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4th of July Tablescape on the Patio

It seems like we just created a tablescape for Memorial Day and that it’s a red, white, and blue world all summer long. With the 4th of July coming up in a month, it’s time to design another 4th of July tablescape on the patio.

The great thing about entertaining in the summer is that you can use basically the same colors and decorations. This 4th of July tablescape does have some brand new DIY decorations.

I love that we are creating this patriotic tablescape for our patio. Being outside in the summer and dining outside just seems like the American thing to do.


My 4th of July tablescape had to be on the patio, which we updated a couple of years ago. (We’ve since done a major backyard update.) The main attraction on our patio is our rescued and restored teak table and that is absolutely where I had to set my 4th of July tablescape.

Patio dining table

In the past few weeks, I have been fortunate to find a few new, though very affordable, items to add to the red, white, and blue decorations I already have on hand. I love mixing the new with the old in any area for my home decor, don’t you? Tablescapes are no exception.


For your convenience, this post contains links to products I use and highly recommend. If you should order any product through this site, I may receive compensation.

I keep most of my placemats in large plastic containers from The Container Store; these are the kind that you can put under your bed and I arrange them by seasons and holidays (spring/summer, winter/fall, Thanksgiving/Christmas). I can store them under our bed where they don’t take up space and they stay free from dust.

These blue mesh placemats that we have had FOREVER would be a great base for my patio tablescape. The white chargers from Dollar Tree that I embellished with stencils and ChalkArt and vinyl stickers would add color and contribute to the theme of the 4th of July.

Aren’t those stars and stripes ramekins the cutest? A new purchase from the Dollar Spot at Target.

4th of July tablescape dishes

Another item I already had were these stars and check pattern napkins. Also at the Target Dollar Spot, I found these awesome plastic plates. They come in packages of 2. I loved all 3 patterns so I bought 3 packs of each so I would have plenty of plates.

4th of July tablescape dishes

After playing with the patterns, I decided that the red check (I have a weakness for checks of any size.) would work best with the blue placemats and the white embellished chargers. BUT, there was a problem. You couldn’t see my cute stencil and red and blue stars on the chargers. Go to Plan B.

4th of July tablescape dishes

When I was making my first charger (Thank goodness that I only had made 1.) I punched out a bunch of extra star stickers. I had already planned to use my white World Market salad plates, so I decided to leave the white chargers plain and put the stickers on the salad plates.

4th of July tablescape dishes

That combination worked great, so I was ready to proceed. Lesson learned: be ready to punt and make changes.

4th of July tablescape dishes

The napkins needed napkin rings.

Rummaging through my patriotic supply box, I found a bunch of stickers I hadn’t used on a previous project. I had a piece of leftover white scrapbook paper that I cut into 5~inch X 1~inch strips. I used my Scrapbook Adhesive to attach the overlapped ends and then more adhesive to attach the sticker. This is the easiest napkin ring I’ve ever made and it didn’t cost a thing.

I pulled out my Dollar Tree wine glasses and used patriotic wine charms ~ another long time ago purchase ~ to decorate them.

I spiffed up the Dollar Tree pitcher with the stars last year. Why not use it again? The red bowls (not sure where those came from) and the blue ones (antique mall in Atlanta) add color and will be used for ice cream.

4th of July tablescape dishes

Since the umbrella pole is in the middle of the table, I needed something to go around it. For my centerpiece, I made these 4th of July tags with supplies I already had on hand: scrapbook paper, Gel Art Ink, stencils, ribbon, my empty kombucha bottles. All I needed to do was make one more tag and replace the faux roses with fresh flowers.

July 4th tags

Now I was ready to go outside and set my 4th of July tablescape on the patio.


I bought red carnations (much less expensive than roses) and added them to bottles.

The four bottles surround the umbrella pole. Although we now have room for 6 people at our table, right now we just have 4 seats ~ 2 garden chairs and our two garden stools. We ordered four new patio dining chairs from Wayfair, but they won’t be here until later in the week.

