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DIY Cherry Blossom Flowers for Your Spring Mantel

I have an easy spring DIY decorating project for you. And a little spring decorating inspiration. The project is DIY Cherry Blossom flowers and the spring decorating inspiration is creating a spring mantel.

Cherry blossoms are quintessential spring flowers in certain parts of the country – unfortunately, not in mine. But, any type of spring flower is a good thing to my way of thinking.  Even though spring is officially several weeks away, we can think about it right now.

Creating faux flowers by hand isn’t as hard as you think. Flowers for home decorating can be made from paper, fabric, or even yarn.

As I’ve discovered in researching all sorts of DIY projects over the years, the only thing that limits you is your imagination.

When I saw an examples of DIY cherry blossom flowers, I knew I could make my own version. And you can, too.

Make Your Own Cherry Blossom Flowers for Your Spring Mantel

I’ve seen many ways to make faux cherry blossom flowers for spring decor. Most DIY cherry blossom flowers are made with tissue paper. I’ve seen cherry blossoms made with squares of tissue paper, flowers cut out of tissue paper, and, of course, made from Kleenex.

Truth be told, I was a little hesitant to cut up all that paper. I loved how easy it is to cut the tissue paper, but I wasn’t sure that I had the time for that approach. I didn’t have any pink tissue paper on hand. And I love to use supplies that I already have on hand.

pink and white tissue paper cut into squares

The important thing was to have pink flowers. Delicate pink DIY flowers. Specifically, DIY pink cherry blossom flowers.

Cherry Blossom Flower Materials

I was getting a little frustrated about what to make my cherry blossoms with. Then I remembered that I did have yarn – a skein of big, fluffy pale pink yarn that I bought during my crazy pom-pom Valentine phase.

I didn’t use this particular yarn for Valentine’s Day projects, so I had plenty for a new project. This pale pink chunky yarn would be perfect for this cherry blossom project. You could also mix two colors of yarn for a different look.

pink yarn, scissors, glue gun

Another issue? I didn’t have real branches in our yard, just skinny little twigs. I took Nola for a walk around the neighborhood and didn’t see any branches. Plan B?

All I needed were branches. A trip to Joann resulted in finding these almost 5-foot long branches. They would work. Here is a similar set of faux branches. If you want something more substantial, I love this real-looking wood branch. It comes in four colors. I ordered two for future projects because the price is so unbelieve.

First I used large clippers to cut 5 branches into varying lengths from 24 – 33 inches.

branches on mantel

Did I mention that you will need scissors and glue for this DIY flower project? I made these cherry blossoms before I got my Ryobi glue gun, which I love.

I’m sure any type of glue that can be squeezed in a thin stream will work.

Making the DIY Cherry Blossom Flowers with Yarn

Now for the flowers. I cut the yarn into 3-inch pieces.

At first, I put glue on the yarn and attached it to the branch where there was a piece of twig sticking out. I soon discovered that it was easier to put the glue directly on the branch. I started at the top of the branch and worked down.

hot glue gun on wood branch

Then I wrapped a piece of yarn around the branch and the glue and held it for a few seconds.

TIP: Be careful: I sometimes could feel the heat of the glue.

pink yarn on wood branch

I thought that the flowers were too big, so I cut down the pieces of yarn to 2 inches. Once the glue had dried, I used my scissors to trim the flowers down by cutting off excess yarn or fuzz.

pink yarn on wood branch

I spaced the “cherry blossoms” out along the length of the branch, about 5 – 7 for each branch. This is my first branch. (I was a little shaky holding the stem still.)

To hold my cherry blossom branches, I used a vintage white pitcher. Here’s my first stem in the vintage white pitcher. I had to see what it looked like from afar.

So I used pink yarn instead of pink paper. My DIY cherry blossom flowers may not be exactly cherry blossoms, but you can use your imagination. It’s the thought that counts. DIY projects are about inspiration, ingenuity, and creativity.

I already had a round mirror on the mantel; we moved this wood one from our bedroom for my winter mantel.

