How to Make an Easy DIY Easter Bunny Tree


Easter bunnies may be the most iconic Easter symbol. Bunnies come in all sizes, colors, and looks. Here’s how to make an easy DIY Dollar Tree Easter bunny tree. This Easter bunny tree can be the center of your Easter decor this year.

How do you use Dollar Tree bunnies to make an Easter tree?

You decorate them with pretty paper.

I’m going to show you the steps to make an easy DIY Easter bunny tree and decorate it.

Want a basket of Easter bunny ideas? I’m sharing my Easter bunny tree and some blogger friends are sharing their version of Easter bunny projects. Janet of A Life of Balance is our hostess.


This is not the first time that I’ve made an Easter tree. This one has been a favorite for a few years. Most recently, I used it as a centerpiece for an Easter tablescape.

Easter tree

This Easter bunny tree is brand new. The inspiration came on a trip to the Dollar Tree.

I found this tray with bunnies and carrots. I believe that it is meant to be a tictactoe game.

I immediately knew that I could use the bunnies and the carrots. The divided tray could be saved for another use.

wooden tray with Easter bunnies and carrots

There were five bunnies and five carrots. Another product that I already had on hand would be perfect to create an Easter tree using these wood bunnies and carrots.

wood Easter bunnies

I would use a different technique to decorate the bunnies and the carrots.


I started with the bunnies.

Step 1 ~ Drill a hole in the bunnies and the carrots so that they can be hung. Set the carrots aside.

I used the pilot drill on my cordless Black and Decker electric drill ~ one of my favorite tools. A piece of florist foam worked very well to help me drill without damaging my countertop.

drilling hole in Easter bunny

Step 2 ~ Paint the bunnies white. This way the decorative pattern on your napkin will show up better.

Easter bunnies with paint and brush

I used Rescue Restore paint from A Makers’ Studio in Blessed, but any acrylic paint will do for this project. Apply the paint to both sides of the bunny and to the edge. Let dry completely.

painted Easter bunnies

Step 3 ~ Open your napkins of choice. Fortunately, I already had these napkins on hand.

Easter napkins

Remove the back layers of the paper napkin, keeping only the decorative layer; there will either be 1 or 2 extra layers.

Step 4 ~ Apply the Mod Podge to the bunny with a small brush ~ I used Gloss. (I love the Mod Podge brushes.)

Step 5 ~ I found it easiest to lay the napkin on top of the bunny, smooth and press down. Allow the Mod Podge to dry.

adding decoupage and napkin to wood bunnies

Step 6 ~ Using small, sharp scissors, cut away as much of the paper napkin as you can. These small sharp scissors are perfect for detailed projects where you have to get into small spaces.

painted Easter bunny and scissors

I found that it was easiest to remove all the excess paper napkin from the front side of the bunny. Lay the scissors up against the bunny and cut away the paper.

cutting decoupage Easter bunnies

Repeat the decoupage on the second side of the bunny. I used one pattern on one side of the bunny and a contrasting pattern on the opposite side.

Apply a second coat of Mod Podge on top of the napkins. Let dry and then repeat on the second side. Set the bunnies aside.

decoupaged Easter bunnies

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Step 7 ~ Paint the carrots with your choice of orange shade. I started out using ChalkArt.

painting wood carrots

I decided I wanted a darker orange, but so I switched to Gel Ink Art in Lord Have Mercy. It was much better.

Again, paint both sides and the edge with two coats.

painting wood carrots
painting wood carrots

Step 8 ~ Paint the tops of the carrots with your choice of green. I used Gel Ink Art in Grass is Always Greener.

painting wood carrot tops green


Once your bunnies and carrots are done, you are ready to make the Easter tree.

I had bought this grapevine branch several weeks ago. It is wrapped tightly.

There are 10 stems that can be bent in different ways.

Step 9 ~ Unwrap and straighten the branches,

grapevine branches

Step 10 ~ Choose your container. Taller is best to securely hold the branches. I’ve had this white flea market vase for years.

Step 11 ~ Place as many of your branch stems in the vase as you like. I used 6 stems. Arrange and bend the branches.

putting grapevine branches in white vase

To raise up the branches and secure them, I stuffed a small piece of plain paper around the branches.

grapevine branches

Then I used my favorite Super moss to cover the paper. This moss goes a long way. I think I have had this box for 3 years.

moss on grapevine branches


Step 11 ~ Use skinny 1/4~inch ribbon in your choice of colors. I had the pink on hand for the bunnies, but I did have to buy some green for the carrots.

pink ribbon

Step 12 ~ Use a large yarn or darning needle to push the ribbon through the hole you made. Then make a bow with a loop of about 3 inches long.

pushing green ribbon through carrots

Step 13 ~ Thread the branches (bending the branches, if necessary) through the ribbon. Spread the bunnies around the tree.

decoupage Easter bunnies on grapevine tree

Next, add the carrots to the tree.

Here is more super cute Ester Bunny Decor.


I planned to place this easy DIY Easter bunny tree on our breakfast room table. First, I used a pink textured throw on the glass~top table.

pink throw on table

At this point, I decided to add some of our Easter eggs (We bought down all our Easter decorations last weekend.)

Some were not staying in place. I remembered that I had bought a can of these cute colored plastic clips to hold fabric or papers. This is certainly an optional step.

bright colored plastic clips
Easy Bunny tree with carrots and eggs

To give the Easter bunny tree more height, I set it on a ruffled~edge cake stand.

Easy Bunny tree

With my easy DIY ester bunny tree complete, it was now time to decorate around it.


I pulled out my bag of multi~colored pastel shred and arranged it around the cake stand.

Easter eggs on cake stand

I thought the eggs were too crowded, so I added more shred to the table around the cake stand.

Easter eggs under cake stand

After moving the eggs, I added a collection of ceramic acrobat bunnies that were my son’s to the cake stand.

Easter bunnies on cake stand
Easter bunnies on cake stand

For now, the Easter bunny tree will be the focal point of the breakfast room table. It could be an Easter table centerpiece or a coffee table centerpiece.

Easy Bunny tree

Just to add a bit more Easter decor, I placed two of our bunny collection with a nest and a group of carrots. They sit on the small round table that I repurposed last summer.

Easter bunnies with next and carrots on table


You may have some of these supplies on hand, but if you don’t, here’s your supply list:

Did you like this Easter bunny tree project? It was fun to make. All the elements ~ the decoupage bunnies and painted carrots ~ can be reused in other ways.

I hope that you will PIN this project to your Easter Boards. Here is my Easter DIY Project Board and my Easter Decorating Board if you want more ideas.

Ready to see what other Easter bunny projects my fellow blogger friends have created. Let’s go have some fun.

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