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Celebrate Spring with a Blue and White Entry

Whether it is large or small, an entry is a place to set a welcoming spot for the coming warmer months. Let me show you how to celebrate spring with a blue and white entry.

We can and should decorate our entries to create a pretty space to welcome our guests and brighten our days. That’s why I chose to bring spring into our home with a blue and white entry.

Why did I choose blue and white for our spring entry? Because I love blue and white! It’s fresh, crisp, classic and classy.

You can’t ever go wrong with blue and white.

Celebrate Spring with a Blue and White Entry

We walk through our entry every day – from Sweet Shark’s bar to the stairs, from the front door to the back of the house, from the bedroom or living room to the powder bath. The entry is central to our home.

A few weeks ago, I shared 11 steps to create this early spring entry. I really liked that entry. But this blue and white entry is one of my very favorites.

If you love blue and white, then stick around and get some ideas for your own blue and white entry.

Blue and White Entry Reveal

Let’s work backward.

I’ll show you the blue and white spring entry, and then show you how I got there.

This spring entry is made of two parts.

First, my blue and white entry is a collection of my blue and white vases, ginger jars, and other blue pieces. Yes, the piece in the middle is an empty tequila bottle. I’ve been waiting for that bottle for several years months.

Most of these pieces I purchased in the last three years at estate sales.

The second component is a wreath on the mirror above the commode. This one was inspired by items that I had on hand and to tie in with the blue ceramics.

BIG TIP: Your home should always be the first place you shop for decorative accessories

Let’s start with the wreath.

Making the Spring Wreath with Blue as the Focal Point.

Here is what you need to make this springtime wreath:

The foundation for the wreath is a grapevine wreath that I’ve had for a few years. I also had a dozen white faux tulips on hand.

I had the wired rope twine, the burlap wired ribbon, and two shades of blue ribbon.

I like to create wreaths in such a way that I can remove the elements I use to decorate the wreath for other seasons.

First, I placed the tulips where I wanted them and bent them to fit the wreath.

To attach the tulips I tightly wrapped the wired rope twine around the tulips and the wreath. Then I clipped the wired rope twine.

This worked really well. It held the tulips easily, it’s rustic, and blends into the grapevine wreath. I also like to use the green wired twine, which you can hardly see it.

Now for the bow. I “layered” the wired burlap ribbon to make a bow and tied it with the wired rope twine.

Next, I situated the bow on the wreath, attached a tail to the bow, and attached both to the wreath. I also made a loop for hangingthe wreath with the wire rope twine.

Next, I added the darker blue ribbon as streamers to the front of the wreath.

Finally, I hung the wreath on the mirror..

Arranging the White Flowers in the Blue Vases

I bought these two chinoiserie vases at At Home a few years ago. I have used them on my mantel, dining room, and coffee table.

TIP: Reuse your accessories in different places in your home. They will feel like new.

Here are some other chinoiserie style cache pots that would be perfect for a blue and white vignette. I also have this set of four blue and white pots for a modern look.

I bought some faux white flowers in anticipation of decorating these vases for the spring entry.

I love this flower look and this airy style. I also included faux hydrangeas.

I used florist foam, obviously used several times, to hold the faux white flowers in the vases.

These blue and white vases will be the anchors for the spring entry.

Next, I was ready to gather all my blue and white pieces on the entry commode.

Arranging the Blue and White Spring Entry

First came the two blue vases and a stack of books with white covers in the center.

TIP: Start with your larger items.

I know you can see my camera on the tri-pod. It’s hard to hide it in the mirror’s reflection.

I filled a bright blue pitcher (purchased years ago at a local art festival) with fresh hydrangeas from Trader Joe’s. I think they have the best, longest-lasting hydrangeas. I couldn’t believe how well the blue in the ribbon matched the blue pitcher.

Next, came a piece I’ve been dying to use. I loved this tall blue and white motif the first time I saw it. But I had to wait months before I could use it. Can you guess where this tall bottle came from? Oh, I already told you!

It’s a tequila bottle! After many margaritas over many months, I claimed the empty bottle. Then I removed the label and washed it.

I’m waiting for a matching one!

On the left side of the commode, I added an estate sale pitcher. The ginger jar was an Etsy buy (now sold out), but here is a similar one. I love both of these pieces.

blue and white chinoiserie

On the right side, I added another unusual estate sale piece. If anyone knows how this piece is supposed to be used, please let me know.

The last addition is a new one ~ a lovely candle from Southern Hospitality Company.

blue and white chinoiserie
blue and white chinoiserie

That completes my spring blue and white entry. I

t’s symmetrical and balanced with different heights for interest. Although each piece is different in shape and size, the chinoiserie pattern unifies the pieces.

