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Using Color to Decorate Your Spring Home

Are you decorating your home for spring or Easter? Fortunately, spring’s color palette can transition easily to Easter. Here are ideas for using color to decorate your spring home that morphs into Easter celebrations.

We have been decorating our home for spring for a few weeks. I love using the colors of spring to brighten our home when winter is on the wane.

We also decorate our home for Easter, so we have quite a collection of bunnies, baskets, and eggs in a variety of colors and patterns, and textures.

I like to go back and see what spring and Easter decorating ideas I used the previous year so that I don’t repeat them. Then I create some new spring DIY decorations for our home that can morph into Easter.

Then I mix up our existing spring and Easter decorations for a different look for the current year. Occasionally, when I see a cute new bunny or another item that would look nice with our current collection, I purchase it.

This is a special week, full of spring and Easter decorating ideas for you from 25 bloggers, including me!

Annual Spring Home Tour

Today I’m sharing a tour through some areas of our home to inspire your own spring decorating. Are you coming over from Alicia of Thrifty and Chic?

I have some new ideas for this year as well as a few of my favorite spring decorations from recent years.

How to Use Color in Spring Decorating

Spring is knocking on our doors and that means it’s time to infuse our homes with those fresh, vibrant colors that perfectly capture the spirit of the spring season. Spring colors are my favorites. I have some tips on how to incorporate them into your living spaces.

Let’s start with the classics – traditional spring colors. When we think of spring, we often envision soft pastels or bright floral colors:

  • almost all shades of pink – from blush pink to bright pink
  • sky blue, baby blue, deep blue, aqua
  • mossy green, grass green, mint green
  • sunshine yellow, butter yellow
  • shades of orange – peach, coral, apricot
  • light shades of purple – lavender

These colors evoke feelings of renewal, freshness, and joy, making them perfect for infusing your home with a cheerful atmosphere.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate these traditional spring colors into your decor is through accessories:

  • throw pillows
  • curtains
  • rugs
  • books
  • flowers
  • throws
  • candles
  • decorative objects – vases, bowls, trays
  • lamps
blush pink throw with pink pom pom tassels on sofa

Lighter fabrics in pastel hues instantly brighten up your space. A few strategically placed accent pieces can go a long way in transforming the look and feel of a room.

For those who are feeling a bit more adventurous, consider painting an accent wall in a soft pastel shade or adding a pop of color with statement furniture pieces.

A pale pink couch or a mint green armchair can add just the right amount of whimsy and charm to your living room or bedroom, like this scene by Mark Scott in Better Homes and Gardens.

spring colors with pink sofa and yellow accents

Don’t forget about the power of florals! Fresh flowers in shades of pink, blue, and yellow can breathe life into any room and serve as a natural extension of your spring color palette.

Place them in vases throughout your home or create a stunning centerpiece for your dining table to instantly elevate your decor.

floral container of tulips on a cake stand with lotion and hand soap

When it comes to where to use these spring colors, the possibilities are endless.

Experiment with different combinations to find what works best for your space and personal style. You can choose to go all out with a full-blown pastel parade or simply add subtle hints of color here and there.

decoupage Easter eggs in white dish

Embracing the spirit of spring colors in your home decor brings a smile to my face. I bet it does for you, too.

Let your creativity infuse your home with the beauty of traditional spring colors. Your space will thank you, and you’ll find yourself feeling refreshed and rejuvenated every time you walk through the door.

My Spring Decorating Process

This post contains affiliate links to products used in the creation of this project. If you should order any item from this site, I may receive compensation, but you do not pay a penny more. Your purchase is greatly appreciated as it helps support the continued publication of this site.

We keep our spring and Easter decorations in the attic and have to bring them into the house. Sweet Shark’s bar is usually our “staging area”. Then I begin the process of decorating the house.

  • After unpacking all the boxes of spring and Easter decorations, I examine one item or another, deciding what I want to reuse for this year and what new items I want to make. I hold back on the Easter items for a week or two. Now that we are getting close to Easter, all the decorations are out.
  • When I find items I want to use again, I begin distributing them through our house. I repeat that process until I have all my areas filled. I’ll rearrange and move items around until I’m satisfied with the result.

TIP: I find that starting with the larger items in your seasonal decor works best. Then fill in with smaller pieces.

For me, spring colors should be fresh, crisp and vibrant – blues, greens, pinks, or yellow. Pinks and blues tend to be my dominant colors.

I’ve already used blue and green this spring. For more spring and Easter, I like to stick with the same colors, but add in more pretty pastels, especially pinks, blues, and soft greens.

Let’s start this spring home tour at the front door.

New Spring Front Door Wreath

I just created a new garden-style spring wreath for our front door. It’s full of peonies, cherry blossoms, and tulips. Pink is the color of choice for this new wreath.

Here you can learn how I made this beautiful floral wreath.

New Fabric and Floral Spring Wreath for Our Entry

I can’t believe I made two brand-new spring wreaths this year! When I found last year’s wreath needed a re-do, I used it to make a new one. This second wreath is the centerpiece of our entry.

