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15 Best Fall DIY Decor Projects to Try

As the days grow shorter, we think about sweaters and fireplaces. There’s an undeniable magic in the air that signals the arrival of fall. This time of year is perfect for indulging in the joy of creating our own homemade crafts. So I gathered 15 best fall DIY decor projects for you to try.

Fall is a season that beckons us to slow down, sip on warm apple cider, and wrap ourselves in cozy blankets.

There’s something so special about crafting your own fall decor. I love watching as we transform simple materials into charming and seasonal pieces that infuse our homes with warmth and personality.

Whether you’re a seasoned DIY enthusiast or just dipping your toes into the crafting world, you’re in for a delightful treat. Fall is the perfect time to get your creative juices flowing and craft your way into the heart of the season.

Finding fall DIY decor projects that can be customized to different colors or styles is always a positive. The process is the same, but each of us can make them uniquely our own.

In this roundup, I’m excited to share with you 15 of the best fall DIY decor projects that will not only bring the beauty of autumn indoors but also provide you with hours of crafting pleasure.

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As usual, I go to Pinterest for ideas for these weekly posts. I was not disappointed in what I found. I have a Pinterest Board called Fall DIY Projects that will be another resource for you for fall craft decorations.

collage of Fall DIY projects

From rustic pumpkin projects that capture the essence of harvest time to hand-painted autumn leaf garlands, this selection covers a wide range of ideas to prepare your home for fall.

So, if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and embrace the pleasures of creating your own fall decor, you’re in the right place. Let’s jump into this treasure trove of crafty inspiration and embark on a journey of creativity that will make your home feel like an autumn wonderland.

Get ready for some of the best fall craft projects you’ll find for the coming fall season. They range from very simple to more advanced. Some I picked because they are different from the norm. I can promise you that all are really special.

Handmade Fall Decor: 15 Ideas for Fall DIY Decorations

fall DIY wood sign

Cutest Fall Wood Sign

Angie of The Country Chic Cottage made this cute wood sign with pumpkins and cut-out letters. You can make it exactly like Angie did or customize it to your liking.

Book-Page Pumpkin Candle Holders

This is one of the easiest projects. Have some old paperback books on hand or vintage printed paper? Have some mason jars or other old jars? Debra of Common Ground used her stash to make these adorable candle holders with pumpkin cutouts. This one is on my to-do list.

fall DIY Harvest sign

Harvest Pennant Banner

My sweet friend Crissy of First Day of Home (We met at Haven a few years ago.) designed this harvest pennant banner using her Cricut and she’s sharing the printable design with you.

fall DIY terra cotta painted pumkins

Terra Cotta Pumpkins

Another friend, Wendy of WM Design House (We met at the Achieve Conference last year), shows you how to make the prettiest pumpkins. Don’t you love the look? There’s a secret ingredient to get them this soft look.

fall DIY projects

Three Fall DIY Decor Projects

I had to share a few of my favorite fall crafts – actually, there are three – from Bluesky at Home. The fall letters I used on our mantel are easy to make and you can customize them to your color scheme.

fall DIY yarn pumkins

Easy DIY Yarn Pumpkins

Yes, there are lots of pumpkin projects. I love this simple yarn project from Laura of Heart Filled Spaces. Again, you can change the colors of the pumpkins to fit your color aesthetic. I checked my supply dresser and I have a few pieces that can be used to make these little beauties.

Easy Sock Pumpkin Tutorial

Does anyone NOT have some old socks you could use for fall DIY pumpkins? Brandy of Gluesticks shows you how easy it is to make these sock pumpkins. You can make two from one sock.

Fabric Pumpkin Garland

I’m a fabric lover so this project from Kristi of French Creek Farmhouse really caught my eye. I love the idea of making fabric pumpkins and using them to make a garland. It doesn’t take much fabric for each pumpkin or time.

wood bead corn

Wood Bead Corn

Using wood beads for DIY projects isn’t new, but using them to make an ear of corn is new to me. Summer of Hammon’s Nest shows you step-by-step how to make this harvest symbol of fall.

Faux Mini-Apple Pie

This DIY fall project may be the most unique I’ve seen. Jennifer of Mother Thyme shares how to make these sweet mini-apple pie decorations. Check out her tutorial and you’ll be showing off this project in no time. It would be a perfect gift for the baker in your life.

Paper Leaf Garland

I couldn’t believe it when I saw this paper leaf garland. I have a stack of craft paper leaves sitting on my officer counter. My sweet friend Linda of Life on Summerhill (We roomed together at Haven last year.) shares her version of making a simple but dynamic fall garland.

fall diy wood pumpkin garland

Mini Pumpkin Garland

Another precious little pumpkin garland project. I love how Chelsea of Lovely Indeed gives these pumpkins a bright, modern look.

fall DIY acorns

Easy “Wood” Acorns

I love making acorns. They are such an iconic symbol of fall. When I saw this version from Susie of Susie Robb, I was intrigued. I was surprised by what they are made of. I’m excited that I have that supply on hand.

fall DIY pumpkin project with book pages

Book Page Pumpkin

Agnes of Just That Perfect Piece shares another cool way to make homemade pumpkins with printed pages. This pumpkin has a vintage, nostalgic feel to it. If that is your style, this pumpkin project is for you.

fall DIY leaves and beads garland

Dollar Store Leaf Bead Garland

Lindsay of My Creative Days used dollar store finds to make a lovely garland with a natural, woodsy feel. Use it as garland or drape it on a table or mantel.

Supplies for Making Fall DIY Decor

These supplies can be used for these 15 fall handmade decor projects as well as other DIY projects.

Whichever fall DIY decor project you choose, I hope you will find that one special fall craft that speaks to you. Please PIN this post, visit each selection, and PIN each one.

Here are a few more fall DIY decor projects you will like.

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