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9 Pretty Ways to Use Christmas Garland in Your Home

Are you ready to deck the halls for Christmas? I have 9 pretty ways to use Christmas garland in your home.

Garland is an iconic Christmas decoration. It comes in different materials, colors, and styles. Garland isn’t just for your mantel or staircase, although those are classic places.

Need some new places and styles for your garland?

We use Christmas garland in several places throughout our home. Maybe you’ve never thought of one of these places for your own home.

How do you decorate your home with Christmas garland? Easily!

Each year we change up some of the garland decorations. DIfferent accessories combine with the garland for a new look.

I’m going to take you through a tour of our home, showing you these pretty Christmas garland decorating ideas from the past couple of years.

Join me as I show you ideas to deck the halls with garland.

I’m excited to share these Christmas garland decorating ideas with a wonderful group of bloggers.

It’s Pinterest Challenge Christmas time, our last one of the year. A big hug and Christmas wishes to my friend, Cindy of County Road 407 for hosting this fun and creative blog hop.

This month we don’t have a Pinterest post as our inspiration. Cindy just gave us the theme “garland” and told us to run with it. What a great theme for Christmas.

Are you joining me from Lora of Lora B. Create and Ponder? I love Lora’s creations. Her yarn ball garland is precious.

I’m going to take you through our home, room by room. Well, let’s start at the front door.


You could put garland around your front door frame, but we usually put ours on our vintage sleigh ~ with lights, of course.

All I did was weave the garland across the sleigh and pop on a bright red check bow.

ways to use Christmas garland

You can see more front door images here.


Your entry, no matter the size, is prime real estate for Christmas garland.

Drape garland across the top of any large mirror you have for a festive look.

TIP: Use batter~operated lights on timers any place you can. It will make your life so much easier.

ways to use Christmas garland


Banisters are classic places for garland. What can you attach to the green garland?

  • ball ornaments
  • bows
  • stockings
  • Christmas decorations
  • lights

We typically add the BOL (battery~operated lights) first.

TIP: Buy lots of batteries. We usually have to replace them at least once during the holidays.

For this garland, I added ball ornaments in red, white, gold, and green. I like to gather three ornaments, attach them together, and add them as one piece to the garland.

Large bows made from two different ribbons bring in color and pull the eye in. Sometimes I also put bows at the top of the banisters.

Do you see the battery pack hanging down?

ways to use Christmas garland

On the other side of the staircase, we have a tall metal candle stand. I like to wrap it with garland and lights.

Here, you can see more of this idea and vignette.

ways to use Christmas garland


If you have a hutch or buffet in your dining room, it makes a lovely place to add Christmas garland.

When I saw this silver and white garland at a local design store several years ago, I knew it would be the perfect way to highlight the vaisselier in our dining room.

Whatever type of garland you use in the dining room, use other decorations to emphasize your color scheme.

For our dining room, I use a dressier style. Some of our white, silver and neutral Santas reflect the colors of the garland.

ways to use Christmas garland

I made the bows using two different styles of ribbon, one in the center and two on the ends of the garland. Bows add so much weight, color, and texture to the garland.

I love the snowflakes and beads hanging down.

ways to use Christmas garland

We also use a small strand of garland around the bar cart in the living room. Lights and bows add more festivity.

ways to use Christmas garland


Now I realize that not everyone has a bar in their home. Sweet Shark’s bar is always a gathering place when we entertain. It’s also where we eat dinner most of the time.

From our first Christmas in our home, Sweet Shark wanted the bar decorated for Christmas.

Garland seemed like the perfect decoration across the top of the wood bar back. Of course, it has colored lights (Sweet Shark’s favorite) and each year we add another Mark Robert’s Elf to the decorations.

ways to use Christmas garland


At Christmas time, the mantel is always a focal point. With a roaring fire, a mantel decked with garland and decorations is sure to delight family and friends.

Our fireplace is very tall, so it gets two garlands, one on the mantel and one above. The top garland is made of three pieces.

ways to use Christmas garland

The decorations may change a bit from year to year, but the garland is a constant. We use 8 ~ 10 strands of BOL to give the mantel a magical fairy look.

ways to use Christmas garland

Here is a slightly different look from a different year.

ways to use Christmas garland

Want more ideas? Here’s how to dress up the mantel.


Do you have a bookcase in your living room or den? It’s a wonderful place to drape a garland. Of course, it is lit. Then you can add whatever other decorations that work with your theme.

ways to use Christmas garland


We have a large wood stovetop hood that you see as soon as you walk into the living room. It had to have a big wreath on it.

Garland isn’t always green and doesn’t have to look like it came from a tree.

A string of beads on the stovetop hood ledge adds just the right touch of color and cuteness. The bead garland also ties the wreath to the ceramic tiles I made last year.

ways to use Christmas garland


We always bring Christmas into our master bedroom. We decorate with Christmas sheets, a Christmas pillow, and a red cover for the headboard.

Placing a piece of garland across the top of the headboard is a fun way to add the Christmas spirit to your dreams.

ways to use Christmas garland

What you can’t see is the Christmas tree in the bedroom and other decorations. I invite you to see our complete Christmas master bedroom.

ways to use Christmas garland

With the new headboard that we made last summer, I will be creating a new look for our Christmas bedroom. I can guarantee that it will include a garland.

I hope this tour of how we used garland in our home gave you 9 pretty ways to use Christmas garland in your home.

I’m so ready to unpack all our Christmas decorations and deck the halls with garland, elves, lights, and Santas.

Ready for more Christmas garland ideas? My friends are waiting to show you more ideas for decorating with garland. My friend Michelle of Thistle Key Lane is sharing a darling jingle bell garland.

Please PIN this idea for this Christmas and Christmases to come.

ways to use Christmas garland
ways to use Christmas garland
ways to use Christmas garland
ways to use Christmas garland

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  1. So many great ideas Carol! Loved the Elves on the bar garland too. I can see why your guy loves decorating it and I bet everyone loves coming to your home for the holidays. It’s so festive! Thank you for joining in. Everything was just so beautiful. I’m still dreaming of that dining room hutch garland! pinned

  2. Wow, You’ve included so many pretty ideas! I can’t decide what is my favorite, but I do adore your neutral-colored Santa collection!

    Thanks for all of the wonderful inspiration!

    Niky @ The House on Silverado

  3. Carol, I LOVE all the ideas you’ve shared on ways to use garland!!! I miss our headboard for hanging garland on, but we gave it to our daughter when we bought a California King bed.I’ll have to take a look at your headboard post…

    Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful,
    Barb 🙂

  4. Carol, your home is so beautifully decorated for Christmas! What great decor ideas you gave us! I, too, love to use garlands everywhere! They just look so pretty with the battery lights twinkling! Thanks, again, for a wonderful post!

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