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Halloween Decorations with Witches and Scarecrows

September was full of transitioning to fall and I shared some new and old fall decor with you on Fall Fridays. Today we are transitioning once more to thinking of Halloween so we will have Freaky Friday for October.

I want to share some of our Halloween decorations with witches and scarecrows. Two years ago as we were transitioning from just fall to fall and Halloween decorations, it was crazy at our house. We were leaving for 2 weeks in Hawaii to celebrate our 20th anniversary. Since we wouldn’t return until the middle of October, Sweet Shark and I decorated the house for Halloween before we left. 

What’s nice about decorating for Halloween is that you don’t have to take the fall decorations away, but just add to them. Pumpkins turn into jack~o~lanterns with toothy grins, and witches come out of the closet. As I’ve said before, I like to review last year’s decorations before tackling this year’s.

Halloween decorations with Witches and Scarecrows graphicThese pictures of our Halloween decorations are from 2 years ago. Last year I was just happy to get all the decorations out and situated before we left on our Europe vacation. When we returned home, I tweaked them a bit. Now I’m ready to arrange our Halloween decorations for 2019.

Sweet Shark loves having the house decorated for every holiday and Halloween is one of his favorites. For several years, we have added a witch or 2, sometimes purchasing ones on vacation as souvenirs. Which means that every year we have more witches to add to our collection. Some are cute and sweet, some are scary. But we love them all and they are the core of our Halloween decorations.

Halloween Decorations with Witches and Scarecrows

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We don’t have a front porch, but we do have a little space next to the front door to set out our scarecrows with some pumpkins and chrysanthemums.

Just FYI, I painted this pot last summer, so now it is blue.

halloween decorations

Step over our Boo! mat into the house.

Halloween decorations

One nice thing about decorating for Halloween is that you don’t have to put up the fall decorations, but just add to them.  When we unpack all our Halloween decorations, they take up the entire kitchen island.  And then they spread out into the living room and kitchen.

halloween decorations

On our mantle in the living room, I gathered quite a few of our witch collection.

halloween decorations

It’s the faces on many of the witches that are so appealing.

halloween decorations

Here’s a trio of little witches. We bought the one on the left  and the right in Scottsdale. When you find a great collection of witches for Halloween decorations, you have to take advantage and bring a few home. We bought the one of the right on our last trip to Scottsdale a couple of years ago . Her green skin reminds me of the witch in The Wizard of Oz. Love those skinny legs.

Halloween Decorations with Witches and Scarecrows for the spooky season. Decorating your home for Halloween is fun for everyone.

Pumpkins can have funny faces, too. I’ve left the candle looking melted rather than replace it with a new one. I like the look; again it reminds me of the witch in The Wizard of Oz: “I’m melting, I’m melting.”

Halloween decorations

Last year, a pumpkin~head man and a couple of scarecrows sat on a bookshelf.

halloween decorations

On the breakfast room table, I used my Remington Sure Shot box as a container for sunflowers and mums with raffia as filler surrounded by mini~pumpkins.The greenery is bay leaves a friend gave me.  I love the rustic look of the arrangement.

fall flower arrangement

I used my little chalk board for some Halloween signage. This year, I am really working on my hand lettering skills so my sign should look better. Last year I used our A Maker’s Studio stencils and ChalkArt.

Halloween decorations

This broom handle is one of our favorite Halloween decorations. It wiggles around and sings a song when you make a loud noise. It can scare you a bit.

Halloween decorations

On the breakfast room chandelier, I hung some party fans from My Mind’s Eye that I bought at the Pinner’s Conference in 2016.

Halloween decorations

Thanks for dropping in to see my Halloween decorations from last year and meeting some of our witches and scarecrows. I’ll be sharing this year’s Halloween decorations soon.

I hope your weather is delightfully fall~ish.

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  2. Boo to you! Your witch collection made me smile. They are all so different and fun. It’s my favorite time of year — filled with cool weather and smiles!

    1. Carol you have a wonderful collection for Halloween. One witch is more clever than the next. Your broom is cute. If it was in our house we would forget it made a noise walk by and get rattled.

      Enjoy your weekend


  3. Carol,
    I love your witches…. I thought I had a lot of Halloween decor, but you give me a run for my money! I love it.

  4. Oh my goodness Carol, your home is such a fun place! I love all of the witches. They each have a personality of their own, and the one with blonde hair even looks like Madonna. What a wonderful way to add to your collection and to spruce up the house for this fun holiday. Pinning.

    1. Mary, Thank you so much for your nice comments. I’ve never thought about that little witch looking like Madonna, but I think you are right!