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Haven Sippy Cup Gets Repurposed

I hate to let good stuff go to waste. Especially free stuff and supplies that I already have on hand. Especially when the free stuff and the supplies can fill a need ~ and be really cute to boot.

Free stuff? Another swag bag treat from Haven. I didn’t need this grown~up sippy cup from Crates and Pallet as a drinking cup, but I had an idea in mind to make it into something that I did need.

Project #1

Sorry, Crates and Pallet, but I need to cover your logo. I had all the supplies that I needed already on hand.

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The Process

#1 ~ Cricut Vinyl ~ last summer I bought a roll of Cricut vinyl to cover a journal in my favorite color of aqua and I had plenty left over.

# 2 ~ Supplies ~any crafter worth her salt has a Friskars cutting mat, a rotary cutter, glue, and ruler. I also had several rolls of cute ribbon; the pink polka dots would be perfect for my project.


Haven-Sippy-Cup-gets-repurposed 1

I measured around the container and measured the width I needed to cover the logo. I cut the Cricut Vinyl on my Friskars mat and wrapped it around the container.


I cut the ribbon to wrap around the container.

Haven-Sippy-Cup-Gets-Repurposed 2

I used good old Elmer’s Glue to attach the ribbon to the Cricut Vinyl.




The Big Reveal

I wanted an easy way to store and access my twine, which I use quite often. Now I have exactly what I need. In my colors of aqua and pink. Kind of cute, uh? And practical. And cost me pennies to make. A winner all around.

Haven-Sippy-Cup-Gets-Repurposed 5



But wait, I wasn’t done. I had an idea for another project, using the same supplies. 2 for the price of 1.

Project #2

I mentioned back before Christmas that we bought about 24 packages of battery~operated Christmas lights. Most of the lights came in plastic containers. Sweet Shark thought I was a little crazy (He obviously is not a DIYer.), but I knew that some day I would find a use for those containers.

The containers are 3 inches in diameter and 4 3/4 inches tall.

DIY Plastic Container

I used the same steps to cover the plastic container as I did for the Crates and Pallet sippy cup.

Haven-Sippy-Cup-Gets-Repurposed 8

To place the finished plastic container where I needed it, I used one of the Command Strips from Haven ~ the 3~M booth was full of ideas for using Command Strips.


What did I use the DIY plastic container craft for? A handy place for dry erase pens for my Dry~Erase Calendar.


Until now, I didn’t have a convenient spot to put the dry erase pens. Now the pens are right next to the calendar. Problem solved. And I love the match with my other Haven DIY. I was happy that I was able to make 2 needed items using the same supplies ~ less work getting out and putting away the supplies.


I was being silly and came up with this photo.


I have about 13 containers so I can handle several projects. Can you think of other uses for the plastic containers? Bring ’em on! I’m making a list.

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  1. I love your project for the twine! I left mine at the hotel, as I was flying home and I already had one box packed up to ship home to myself. I told my husband I might have to drive next year so I can haul everything back with me.

    1. I almost left the zippy cup with my daughter in Atlanta, but at the last moment found space for it in the extra suitcase that I brought. Last year I did ship a box home. It’s cheaper to pay for an extra suitcase than ship a box!

  2. Carol! That’s brilliant! But why couldn’t you have posted this last week? I gave mine away as I didn’t think I would use it and knew someone who could. But…what you did with was so clever and useful.
    I so enjoyed meeting you ‘in real life’ at Haven. My mind is still swimming with all the info I tried to absorb and process. I’m slowly processing through it.
    Wishing you a lovely week!

    Hugs, Lynn

    1. Lynn, sorry, but I think I’m still catching up from Haven! I still have some things from Haven 2015 I haven’t used yet, but I eventually will!