Valentine’s Tablescape for a Romantic Brunch for Two

Since Valentine’s Day is all about romance, how about a small Valentine’s tablescape for a romantic brunch for two? Not quite breakfast in bed, but close.

I think there is something very sweet about brunch just for two. Waking up to a delicious breakfast, a Valentine’s tablescape for a romantic brunch sounds like a great idea.

I not only have a pretty Valentine’s tablescape to share. I’m also sharing a luscious brunch menu for you. With a smaller Valentine’s celebration in mind, I wanted to share this morning’s meal with you.

A couple of years ago, I envisioned a romantic dinner for 2 by the fireplace with glitz and glam in red and gold. Last year I planned a totally different direction for my Valentine’s Day tablescape ~ a romantic brunch for two.

Instead of dinner ~ a bunch on Sunday morning before or after church. Instead of glitz and glam ~ soft and sweet. Instead of red and gold ~ pink and white. Lucky for me, Sweet Shark doesn’t mind my love affair with pink.

Valentine’s Tablescape for a Romantic Brunch for Two

My vision for this Valentine’s tablescape started after Christmas. After living with a clean slate and some winter decor for a few weeks, I was ready for some color. Since I love pink, I had to wait for Valentine’s Day to create this romantic tablescape.

Setting the Valentine’s Tablescape

This table has been in our bedroom at both our homes. We used it as a place for flowers and picture frames. It’s really too high to be comfortable between the two chairs in our sitting area so we moved it into the breakfast room. It’s 32 inches around, which was a bit too small in diameter for a breakfast room table, but it could work for my Valentine’s tablescape.

I did add a larger 42-inch wood top that I painted. It’s the perfect size for four.

glass topped table

First, I covered the table with a simple cotton tablecloth. It’s like in a fine dining restaurant.

white tablecloth

I knew when I started planning this Valentine’s tablescape that I wanted to use some pink dishes that I found at an antique mall in Atlanta. Place settings four ~ dinner plates, salad plates, cups and saucers and small bowls ~ were $10. I couldn’t resist. I shipped the box, with some other flea market finds, home to Dallas.

Unfortunately, 1 dinner plate and 1 bowl broke, but it was still a great purchase. I layered my gold chargers and white plates with the pink dinner plates on top.

pink dishes

Then I added the salad plate. I also wanted to use some vintage pink and white coupe and sherbet glasses I bought a few years ago at one of my favorite local antique malls, City View in Dallas.

pink dishes

On the back of the chairs, I placed some Valentine’s dishtowels I bought at Home Goods in Atlanta with my younger daughter. They add color and pattern to my theme.

Valentine dishtowel

I wanted some Valentine’s napkins, but couldn’t find any. While in Atlanta on a trip to Hobby Lobby with my older daughter, I found the perfect pattern of fabric ~ 1 in pink check and 1 in pink ticking. A half yard of each would be enough for napkins.

I measured and cut out the fabric in Atlanta and sewed them when I returned home. I added cute little pom~poms that I already on hand at each corner. I tied the napkins with ribbon from the same HL trip.

See how to make these cute pink napkins.

Valentine pink check napkin

For flowers, pink roses were perfect (Did you know that Target carries flowers?) in one of my cut crystal rose bowls.

I placed the flowers and a bit of greenery in a small jar in the center of the bowl and filled it with Valentine’s M&M’s and other candies. I already had the gold Valentine picks from the previous year and I added them for a bit of bling and height. I’m happy to be using the vintage pink glasses.

Valentine's Tablescape ~ A Romantic Brunch for 2. Join me as I share the setting and the menu for a sweet way to start the day to celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved one. It's a relaxed atmosphere with a bit of bubbly to toast your relationship on a pitch perfect pink tabletop.

By this time I decided to forego the white plate. I added our mother~of~pearl silverware, an inheritance from Sweet Shark’s grandmother.

pink roses

The Menu for our Valentine’s Brunch

Now that my Valentine’s tablescape was ready I could focus on our meal. Here is the menu for Sweet Shark and me.

Valentine's Tablescape ~ A Romantic Brunch for 2. Join me as I share the setting and the menu for a sweet way to start the day to celebrate Valentine's Day with your loved one. It's a relaxed atmosphere with a bit of bubbly to toast your relationship on a pitch perfect pink tabletop.

Enjoying our Valentine’s Tablescape Meal

Preparation the day before mays for a relaxing romantic tablescape experience.

I made the Dried Cherry and White Chocolate Bread Pudding the day before.

I made the Blood Orange Mimosas the night before so that the fruit juice would be really chilled. Then all we had to do was add the Champagne (We used Prosecco.).