I love the combination of pink flowers and fabric scraps that give this wreath both color and pattern. It has a fun vibe with bright spring colors of pink, blue, purple, and green.

spring wreath with pink flowers and fabric hanging on mirror

I didn’t stop with just the wreath in the entry. I filled it out with a floral arrangement using a vintage white container filled with faux pink peonies, a pink checked runner, pink candles and green moss bunnies.

colorful spring wreath with Easter bunnies

Here is how to make this spring wreath with fabric scraps and flowers. You can change out the colors to your favorites and customize the wreath with your own fabric scraps.

Spring Dining Room in Blue

Since blue is my other favorite color – anytime of year – I especially love to use it prominently for spring. Our dining room is front and center when you enter our home, so I always want it to look its best.

When I found a runner in a beautiful pattern with bunnies in blue at the antique mall last year, I knew it would set the color and tone for a spring and Easter tablescape.

white hydrangeas with bunnies and blue in a spring tablescape

I also wanted to use a lot of my blue chinoiserie pieces, especially my new blue bunnies.

blue porcelain bunnies in bird's nest

Here you can see the complete blue spring and Easter tablescape. It’s my most favorite.

Colorful Pastels on the Living Room Bookcase

Our bookcase takes up most of the only wall in our living room. It’s a major focal point that always gets a big dose of seasonal decorations.

Since the bookcase is white with an open back, it’s important to fill it with an abundance of color. Pastels in all shades are found here. This is where many of our Easter decorations find a home for the season.

This year the first of the Easter vignettes was filling a white and glass lantern. This lantern was purchased a few years ago at Pier 1 (which, unfortunately, is no longer here).

First I put in pastel shred, two bunny figurines, a few painted Easter eggs, and finally, two faux bunches of tulips. Together, these Easter decorations, create a nice vignette to fill part of one of the shelves.

Easter bunnies and tulips in white lanterns

TIP:  I find it easiest to start with containers and decorations that I know will be part of the vignette.

On one of the upper shelves, I added two pink faux flower stems that I bought last year at Dollar Tree to two tall white vases. I added some carrots to the basket on the back of a large white bunny.

Below that shelf, the lantern vignette is joined by a couple of bunnies. I found the bunny “doll” last year at a local antique mall.

On the next shelf down are three Easter baskets that belonged to my kids. I filled them with shred, Easter eggs, and curly ribbon, all of which I already had on hand.

Easter decorations on bookcase

My sweet furry sheep shared that shelf.

TIP: Use coffee table books as art and filler.

Easter decorations on bookcase

Our pink “jelly rabbit” gets to perch on the very top shelf. I moved my vintage grain scoop with faux hydrangeas up there from my earlier spring coffee table.

Easter decorations on bookcase

Our Spring Mantel Hops into Easter

Our mantel was already decorated for spring. I designed it a few weeks ago when I made these DIY “cherry-blossom” stems.

spring mantel

It was easy to add some Easter bunnies and more florals.

The first thing I did on the left side of the mantel was replace the greenery with a trio of faux peony blooms to the pink vase already filled with eucalyptus and vines. The pink pedestal vase is from HomeGoods.

pink peonies in pink bowl on mantel

Next, on the right side of the mantel, I added two wood bunnies with pink polka-dot bows.

white wood bunnies and white pitcher on mantel

In the center, I added vintage clay pots and a bit of reindeer moss from Dollar Tree for a hint of green.

A trio of acrobat bunnies that belonged to my son fills the center of the mantle.

pink candles and pink flowers on mantel

TIP: Mixing something small and interesting with larger items brings in your eye. That approach makes you want to come closer to explore.

Easter bunnies on mantel

With the tall stems in the white pitcher and the tall bunny on the right and the tall candlesticks on the left, there is an asymmetrical, but balanced “V” formed on the mantel that pulls the eye in.

TIP: Always try to create a focal point that pulls the eye in.

Spring Decorating on the Coffee Table

Decorating the coffee table in every season and holiday is high on my home decor to-do list. It’s such a strong focal point in any living room. First I changed out some of my coffee table books for ones with pink covers.

stack of pink books

On the pink book stack, I added a large apothecary jar, one of two that I found at an estate sale up the street. I set one large bunny on reindeer moss and tucked in pale pink tulips and several pastel Easter eggs. It was a close fit, but I liked how it came out.

jar with Easter eggs and rabbit on stack of pink books

To finish the coffee table, I used the round woven basket that I used in my spring decor. To give the basket some color and interest, I wove some pretty blue ribbon through the side slats. Fortunately, I already had this ribbon in my ribbon stash.

basket with blue ribbon

Then I added more reindeer moss.

basket with blue ribbon and green moss

I added a bow and a couple of sweet Easter bunnies. The final step was to add some wooden Easter eggs.

bunnies in woven basket with blue ribbon

On an end table by the sofa, I placed an Easter dish – an estate sale purchase. I’m sure it’s meant to be a candy dish, but I used one of my favorites – a round aqua candle.

bunny dish with blue candle on white table

On the table between our Bergere chairs, another wooden bunny pairs with faux white hydrangeas in a vintage glass and wire planter.

wood bunny and white flowers on table

I hope that you enjoyed how I used spring colors in my spring and Easter decorating ideas.

Did you find these spring decorating ideas helpful? A little inspiration for you and a great deal of pleasure for us. Next up on today’s blog hop is my Texas friend, Cindy of County Road 407.

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