The big pop of blue from the pitcher pulls the eye in and the wreath brings the eye up. The somewhat more modern design of the tequila bottle brings a bit of quirkiness to the vignette.

The white flowers, both fresh and faux, are the ode to spring.

blue and white spring entry

Tips for Creating a Blue and White Entry

  • pick a blue color you love, but mix the styles (classic, traditional, or farmhouse with contemporary)
  • vary types of white flowers
  • mix in some rustic/wood material for an organic contrast in textures
  • mix patterns
  • vary heights and shapes
  • strive for balance, whether it be symetrical or asymetrical

You can never go wrong with blue and white.

If you love blue and white, here are more home decor ideas you’ll love:

I hope that you will PIN this blue and white entry as inspiration for your own home, using whatever shades of blue or patterns you have.

pin for later graphic in blue

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  1. Hey Friend,
    This is absolutely gorgeous! I love the blue and white. It’s just so pretty. We are featuring it on The Fabulous Friday Link Party this week. Hugs to you.

  2. Beautiful! I love your blue and white, it is so crisp and clean. The solid blue pieces gives a nice break between the two groups.

  3. Carol, your blue and white entry looks lovely! I’ve been on the lookout for chinoiserie pieces for some time but I’ve only come across one so far. You were lucky to find so many at estate sales! Blue and white containers look so sharp grouped together. I love the vignette you created with the wreath and florals. It’s perfect for spring and into summer, as well. Your photography looks great, too! It was fun hopping with you, my friend 🙂

  4. Carol, your entry is beautiful and definitely ready to welcome visitors this Spring – hopefully. Either way I am sure you are going it enjoy it so much. I have always loved blue and white together. Thanks so much for sharing your post this week. #HomeMattersParty

  5. Lovely! Would you be willing to share the brand of Tequila? I have a blue and white tequila bottle that needs a partner.

    1. Mary, the tequila is Clase Azul Reposado Tequila. I looked it up on Google. The price listed is $150.00. Sweet Shark bought it at Total Wine and he said he didn’t pay anywhere near that. Hope that helps.

  6. Carol, I love all of your pretty blue and white finds and how you’ve arranged them in your entry. Thank you for showing us how you made the wreath and sharing your tips for arranging flowers in vases. I would have never guessed that your bottle was a tequila bottle! I’ve never seen one that pretty! Happy spring!

  7. Happy Spring, Carol! Your home is so bright, beautiful and welcoming! I love blue and white decor…it is so classic, timeless, and perfect for spring. It was so much fun hopping with you. Pinned!

  8. I’ve become a huge blue and white fan over this past year so I LOVE this! I decorated my dining room in a blue and white spring theme. Great minds think alike lol. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. Pinned! xo Kathleen

  9. Blue and white is my fall time favorite color combination, it is classic. Your collection is so beautiful and I love how it goes perfectly with spring decor.

    1. Thank you, Cindy. You can’t beat blue and white. Those vases were my first official blue and white. Still love them. Happy to be hopping with you.

  10. Carol, you had me at blue and white!! Probably my favorite color combo and you styled it beautifully for Spring!

  11. Blue is my all-time favorite color. You have done such a beautiful job of symmetry and gorgeous design, Carol. Your wreath tutorial is just so pretty. Thanks for sharing all of your talented ideas. Happy Spring!

  12. Carol, I adore blue and white too! You have so many beautiful pieces…I think I want to go estate sale shopping with you! You have inspired me in so many ways and I pinned your post!

  13. Hi Carol. Happy Spring. The blue and white in your entry are so lovely. The blue pitcher with hydrangeas is my fave. Thanks so much for sharing and inspiring us.

  14. Blue and white is always a great combination. Your entry is so pretty Carol. I love the tulip wreath too. Tulips are beautiful in the spring. Can’t wait to see some popping up in the ground.

  15. Your entryway is so pretty! I love all the blue accents! And your wreath! What a great DIY! The tulips are just beautiful against the grapevine. Always love being on these blog hops with you!

  16. Your entryway looks beautiful, Carol! I so much enjoyed reading about how you made your wreath and then how you decorated your commode step-by-step. A blog reader recently sent me a picture of a lamp that they made using the same tequila bottle. Now you have an excuse to drink a lot of margaritas this spring. You need a matching bottle to display and another to make a lamp.

  17. Hi Carol, i love blue and white anything! It looks great! I have been practicing my bow skills in 2021. Apparently, a blizzard is headed to Denver so I might need to get to Hobby Lob beforehand! xo laura Pinning too!