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Top 10 Readers’ Favorite Posts in 2023

As 2023 draws to a close, I love to see what readers loved most on the blog this year. Do you like “top 10 lists”? If you do or you want to see what super posts you missed, here are the top 10 readers’ favorite posts in 2023.

I love top 10 lists: top books, top movies, and other bloggers’ top 10’s.

My goal here at Bluesky at Home is to answer questions, show you how to make your home pretty or teach you a new skill or recipe.

I learn so much from what readers like. We are on the same page, dear readers. I owe you a big thank you and a ton of gratitude for allowing me to share fun and practical projects with you.

You have made 2023 the best year ever for Bluesky at Home and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

What I Learned from the 2023 Top 10 Reader Favorites

The posts that popped up in the top 10 for 2023 reveal some interesting things both from a reader perspective and a blogging perspective:

  • Readers’ favorite topics are home decor ideas and easy DIY projects. That’s great because those are my favorite topics, too. Recipe posts were also on the favroite topics list. Those post topics will continue to be the main focus of Bluesky at Home.
  • Seasonal and holiday topics are always popular.
  • Readers love roundup posts. My Saturday Bluesky Browsing will continue.
  • Sharing great recipes and my culinary knowledge still consistently attracts visitors. (The number 1 post of the year brought a huge number of new visitors and followers to the blog.)
  • Blog posts take time to “take hold”. Whether on Pinterest or Google, a newly published blog post can take weeks or even months to rank well and “show up” in search results.
  • Pinterest is still my biggest traffic driver. Most visitors to Bluesky at Home come from Pinterest. That’s why the energy and time I’ve spent honing my Pinterest skills has paid off and I’ll continue that in 2024.
  • Google traffic is growing so all the time spent learning SEO and keyword research has been well worth it.

What’s so interesting is the variety of topics that readers love.

Welcome to Bluesky Browsing #119, the last one of 2023.

In case you are new to Bluesky at Home, what fabulous finds do I share at Bluesky Browsing?

  • ideas to help you in your home decor efforts
  • fun holiday decoration ideas
  • ideas for better organization and efficiency
  • a yummy recipe or cocktail
  • fun DIY projects
  • the latest trends in home decor
  • a quirky new find or two

I have to share one of my favorite things in 2023: the books I read, so here are my favorite books of 2023.

Readers’ Favorite Posts of 2023: The Top 10

Top ten lists usually go in reverse order, but I’m starting with #1 and going to #10.

top 10 posts collage

How to Brine a Turkey and Why You Should

The number 1 post was a complete surprise. Understandable, it didn’t show up until early Nobember. Then it spared to the top and even a few days ago when I searched forctje top 10 posts, it was still getting a ton of views.
Here’s what’s really interesting: I first published this post in 2018, updated it in 2022, and hadn’t touched it in a year. It’s my first ever viral Pin. So if you are still wondering about bringing a turkey, you definitely want to Pin this post.

13 Laundry Room Ideas

This topic must be on everyone’s mind because it has been one of my top posts forever. It is constantly Pinned and re-Pinned. I originally wrote this post in 2017. People never tire of getting ideas for the room we least like to spend our time in.

33 Beautiful Ways to Use Blue in Your Home Decor

Blue is the most popular home decor color and readers and Pinners loved the inspiration that this post provided. It’s one of my favorites too, and one tht I refer to quite often.

15 Winter Accessory Ideas

This round up post of winter accessory ideas grabbed everyone’s attention. Who doesn’t love great accessories for the winter season?


How to Make an Easy DIY Fabric and Burlap Banner

This was one of the easiest projects but a big hit with readers. For a such simple and affordable project, it delivers a big punch,

How to Make the Prettiest Yarn Christmas Trees

My readers love an easy Christmas DIY project and these simple yarn trees were a favorite from 2022. I used them again this year and still loved them.

best ikea bookshelf hacks

15 Best Ikea Bookshelf Hacks

Everyone loves IKEA, especially transforming those Billy bookcases into fabulous furniture. I first published this post in June, 2023 and it was a hit from the get-go.

best lemon icebox pie

The Best Lemon Ice Box Pie

This pie has been a reader favorite for a few years. Thanks to sweet Shark for suggeting that I share his favorite pie recipe. If you love an easy and delicious pie, this one should be added to your list of pies to make.

10 Easy Ways to Warm Up Your Home for Winter

It seems as we got closer to the end ot the year, winter decor became more and more popular with readers and Pinners.

winter mantel ideas

7 Wonderful Winter Mantel Decorating Ideas

As the final top post of 2023, more winter decorating ideas popped up. This time the mantel was the focus. It’s such a great spot to focus on and obviosuly, very popular.

You might be able to get these favorite books of 2023 by Christmas. I included a few more of my favorite books in this shopping list.

Happy Reading in 2024.

I’d love to know what subjects you are most curious about. Let me know in the comments and I’ll search browse for them. Be sure to PIN to keep these ideas handy.

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top 10 posts collage

I wish you and your family and friends a wonderful New Year, a healthy and prosperous 2024, and safe travels.

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