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How to Create a Romantic Valentine’s Table for Two

How often do you celebrate a special evening with your special person? This celebration centers on the most romantic of holidays and I am ready to share with you how to create a romantic Valentine’s table for two.

There’s your birthday and his birthday and your anniversary. And then there’s Valentine’s Day. A sweet, once-a-year time to just be romantic – with candles and champagne, maybe flowers and chocolate, hopefully, a really pretty, heartfelt card. And, of course, a lovely dinner or maybe brunch.

I can’t think of a more romantic place to have a romantic Valentine’s table for two than in front of your fireplace.

How to Create a Romantic Valentine’s Table for Two

At our previous home, we had a fireplace in our dining room and we always loved having Saturday night dinners as well as special occasion dinners in there. I would get out our china and crystal and silverware and candles and we would have a lovely, quiet dinner with music softly playing in the background.

I miss those fireside Saturday night dinners, although Sweet Shark and I have made a New Year’s promise to have dinner on Saturday night in our dining room ~ even without the fireplace. So I decided for this romantic tablescape blog hop that I would try to recreate dinner by candlelight and firelight in our living room.

The Table

We have a small, round, glass-top table that has always been in our bedroom – a place to set family pictures and flowers, a book or a glass of wine. Sweet Shark helped me bring the table into the living room and place it in front of the fireplace. I covered the table with a red satin tablecloth that I made years ago. That red tablecloth has seen plenty of parties: Christmas, Valentine’s, Fourth of July and Kentucky Derby.

Creating the Romantic Table for Two

First I placed two rose bowls in gold stands in the center of the table with red votive candles to provide color and sparkle.

TIP: Make sure that your candles are unscented; scented candles can interfere with the aromas of your food.

My inspiration was hearts and my colors would be red and gold because this was my inspiration china ~ a set that belonged to Sweet Shark’s grandmother. I placed the dinner plate on top of a gold charger ~ there’s one of my gold elements.

Then I added this set of mother~of~pearl silverware that also came from Grandmother Ruth. For napkins, I chose our white with gold trim ones that I use at Christmas. I found the metallic napkin rings at Pier 1. I love the shine.

Next came 2 of our Baccarat Champagne flutes.

We would need a water~glass and I had a little DIY project in mind. I added gold hearts to a couple of stemless Riedel wine glasses. I’ll show you how I did that in a later post. I used a heart~shaped paper tag as a coaster.

These metallic “sprinkles” that say “love” provide a festive addition.

Instead of real flowers, I used these red peppermint lollipops that were a hostess gift from Christmas ~ another fun, festive addition.

TIP: We all love flowers, but be careful with ones with strong scents that can throw off the aroma of the good food you’ve prepared.

Here’s my favorite table decoration: I made these Valentine boxes for each setting. Sweet Shark said they looked like a piece of cake. I plan to fill them with something sweet, but that’s a surprise for later. I’ll show you how to make the boxes in a later post.

What to Serve for your Romantic Table for 2

And finally, after the fire is lit and the candles are lit, it’s time for the Champagne. Sweet Shark suggested a Champagne Rosé for its pretty color. It tastes really good, too! We drink Champagne cocktails all the time ~usually Prosecco or Cava. We put a Luxardo cherry in the bottom of the glass, but a raspberry would work really well, too.

I love our romantic Valentine’s table for two in front of the fireplace. Now all we need is Johnny Mathis or Frank Sinatra or Rod Stewart crooning in the background.

Showing you how to create a romantic Valentine’s table for two has been such fun. I loved getting Sweet Shark in on the action and he loved pouring the champagne!

If you need inspiration for a future romantic Valentine’s table, then be sure to PIN this one.

Pin for later graphic
romantic valentine table for two graphic

With all the pretty settings, it’s a great time to share on Pinterest.  Enjoy the rest of your week and I’ll be back soon.

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  1. Beautifully done Carol. So romantic and pretty. Pure elegance with your chosen china, crystal, candlelight, and of course the champagne. Love how you arranged your love sprinkles. A pleasure to share in this blog hop with you. Have a fabulous weekend.

  2. Carol, what a lovely table by the fireplace with SS providing help. I thought the boxes were heart-shaped cakes. Can’t wait to see your tutorials. You have planned a beautiful and romantic evening for you and your hubby. I have enjoyed blog hopping with you this week!!

