How to Use Fabric and Flowers to Make a Spring Wreath

Can you make more than one spring wreath to adorn your home for the season? Of course! In addition to your front door, other spaces are perfect for displaying a beautiful spring wreath. I am here to share how to use fabric and flowers in a spring wreath.

Since I recently made a beautiful garden-style floral wreath for our front door, I needed another wreath that would grace the mirror in our entry. 

When I decided to update a wreath that I made last year, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with it. Then I saw another spring wreath using fabric scraps and I knew exactly how to recycle last year’s wreath.

You’ll see that this pretty DIY spring wreath proclaims the new seasons with a burst of color and pattern in the flowers and the fabric.

This project was not just about adorning our entry, but also about continuing the essence of spring from the front door and into our home.

​If you love combining different materials to produce a stunning impact in your DIY crafts, then this project is for you.

Annual Spring Home Tour

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Updating a Used Wreath

I found this wreath hanging in my home decor closet a couple of weeks ago and knew it was “ripe” for an update. This is another project that doesn’t require a hot glue gun! The main decorative element were pink dried bunny tails

pink spring wreath with dried bunny tails

 For some reason, I didn’t share the making of the original wreath. I don’t have pictures, but I promise making this wreath was easy and didn’t take long to make.

I removed all the pink dried bunny tails. I’ll save them for another project.

dried pink bunny tails

I left the wrapped pink twine on the wreath.

wreath wrapped in pink ribbon

Gathering Supplies for the New Spring Wreath

This post contains affiliate links to products used in the creation of this project. If you should order any item from this site, I may receive compensation, but you do not pay a penny more. Your purchase is greatly appreciated as it helps support the continued publication of this site.

If you were starting this wreath from scratch, here are all the supplies you would need. As you can see, my main color was pink.

I didn’t use the pink flowers on the branch.

faux pink flowers
bright pink tulips
  • strips of fabric to hold the flowers and cover part of the wreath – I used four different patterns of fabrics in my fabric bins. I highly recommend that you save all your fabric scraps. They are great when you need small amounts of fabric for other projects.
four colorful spring color fabrics

You could use burlap ribbon for a neutral or natural spring wreath.

How About More Ideas for Spring Wreaths?

Steps to Make a DIY Spring Wreath with Fabric and Flowers

It was easy to get this wreath ready for an update: I removed the bunny tails but left the pink string and the pink satin ribbon. I now had a clean slate. But let’s pretend you are starting from scratch.

wreath wrapped in pink ribbon with pink string ties

Step 1- Preparing the Wreath and Adding the Flowers

We’ll pretend that we are starting the spring wreath from scratch.

  1. Wrap the pink satin ribbon tightly around the straw wreath, overlapping the ribbon by 1/2 inch. Secure the beginning and end of the ribbon with straight pins. Cut off the excess ribbon on the back side of the wreath.
  2. Decide how much of the wreath you want to cover with your flowers. I mentally divided my wreath into four sections: two sections would be flowers and two sections would be fabric.
  3. Wrap the pink twine around the wreath in 3-inch intervals and tie it tightly. 
  4. On both sides of the wreath, I added two hyacinths, tucking the stems of the hyacinths into the wrapped twine.
  5. At the bottom of the wreath, I added the pale and bright pink tulips, bending the stems of the tulips to the shape of the wreath. 
pink wreath with pale pink hyacinths and bright pink tulips

Step 2 – Making Fabric Strips

From my fabric stash, I selected four coordinating fabrics. Three of them had shades of pinks, blues, greens, and purples – all traditional spring colors. One fabric was green with small polka dots. (I realized I didn’t have enough of the green checked fabric, so I replaced it with the green polka dot fabric.)

Two fabrics with distinctive patterns were used to make framed art in our dining room. The fourth fabric had a small print with spring colors that I used to make a dress for my older granddaughter when she was about five (She’s almost 13!).

If you don’t have any leftover fabric you can use for this craft project, then you can find great cotton fabrics at Joann or Hobby Lobby. One-fourth of a yard for each pattern should yield you plenty of fabric strips for this project, whether you cover a small portion or the entire wreath.

I used a piece of kitchen twine to determine the length of the fabric strips. 

TIP: Be sure to iron your fabrics before cutting them into strips.

When cutting straight edges, I have found that a rotary cutter is the easiest way to get good cuts.

cutting mat, rotary cutter and ruler

Using my rotary cutter, my cutting mat, and a large fabric ruler, I cut 18-inch x 2-inch fabric strips. I also notched the ends of the fabric strips.

cutting colorful fabric with ruler

I didn’t know how many strips I would need so I cut strips until I used up most of the fabric.

four colorful spring color fabrics
four piles of fabric strips in bright colors of pink, green, blues, purples

Step 3 – Tieing the Fabric Strips to the Wreath

First, I used the fabric strips to secure the tulips at the bottom of the wreath. I repeated a pattern with the four patterns of fabric until the stems of the tulips were covered.

All that is needed is to loop the fabric with the loop on top of the tulips. No knot is needed.

Keep the fabric loops as close together as you can to hide the stems.

colorful spring color fabric strips tied on wreath

I realized that the fabric ties looked best when I pulled up on the ends of the fabric.

tying fabric strips around spring wreath

Then I tied the rest of the fabric strips at the top of the wreath between the tops of the hyacinths. Again, keep them close together.

colorful spring wreath with fabric and flowers

There was no room for a bow and it’s not needed. 

The colorful fabric strips add so much color, pattern and vibrancy to the wreath. I loved the contrast of pattern and color. 

I added a hanger using some of the sheer pink ribbon that I used for my garden-style wreath.

pink ribbon tie to hang spring wreath

Displaying Your Spring Wreath

Once your colorful spring wreath, bursting with fabric and flowers is ready, displaying it proudly is your next task. 

We have a small nail in the top of the mirror frame for hanging decorative pieces. The spring wreath with fabric and flowers filled the mirror just right.

spring wreath with pink flowers and fabric hanging on mirror

The colors and patterns of each fabric strip show through on the wreath, but blend for a cohesive whole.

spring wreath with pink flowers and fabric hanging on mirror

To complete our spring entry, I added a pink and white check runner. Then I set my dough bowl filled with a flea market container filled pink peonies. I surrounded the container with a eucalyptus garland and Spanish moss.

pink peonies in a white container on dough bowl with greenery

Next I added pink pillar candles to two wood candlesticks.

pink peonies in a white container on a dough bowl with greenery with spring wreath

Wanting to bring a little Easter to the scene, I added four sweet little moss-covered bunnies purchases last year. I love the pop of green they create.

green bunnies with spring wreath hanging on a mirror with pink peonies in white container on console table

To pull in more color and connect the table surface to the fabric on the wreath, I added “bowties” to the bunnies.

green bunnies with colorful ties and pink peonies

I cut two of the multi-colored fabric strips in half lengthwise and tied them around the bunnies’ necks. Much cuter than the rafia.

green bunnies with colorful ties and pink peonies

This wreath with fabric ties is best hung indoors or in a covered outdoor space. If your front porch is exposed, the fabric would get wet during spring showers

I didn’t have a preconceived vision for this wreath, but I love how it turned out and continues the feeling of spring decor into our entry.

spring wreath with pink flowers and fabric hanging on mirror with pink peonies in white container on console table

I hope this DIY spring wreath, bursting with beautiful flowers and embellished with colorful fabrics, is a craft inspiration that you can grab on to. 

The entry commode with flowers and a touch of Easter is ready for spring. Be sure to Pin this spring wreath project and check back to see the finished entry.

spring DIY supply graphic

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spring wreath made with fabric and flowers
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