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5 Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers ~ A ORC Round~Up

Hey there and hi. After taking a week off for 4th of July, I’m back with another round of One Room Challenge makeovers. This time I’m focusing on 5 beautiful bathroom makeovers. Once again I’m blown away by the talent, creativity and inspiration of my fellow ORC bloggers.

Bathrooms are like kitchens. So many moving parts!  Plumbing is involved; fixtures, like bathtubs, sinks, showers, and toilets, faucets and tile, have to be taken into account.  And that’s before the really fun stuff, like lighting, flooring, wall treatments, mirrors and accessories.

From master bathrooms to guest bathrooms to a bathroom for a teenager, these 5 beautiful bathroom makeovers will have you Pining and pining for a bathroom makeover of your own.

5 Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers ~ A ORC Round~Up

Enjoy this tour and give the bloggers a shout out for their beautiful designs.

Sleek Modern Bathroom Design

This bathroom design from Danielle and Michael at Clark and Aldine has a modern, industrial design with an amazing shower with a grid that blends form and function. Pair it with deep blue cabinets and gold hardware and you have a magazine worthy master bath.

To appreciate the stunning design of this bathroom, you have to see the before. The biggest change was the transformation from a brassy, odd~shaped shower to a larger, industrial finish that makes more sense for the space and a modern home.

5 Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers ~ A ORC Round~Up. Creative ideas for your bathroom. #bathrooms #bathroommakeovers #bathroomideas #bathroom

The flooring was another dramatic change, both in terms of product and design. The large patterned tiles make such a gorgeous statement ~ like art on the floor.  Here’s what happened in this bathroom makeover:

  • replaced dated shower with new glass walls, tile flooring and fixtures
  • replaced old tile floor with new patterned tile
  • removed an odd~shaped window to allow for increased vanity space
  • built a new custom vanity and added new countertops and 2 new sinks
  • added new lighting fixtures
  • painted the room in a bright white with black trim
  • painted the cabinets a deep blue
  • added new mirrors and hardware

Maximizing limited space for functionality and creating beautiful design with black and white, gold and blue resulted in a beautiful bathroom.

5 Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers ~ A ORC Round~Up. Creative ideas for your bathroom. #bathrooms #bathroommakeovers #bathroomideas #bathroom

Tear It Down to Build It Up

I fell in love with the deep aqua cabinets and bold artwork of this bathroom makeover by Erin of Erin Kestenbaum. This project was a complete gut job and end end result is so pretty and functional. From blah white and dated to current and colorful, this bathroom design is so well thought out. Erin’s vision was a vintage European boutique hotel with a modern twist and I think she succeeded.

5 Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers ~ A ORC Round~Up. Creative ideas for your bathroom. #bathrooms #bathroommakeovers #bathroomideas #bathroom

Want to completely rip out your old bath and start over? This was a top to bottom bathroom makeover and that so much to admire. The fact that Erin and her husband did much of the work themselves makes it even more impressive. Take a few lessons from Erin’s project:

  • gutted the existing bathroom and added square footage from adjoining closet
  • reconfigured plumbing for better function
  • installed new marble flooring in a herringbone pattern with radiant heat
  • painted the repurposed cabinet in Farrow & Ball Stone Blue
  • installed new sinks, countertops and gold fixtures
  • constructed a new shower with marble tile, a frameless door and gold fixtures (including a rain shower head)
  • added extra trim around windows, doors, baseboards and crown molding
  • new lighting above the vanity and in the ceiling
  • added a custom piece of art
  • accessorized with smaller art, vases, a rug, flowers and candles

I’m especially in love with the rain shower head since we have one too. The blue cabinet adds such a wonderful punch of pretty color. Congratulations Erin, fabulous job.

5 Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers ~ A ORC Round~Up. Creative ideas for your bathroom. #bathrooms #bathroommakeovers #bathroomideas #bathroom

Coral, Gold and White for a Soft Palette

This bathroom makeover shows what a huge difference in a small bathroom can be made with paint, decorative elements and an eye for design. Marci of Lemons to Lovelys gave her guest powder bath a beautiful new look by focusing on the elements that have the most visual impact.

5 Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers ~ A ORC Round~Up. Creative ideas for your bathroom. #bathrooms #bathroommakeovers #bathroomideas #bathroom

As you can see, plain brown cabinets, a brown framed mirror, and mismatched fixtures don’t give this bathroom any pizzaz. New moldings, paint, accessories and fixtures completely change the look. Dark blue~gray walls just brought the room down, down, down. Now it’s light and vibrant.