  3. Carol, A table by the fireplace and champagne are the perfect ingredients for a romantic evening! I love the addition of the gold hearts on your stemless glasses too…looking forward to your tutorial!

  4. Hello Carol,

    I want to come over!!! What a gorgeous table … I love all the crystal and sparkle on your table. The china is exquisite as well as your stemware. I also like the little heart shaped boxes you made for your place setting. You definitely know how to set a cozy and romantic table for two. The fireplace just adds that extra touch of romance and warmth. Great job!!! And may I say that your photos are excellent. Clear and bright….

    It has been wonderful participating in this blog hop with you…


  5. Great tips on how to create a romantic tablescape! So true about scented candles and flowers affecting the aromas from the food you serve. Love that red tablecloth – it really sets the mood for your pretty table. The fantastic stemware and dishes take the table to the next level of elegance and the rose champagne is the perfect complement! The gold hearts you put on the stemless glasses are great. Indeed, I thought those boxes were pieces of cake too – will be interesting to see what “treat” you put inside. It has been so fun participating in this blog hop with you!

  6. Love your DIY heart painted glasses and cute heart boxes ,at first sight a thought they were piece of cake thay look so sweet.Your table is so elegant ,you did a good job. I’m waiting to se the instructions for the heart painted glasses.

  7. Put on the music and start sipping that champagne! What a lovely table, I am so inspired by all of you with your tables set before your roaring fires! You couldn’t ask for a more romantic setting! I love the gold hearts on the glasses! I am glad you are going to show how to make the heart boxes, which are adorable! They would be great bridal shower favors! How about sharing some of your Champagne cocktail recipes? Thanks for being part of the blog hop!

  8. You have captured the essence of romance and valentines! Crystal, candles, bubbly, and a fireplace. What more could one want for a special time with a special person! Sheila

  9. At first glance, I thought the heart-shaped boxes were cake. Pretty clever Carol and I look forward to finding out how you made them. Pairing red and gold is always elegant and the shimmer from the crystal, fireplace, and candles brought it all together. Beautiful!

  10. It’s a lovely table, Carol! I love all the extra special touches and the fireplace makes it perfect!

    A joy lunching with you last week. It’s such fun to put the voice and spirit to the face behind the blog!

  11. This is so pretty! Love that it’s pulled up by the fire. With the amazing food you make, there’s definitely no need to hit the crowds at Valentine’s. 🙂

    1. Carole, the idea for the glasses came when I was shopping for another party and everything were glasses with gold dots or hearts. I knew I could make them with clear glasses I already had, for a lot less!

  12. Carol, your romantic table for two is absolutely beautiful. Your china and pearl flatware are so pretty and look perfect on your Valentine table. At first glance, I thought those pretty boxes were little cakes too, and those glasses with the sweet gold hearts are too cute. You did a wonderful job! I have had so much fun blog hopping with you! I hope you enjoy your day!!!

  13. Beautiful table, Carol. I think we think alike about the occasions we get to have our husbands all alone to celebrate occasions.
    Your elegant red and gold table speak romance with light from the fire and candles showcasing the beautiful designs in your cut glass pieces. I especially like the shiny texture of your napkin rings with the sparkle of gold trim on your napkins. Love your DIY heart painted glasses and cute heart boxes that add sentiment as well as a touch of whimsy. Your china pattern is rich and elegant as well as meaningful. Lovely table and I couldn’t help thinking since you are a gourmet cook what you have in mind to eat.

    1. Bonnie, those napkin rings were a last minute find and the only thing I purchased for the tablescape. I like them so much that I may go back to get more.

  14. I love the crystal and gold Carol, that spells out special occasion immediately! How sweet SS helped you, that will make him appreciate it even more- plus it’s fun to dine in a different spot, especially a cozy table for 2 in front of the fire. I love your inventive lollipop roses! Enjoy!

    1. Jenna, Sweet Shark came in handy for moving the table from our bedroom to the living room! And it was his idea to use the lollipops! I’m going to keep him around for another 20 years.

  15. Carol, this was super sweet to see your Sweet Shark in on the action. Our guys are true MVPs in our antics, aren’t they? That china is beautiful, and how great to have the provenance of it being SS’s grandmother’s. The flutes are stunning, and the overall event created here just perfect. Great job!

    1. Rita C, well, we couldn’t do without them. The china is special and so dramatic. I’ve always thought that it looks like it would fit in a palace for the queen.