I placed the Prosecco in a silver Champagne bucket and the pitcher with the blood orange juice on a small table to the side so Sweet Shark could serve us. Isn’t that color gorgeous!


I prepared the eggs and toast at the last minute so they would be hot. I used cookie cutters to cut out the slightly frozen bread and a larger cookie cutter to cook the eggs in a skillet. Just a simple meal that’s not too filling.

Brunch was served!

Valentine brunch
Valentine brunch

Oh, that bread pudding is delicious. I made the Dried Cherry and White Chocolate Bread Pudding ahead and then warmed it in the oven.  

Valentine brunch

The Blood Orange Mimosas were tasty too.

Valentine brunch

I’ll be sharing the Dried Cherry and White Chocolate Bread Pudding and the Blood Orange Mimosa on my Monday Newsletter. So sure to sign up to receive these delicious recipes.

It’s a pretty sweet table.

Valentine brunch

I placed part of a Valentine’s banner around the edge of the table for more color. You can’t have too many hearts! The crystal jelly jar was a wedding gift from a dear high school girlfriend.

Valentine Tablescape
Valentine Brunch table

I hoped you enjoyed my Valentine’s tablescape for a romantic brunch for two. It was not too fancy.

I was able to use items I already had on hand, and dishes that I’ve been waiting to use for a while. A mix of old and treasured and flea market finds. I had one DIY project ~ the napkins. The only items I purchased were the dishtowels and the fabric for the napkins.

Now it’s your turn ~ please PIN this Valentine’s Romantic Tablescape Brunch idea so you don’t forget it.


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  1. Carol, I love this pretty romantic brunch for two. The pink is lovely. A wonderful menu and I am sure the Mr. loved it. I am happy to feature your gorgeous Valentine table on Sunday at Love Your Creativity.

  2. Carol, your pink table for two is romantic. Since March, I’ve kept our table set for two, changing out the look every week or so. It keeps me entertained and makes me feel as if we are entertaining. Love the idea of a table by the fire too. I’m going to set a new table tomorrow.
    Thanks for sharing your pretty table and menu.

  3. Your table turned out beautifully, Carol! And I love your brunch ideas ~ definitely pinned for future use. :)’ {that’s my Yummy tongue sticking out… Lol!} Valentine’s is a wonderful reason to set a beautiful table, isn’t it?

    Have a great weekend,
    Barb 🙂

  4. What a lovely tablescape! I love the pink color scheme! The roses are so pretty. I look forward to your newsletter tomorrow to see how you made the heart shaped toast & eggs!

    1. Michelle, didn’t put the eggs and toast on the newsletter. The bread pudding and the blood orange mimosa will be on it. But it’s a great idea for the toast and eggs. Maybe a Facebook live or a post soon.

  5. Carol, I just love your pink and white brunch table for two! It’s simple, but elegant and perfect for Valentine’s Day. When I taught a watercolor class on painting a fox, everyone’s painting was so different from each other’s because everyone has their own unique style and interpretation. This is a great thing, or life could be boring. I love your napkins you made, adorable!

  6. Carol, Your table is pretty in pink and delicious! What a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a romantic brunch for two! I love the napkins you created and your blend of old, new and treasured finds! I so enjoy seeing everyone’s creativity at work and their interpretation of the same theme at the table. As always, it’s a pleasure to blog hop with you.♥

  7. The napkins are to die for! I am enjoying your choice of pink. I had to go with red fir my Valentine decor all because of a Poinsettia that is still doing well.

    Your brunch is delightful! Well done my friend!

    I am enjoying all the tablescapes on the blog hop!

  8. Heart shapped food always wins my vote, so your eggs and toast are perfect! I love the shades of pink you’ve chosen, they’re perfectly suited for each other. Happy Valentine’s!

  9. Carol, you really outdid yourself with this absolutely lovely and romantic brunch table. I love how the small table diameter leant itself to a more intimate vibe. The centerpiece with the roses was very pretty and perfect for a relaxing romantic Sunday afternoon. I know that we are often tired in the evenings and my husband works late, so I love the idea of the Sunday brunch for just for two. The cocktails were pretty and sounded delicious, and the pink and gold hearts framing the table were a great finishing touch. Bravo!

  10. Your whole post is fabulous! Of course, the tablescape is so pretty in pink with lovely details but I especially like how you wrote about your plan for the brunch and then walked us through it right to the actual meal. Very enjoyable read (and photos)….almost felt like I was there being a third wheel 🙂 The food looks super delish and it even went perfectly with your table decor. I had to chuckle at your line about the “old fashioned term” for pinning 🙂

  11. Carol,
    Love, love, love! I enjoyed how you took us through the evolution of how to create our own romantic table for two. I adore the pink theme and your napkins! Your menu sounds absolutely perfect too. Loving the touches you added for a bit of bling as well. This is a fabulous table for two!