  • installed wallpaper
  • installed new light fixture
  • added picture~frame molding and wainscoting to long wall
  • added trim molding to vanity cabinet doors
  • painted the door and vanity in Sabre Grey by Benjamin Moore
  • painted trim and moldings in Simply White by Benjamin Moore
  • added a beautiful Turkish rug in shades of coral
  • added new gold hardware on vanity
  • used gold accents in accessories: tray, candle, soap dispenser

This bathroom is now one that Marci is proud to show off to guests. The coral in the rug and the warmth of the gold fixtures compliment the grays of the woodwork. A guest may never leave.

5 Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers ~ A ORC Round~Up. Creative ideas for your bathroom. #bathrooms #bathroommakeovers #bathroomideas #bathroom

Blue and White for a Classic New Bath

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love blue and white. It’s fresh and can evoke any mood you want. For this guest bath makeover, Vicki of 2 Bees in a Pod created a classic design that will “never” go out of style ~ Mark D. Sikes would love this bathroom.

5 Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers ~ A ORC Round~Up. Creative ideas for your bathroom. #bathrooms #bathroommakeovers #bathroomideas #bathroom

From the before and after, you can already see some of the changes that took place.

  • painted the vanity a brilliant blue
  • new brushed bronze hardware on the vanity cabinets and drawers
  • new brushed bronze faucets
  • used a large floral wallpaper on 2 of the walls
  • painted the floor to look like marble (This is actually an old technique that’s been used for hundreds of years.)
  • painted the cream countertop bright white
  • added peel~and~stick tile to the wall the remaining wall
  • raised existing light fixture by 1 foot
  • painted the shower/bath tile
  • added a repurposed mirror
  • added a bronze vintage tray and blue hydrangeas to the vanity and a blue garden stool to the bath tub

5 Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers ~ A ORC Round~Up. Creative ideas for your bathroom. #bathrooms #bathroommakeovers #bathroomideas #bathroom

I’m so impressed that Vicki painted the floor to look like marble and the countertops a crisp white. It looks so fresh, crisp and custom. It’s a high five, fist pump, slam dunk bathroom makeover.

A Bit of Blue and Glam for a Teenage Girl

What teenage girl doesn’t want her own bathroom? And one that was totally made over to reflect her taste? This is one lucky girl. As a girl who shared a brown and beige bathroom with my younger brother until I went off to college, I would have given up boys for this bathroom.  Vanessa@Decor Happy created this lovely space for her daughter. I hope daughter was sufficiently grateful.

5 Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers ~ A ORC Round~Up. Creative ideas for your bathroom. #bathrooms #bathroommakeovers #bathroomideas #bathroom

I’m constantly amazed over the power of paint to transform spaces. Have you noticed that all of these bathroom makeovers include a painted vanity? Must be a design trend. Here’s what Vanessa did:

  • painted the vanity a deep, dark blue
  • new Caesarstone countertops in a honed finish with a squared edge
  • new cabinet hardware in bronze
  • new faucet in bronze
  • change out the mirror for a square one trimmed in bronze
  • new bath and floor tiles from Jeffrey Court
  • painted the walls in Ethereal White (a barely blue) by Benjamin Moore
  • new custom shower curtain in a coral and rose floral pattern
  • new coral towels and accessories

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this bathroom makeover tour. If you missed these transformations during the One Room Challenge in May, this is a perfect opportunity to visit these projects and Pin them ~ or Pin this post for future resources and inspiration.

5 Beautiful Bathroom Makeovers ~ A ORC Round~Up. Creative ideas for your bathroom. #bathrooms #bathroommakeovers #bathroomideas #bathroom

I have one more ORC round~up I would like to do ~ a little of this and that ~ in a couple of weeks. Be sure to check back by. Until then, here are the previous round~up tours.

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Tomorrow I leave for Charleston and my 4th Haven Conference. I’m looking forward to visiting with friends I’ve met in previous Havens and meeting new bloggers. If you’re heading to Haven, please let me know in the comments and let’s say hi! I’ll be posting on Instagram and posts will still be coming your way.


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  1. All gorgeous! I love the one by Lemons To Lovelys best. It’s given me inspiration for sure. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen

  2. I love that shower with the grid enclosure! You know what’s catching my the most lately? Wallpaper!!