I laid out the blue placemats and then it was just a matter of adding the rest of my tablescape elements.

4th of July tablescape centerpiece
4th of July tablescape dishes
4th of July tablescape dishes
4th of July tablescape dishes

Here you can see the cute wine charms.

4th of July tablescape dishes

And the napkins and my DIY napkin rings.

I placed the napkins by the placemats and added my silverware. At the last minute, I decided to add some small flags to my centerpiece. Two matching red check dish towels provided more color and pattern on the back of the garden chairs as well as a little comfort.

Our Lovely Layla hung around while I was styling the table. She’s not red, white, or blue, but she is a sweetheart. Unfortunately, our Layla girl left us last year and won’t be year for this 4th of July. Our new puppy Nola will be here, though.

A final addition ~ I found 6 wooden stars from last year in my box (I made a wreath for the front door a couple of years ago and used them in the Pinterest Memorial Day Vignette.) and tied them to the umbrella with red netting.

4th of July tablescape

On the other “new” teak side table I made, I did use my original stenciled white charger like a little platter for the red and blue bowls, patriotic straws, spoons, and my pitcher. The last of my red dishtowels act as a little tablecloth.

4th of July tablescape dishes

My 4th of July tablescape on the patio is complete. Simple, colorful and festive.

4th of July tablescape

One more view. I waited until nighttime when our lights come on for a little sparkle. All are battery or solar~powered and come on by themselves. I turned the wine glasses and some of the plates over so they wouldn’t get dusty.

4th of July tablescape at night

I hope this tablescape gave you some ideas for your own 4th of July tabletop. This coming week my older daughter and granddaughters will be arriving for a 10~day visit. On Friday my son and son~in~law will be flying in for the weekend. Guess where we will be having dinner? Our new chairs from Wayfair will be here so we will have plenty of seating around the table.

Want to keep this 4th of July tablescape for future reference? Be sure to PIN and comment.

pin for later graphic in blue

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  1. I always enjoy your tablescapes, Carol! I love how you take us through the process of putting it together with your creative and crafty touches. Your teak table is beautiful. The setting is perfect for creating beautiful family members on the 4th of July!

  2. So festive! I love all the little details so much! The stickers on the plates and tabs on the napkin rings…girl! You did that!!!

  3. Carol your tablescape is fun, festive and creative and I am totally smitten by your teak table! I love all of the fun combinations of red, white and blue patterns you used. Your outdoor patriotic setting is magazine worthy…love it all!

    So fun hopping with you! Have a happy Fourth of July!

  4. Oh, my sweet friend, I love your Table!!! The addition of the stars on the plates, the beautiful lush background and every little detail on your tablescape. The nighttime photo is so much fun too. Truly makes me want to sit down enjoy some food and celebrate the fourth in style. It’s a joy to be part of the blog hop with you Hugs!

  5. I always look forward to seeing your crafty and DIY touches at your table Carol! This one doesn’t disappoint and what a wonderful patio area, table and umbrella you have to celebrate the red, white and blue! It’s always a treat to blog hop with you ♥

  6. Carol, your refurbished teak table looks amazing! I need to go back and read the post to see how you brought it back to life. It’s the perfect canvas for your festive patriotic tablescape. As always, I love the personal touches you added with your craftiness, especially the star salad plates, 4th of July tags and napkin holders. Love those red and white buffalo check plates from Target, too. Always a pleasure hopping with you. Happy 4th of July!

    1. Thank you Rebecca, I am loving how the table looks on the patio. THe 4th of July items came at just the right time. Happy 4th back to you.

  7. What a fun and colorful table on your patio. You are so creative and full of ideas. The patriotic dishes are perfect. Great idea hiding the umbrella pole. The star on the umbrella add some wonderful touches to compliment your 4th of July decor. I love the shot at night. Always a pleasure to join you.