One DIY cherry blossom flowers in white pitcher on mantel

Once I got on a roll, this DIY project didn’t take long at all, less than an hour. I made 5 stems for my white pitcher.

Styling the Spring Mantel

Once all my stems were made and in the pitcher, I could style the mantel.

My spring mantel is a combination of natural woods and traditional style.

I used my pretty pink bowl on a pedestal from HomeGoods. The green vines and eucalyptus were part of the winter mantel.

greenery in pink bowl

The white pitcher held my DIY cherry blossom flowers – once I made them. The candles and candlesticks will come last.

wood mirror on mantel
DIY cherry blossom flowers in white pitcher on mantel

Not bad. I don’t know that they look exactly like cherry blossoms; more like pussy willows or cotton candy. But I like them and think they portray the right sense of spring.

Final Touches to My Spring Mantel

I thought that the white pitcher looked a little lost against the white background so I added an oval wood and metal tray for some contrast. I like that it brings more warmth to the mantel. Here is a similar oval wood tray.

DIY cherry blossom flowers in white pitcher on mantel

Now I was ready for the candles and candlesticks. My wood vintage candlesticks would be perfect. I also had 2 pink (yes, pink!) pillar candles in my stash. They would be perfect for my spring mantel vignette.

I forgot to take off the plastic wrapping around them!

NOTE: If you prefer battery-operated pink candles with a remote, then this set would be great.

pink candles on wood cantlesticks

I did add one more sprig of eucalyptus for more fullness and height.

To give more contrast between the white pitcher and our white mantel, I added my oval wood tray with metal handles. It also adds a natural element to the mantel.

Now my spring mantel with my DIY cherry blossom flowers was complete.

mirror, greenery, candles, white pitcher with DIY cherry blossom flowers

Right now, this is a very simple, clean and natural spring mantel. I may add a small book stack. It can easily transition into an Easter mantel in a few weeks.

spring mantel

What do you think of the DIY cherry blossom flowers? They are not literal, but they work in the space and the project was so easy. The only supply I had to buy were the branches. ($16.99 for 10, but I had a 50% off coupon.) I still have five more branches, so I will try to find a use for them.

Recently, I’ve shared a curated collection of spring DIY decor projects. And be sure to PIN this easy project. You should also take a look at my Pinterest Boards, Spring DIY Ideas and Creative Spring Home Decor Ideas.

DIY cherry blossoms on spring mantel

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  1. What a lovely mantel. Your mirror is so fresh for spring. I love how you made the stems with yarn….great idea that I need to try!

    Always enjoy your wonderful projects.
    Hope you are both well and life is good for you.

  3. I love the pretty soft cherry blossoms you made with yarn, Carol!! That was a great idea and they look so pretty on your mantel. I like how you’ve added all the elements, and with the wood mirror and candlesticks the mantel is totally your style ~ very pretty!!!
    Thanks for the tutorial on how you made your yarn cherry blossoms. I had the same dilemma as I had no pink tissue paper so I went with florals I already had.

    So glad to be with you again on this month’s Pinterest Challenge,
    Big hugs,
    Barb 🙂

  4. I really like your combo with the light wood tones on the mirror and the candlesticks, Carol. Gives it all an organic vibe. Really pretty with the soft pinks and greens. Yes, I think yours look more like pussy willows, which are also definitely spring!

  5. This is so perfect, Carol! I love the creativity in using that fluffy, pink yarn, and the end result is fabulous. You did a great job modifying the inspiration photo and making it your own. Still loving that beautiful mirror, too!

  6. Your mantel looks beautiful decked out for spring. I love the blossoms that you made using yarn. I am staring outside at all of our trees feeling sorry that you had to buy branches. If we were neighbors, I could have given you as many as your heart desired. I always love visiting your blog and seeing your projects!

  7. Carol I have the same yarn in my closet and never would of thought about making cherry blossoms out if it. Yours turned out so cute and I love how they look on your Spring mantel. Great share! Pinned for later.