for tons of holidays. Such a great idea that I will be doing this for all of the holidays!