    1. Thank you Linda. It’s funny how things just come together at the end ~ especially without spending much money. LOv eyour setting, too.

  8. Carol, Your patio are looks wonderful with the teak table and garden stools, I know you are anxious for your new chairs to arrive. Alfresco tables are favorites of mine. I love how you describe everything you did to make your charming and patriotic table. You are a talented and creative DIYer. It is always a pleasure to blog hop with you and to sit at your lovely tables!

  9. Carol, I think I love the night view the best. It is so cozy and inviting for a nice summer evening. I really like the way you dressed up the chargers with the Patriotic stars to match and those red checked plates are perfect with this setting. It’s the lighting I love the most! Something about summer evenings is where so many memories are made.

  10. I love your festive table, Carol. It looks so pretty at night, too. It is a pleasure to join you for the hop this week! Blessings, Cecilia @ My Thrift Store Addiction

  11. I love all your patriotic touches! I already was in love with your table from your Summer Porch Tour and am so inspired by how you styled it for the 4th! Love the way you used the carnations around the umbrella pole!! All so pretty!

  12. It’s all so cute and family friendly Carol! My favorite part is the way you’ve placed the cute vases of flowers around the umbrella pole to make it disappear! All your clever cute crafts and decorative touches combine to create a setting for a day and night of family fun!

  13. Carol, your table and all your DIY ideas never cease to amaze me. You are so creative. I don’t know what your new chairs will look like, but I am really liking your slat chairs at your table and I have couple just like them. Your teak table is so pretty, and I know you worked hard on it. I have a “hole” in my Secret Garden table and you are right, sometimes you have to get creative. Some bright person invented a zip table cloth that also helps when setting a tablescape and wanting to use your umbrella. I adore your lighting shot….and I know your family will enjoy all you have done in your pool and patio area. It is always a pleasure to blog hop with you…and I am looking forward to our next hop.

  14. Carol, You have been busy! I can envision all your family around your pool and newly finished table. So glad you will have enough chairs in time for your company!
    Your creativity is amazing. I love your idea of adding vases around the umbrella with flags, flowers, and 4th of July tags. The star stickers are ingenious. You always amaze me with your DIY ideas and the bargains you find!
    Enjoy your family and Happy 4th. I can’t wait to see your new chairs!

  15. I am sure everyone will love celebrating the 4th together with you at your delightful table. I am sure those granddaughters will be splashing in the pool and sweet laughter will be heard. Those plastic plates are so cute and I do think you picked the perfect plate in the red and white checked one! I think it is a natural for we tablescapers that we plan something like your chargers and then have to go a different direction. You will see what happened to my planned centerpiece some Thursday! The salad plates do look festive with the stars on them! Thank you dear friend for joining in another hop!

  16. Carol, your outdoor picnic setting is perfect, I so wanted to do an outdoor table, but we have had nothing but rain for days on end. So I am going to live vicariously through your bright and cheerful table. I really like the way you surrounded the umbrella pole with your carnations, smart idea, its not easy to decorate around the pole and your solution is a good one. Of course I like the diy napkin rings, that’s right up my alley. Enjoy your visit with your daughter and granddaughters! That time is precious!! Always a pleasure to hop with you!!!❤️

  17. Great ideas put into play here, Carol, for your patriotic display! You always have such cleverly crafty ideas up your sleeve – the napkin rings, the star stickers and wooden hanging cutouts. I have definitely taken away the storage idea you use for placemats. With all our downsizing (including a teak table which, I might add, yours looks wonderful with your restoration, and it’ll last forever!), storage is key, so I’ll use the idea of the underbed plastic tub for perhaps my chargers (now in storage unit, too far away!). Your patio looks very inviting. Layla concurs!

  18. Carol, I love your table style (and your team table!). Although I will be celebrating Canada Day, you have given me great ideas that I can easily adapt to our celebration! Love your creativity! And, it looks amazing under the lights!