    1. Amber, thank you so much for visiting Bluesky at Home. Thanks too for the kind comments and the invitation to the Valentine Link Party. Just added my post. Awesome features.

  12. Very Pretty Carol, last year I used a pretty in pink tablescape but it was closer to Easter than Valentine’s Day…no matter, PINK is good anytime as I used it in my master bedroom this past Christmas. 🙂
    I love the napkins, brilliant and I agree they are far better than any you could of purchased, not only for the “pretty” but for the love that went with each stitch you made. That is what makes home made special.
    I did not know Target carries flowers…I don’t believe ours does here in Florida but I will be certain to do a double check.
    Great looking Tablescape!

    1. Kari, thanks so much for the comments. The Target flowers were in the front of the store (on your way to the dollar section!) A portion of the proceeds of the flowers goes to a foundation of some sort. Pink is good anytime!

  13. Love the pink and gold. What darling napkins you made. Enjoy brunch together is so romantic. Your menu and attention to detail is lovely. The pink plates are sweet, sometimes it is difficult to find pink plates. It’s wonderful your husband doesn’t mind the pink…LOL. Love the charming centerpiece.

    1. Thank you Linda. Obviously, food doesn’t look it’s best on a pink plate, but it was just too fun to pass up. He gave up on me and my love of pink when I painted my office bright pink last year.

  14. Carol, your brunch with Mr. Shark looks perfect. The napkins, the pink dishware and all of your details are sweet and romantic! The food looks delicious with all of your heart shapes! Your Tablescape is so pretty in pink!

  15. So sweet in pink. What a wonderful antique store find. I love your pink dishes. They are so hard to find in the color pink. Your napkins are perfect. I am so happy to hear that you sewed them too. I love sewing my own napkins and placemats too. The possibilities are endless. It makes for a unique, one-of-a-kind piece. Your brunch food selection is just as beautiful as your table. Your choice of table and where to use it is so cozy.

    1. Thanks Marsha. The pink dishes were an unexpected find and a super price. Couldn’t resist, even with the shipping. Making napkins is so easy!

  16. I love your soft and sweet theme!! I am a pink girl as well, but it is so hard to find pink dishes. I think I would have grabbed that set at the antique mall as well, so sorry some broke though. Love, love, love the napkins you made – the pom poms are such a fun touch!! I agree with Jenna- love the line about the potato salad recipes!!! Perfect description of the creativity to all of our hoppers!!! It all looks like a fabulous brunch anyone would LOVE to enjoy!!

    1. Ann, the pom~poms were a last minute thought, but I’m glad I added them. Potato salad, chicken salad, pot pie, deviled eggs. I love the variety that everyone comes up with. Makes life fun and interesting.

  17. I love the colors you chose. I went the way of pink this year too! Your floral arrangement is adorable- love the way you arranged the candy in the larger bowl. No I didn’t know Target has flowers- I’ll have to check ours out. Cutting the food in heart shapes is a super cute and romantic idea! The homemade napkins are adorable- great idea!

  18. So pretty in pink Carol! Love the napkins you made, I know you will use them often, pink can go with so many other things. The gold in your plate stack looks great and I love the way you used gold hearts too…Your description of giving 20 people a recipe and have it come out 20 different ways is such a clever way to describe our group!! It seems like every hop they not only get better, but more and more unique! Your menu is perfect too, looking forward to the bread pudding recipe!

    1. Wendy, I think those napkins were the big hit on the table! I may be on a roll with them. So easy to make. I think it’s all about the fabric.

  19. Carol. your table is perfectly suited for how my husband and I like to share most meals – casually and comfortably. The meal and presentation looks terrific, and those napkins are so adorable! (better than store bought!). I really like your opening paragraph of how each blogger makes her own interpretation of a tablescape – so true.
    I like that table in that space, and will be curious to see if you decide to keep it there.

    1. Rita C, first I’ve decided that the table is staying, but it’s going to get a makeover of some sort. I’m loving the napkins more with each comment!!

  20. Carol, Love your pink! Those vintage sherbet and coupe glasses are so pretty with the sweet faceted crystal ball detail. I’m impressed with your DIY napkins, shopping the house and creating a delicious and appealing brunch.
    I agree, it is amazing how 20 different bloggers with the same theme can create such a variety of tablescapes. How your table evolved was entertaining, informative and interesting.
    I will be thinking about your dried cherry and white chocolate bread pudding all day!

    1. Bonnie, I loved those pink and crystal glasses the moment I saw them. The price was good so I didn’t have to think twice. The bread pudding will go out in my newsletter on Saturday

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