15 Best Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Mantel

Next to our Christmas tree, our Christmas mantel must be the next most decorated place in our homes. With a glowing fire and stockings hung, it’s an easy focal point for our chosen Christmas decor of the year. I’m ready to decorate our mantel. For inspiration, I discovered 15 of the best ways to decorate your Christmas mantel.

We have a large mantel and fireplace surround in our living room. It is the focal point of the room year-round. When Christmas comes, it takes on a special place of holiday honor.

Our trees are done, wreaths are up, and little vignettes are placed around the houses. I waited until almost the last moment to decorate the mantel. I had a good reason – I was waiting for a little secret weapon to arrive in the mail.

Before Thanksgiving, we hung my DIY ornament wreath on the fireplace. I made some really cute Christmas houses for the mantel. I added brand-new gold candleholders and tapers and fairie lights.

And then came Thanksgiving, unpacking boxes and decorating trees and hanging wreaths. Decorating the mantel would have to wait.

I was ready to add the garland. Garland is such a versatile ingredient in our Christmas decor. (I shared 9 ways to use garland throughout your home.)

Then I remembered a new way to hang garland that I had seen on YouTube. I ordered the recommended Command Bundle Holders. I had to wait until they arrived to hang the garland.

You’ll see the gal who shared this idea at the end of the post.

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Christmas Mantel Decorating Ideas: 15 Best Ways to Dress Up Your Mantel

best ways to decorate Christmas mantel

Enjoy them all.

Oh, as a little extra, here is an Easy DIY Mantel Idea for Christmas.

Christmas mantel with garland and nutcrackers

Nutcracker Christmas Mantel

We all should have a friend like Chloe of Celebrate and Decorate. Chloe (who I consider a friend) traveled to Phoenix to help Mary of Life at Bella Terra (who I also consider a friend) deocrate her mantel with family heirloom nutcrackers.

Christmas mantel with stockings and candlesticks

Step-by-Step Garland Hanging

Stefana of Stefana Silber provides a step-by-step way to hang and drape garland for an easy-flowing look.

Christmas mantel with garland

Top 5 Ways to Hang Garland

This luscious layered mantel with different types of garland from Sarah of Grace in My Space will have you oohing and aahing.

Christmas mantel with garland and stockings

Mantel in a Traditional Style

My friend Crissy of First Day of Home shares her traditional mantel with full garland, red candles and wood angels.

Christmas mantel with garland and stockings

How to Decorate a Mantel for Christmas

Andrea of Life on Cedar Lane shows us how to decorate a mantel with cedar garland, lights, and cozy stockings.

Christmas mantel with garland and stockings

Hanging Stockings on the Mantel

My sweet friend Linda of Life on Summerhill shares how to use flocked garland and personalized stockings on a mantel.

dark Christmas mantel with garland and stockings

Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas

A dark and moody fireplace provides the backdrop for this comforting mantel from Chelsee of The House of Hoods. Love the stockings with “ball” embellishment.

Christmas mantel with garland and stockings

DIY Holiday Mantel

Melissa Braedley drapes greenery across her mantel and adds solid and patterned stockings for a bright mantel.

rustic Christmas mantel

Tips to Create a Beautiful Mantel

Layers of green garland across a wood beam mantel provide cozy Christmas mantel from Deborah of Hip and Humble Style.

Christmas mantel with garland and red bows

How to Style a Gorgeous Mantel

Bright red velvet ribbons, silver trees, and white flowers combine in Denise of Happy Haute Home’s luscious Christmas mantel.

Christmas mantel with grey stockings and copper ribbons

Tips on Creating a Beautiful Mantel

Ashley Childers designed a beautiful mantel with grey quilted stockings, copper ribbon, and mercury glass. The variety of green garland add to a natural look.

white mantel with garland and stockings

Christmas Mantel with White Stockings and Bottle Brush Trees

Rebecca of Hello Central Avenue uses a lush garland as the basis for her simple mantel with white stockings.

Christmas mantel with garland, ribbons, and stockings

Rustic Glam Mantel

Cristina of Remodel a Casa uses an interesting combination of copper ribbon, cream stockings, and gold bells for a mantel that works on many levels.

Christmas mantel with garland and colorful flowers

Updated Christmas Mantel

Lory of Designthusiasm uses a different idea for her mantel – she fills it with colorful flowers mixed with ornaments, garland, and trees.

Christmas mantel with garland and stockings

New Way to Hang Garland on a Mantel

Remember at the beginning of this post, I said I was waiting for a particular product to arrive to hang my garland on the mantel? Well, that’s because I discovered Christina of The DIY Mommy on YouTube. She was sharing a brand new way (at least, to me) to hang garland. What a great idea.

Did you notice any common themes in these Christmas mantels?

I noticed:

  • a trend to asymmetrical garland
  • stockings in different fabrics and colors
  • a profusion of greenery layered across the mantel

Use these Christmas decorations to create a beautiful mantel.

Shop these Christmas Decorations graphic

I took away some new ideas from this collection of decorated Christmas mantels. I’m adding this post to my favorite mantel posts, such as 15 Best Wreaths, Mantels and Garland.

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best ways to decorate Christmas mantel

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