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How to Make a Cotton Stem Spring Wreath

I love a DIY project with a story. Let me show you how to make a cotton stem spring wreath that is definitely a #randomactofDIY.

This spring wreath is one that I didn’t even think about making until it dropped in my lap. It was one that I just had to make because it didn’t cost me a dime.

It is perfect timing because I bet, like me, you need a spring wreath for your front door. 

You know I love DIY projects that require little expense but that deliver a big impact in my home decor.

Sometimes it’s the easiest projects that turn out the best. The ones that you don’t even plan on that make you happy. Ones that could make you sing and dance and do cartwheels.

I can’t sing and I no longer do cartwheels, but I can dance up a storm. This cotton stem spring wreath DIY project made me dance. Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers have nothing on this spring wreath.

What’s even better? This cotton stem spring wreath has a story. As in, “once upon a time, there was a cotton farmer, who  . . . (commercial interruption) stay tuned!

How to Make a Cotton Stem Spring Wreath

O.K., back to “once upon a time.”  Bare with me as I tell how I came to make this cotton stem spring wreath. It’s a little complicated.

I could have started the story with “once about a time there was a man who sold dirt.” What, you say?

Prologue: Sweet Shark sells dirt. Actually, he is in commercial real estate and most of his clients either have raw land to sell or they want to buy raw land. Sweet Shark is the guy who brings buyers and sellers together. He’s a deal maker. He loves dirt. Dirt pays our bills.

The Cotton Wreath Story Begins

Every word of this story, with a little embellishment, is true.

Chapter 1 – One of Sweet Shark’s clients is a farmer, a cotton farmer, with tons of acres of land. We’ll call him Farmer Jones. Over the years when he wants to sell some acres, he calls Sweet Shark. Farmer Jones has gotten rich off of selling his land. We like when Farmer Jones gets rich. We get to eat.

Chapter 2 – A parcel of land that Sweet Shark was selling for Farmer Jones was ready to harvest. The land deal wouldn’t close until the cotton was harvested, but there had been so much rain that the cotton couldn’t be harvested. Farmer Jones and the buyer were just waiting and waiting and waiting for the rain to stop, so the cotton could be harvested and the deal could be closed. (This is the suspense building!)

Chapter 3 – Farmer Jones and Sweet Shark were lamenting that the harvest couldn’t take place. Sweet Shark mentioned to Farmer Jones that I am a blogger and use cotton stems in projects for our home decor. (I think it was just supposed to be a funny part of the conversation.) Farmer Jones, being the nice man that he is, remembered this conversation.

Chapter 4 – Unbeknownst to us (big word, I know), Farmer Jones goes to a Hobby Lobby (I kid you not!). Let me interject here that Farmer Jones is in his early 70’s, does not use a computer, and is not into DIY, but somehow he goes to a Hobby Lobby and sees cotton stem wreaths. He remembers that Sweet Shark’s wife is a blogger who uses cotton stems in projects, and he buys 3 wreaths.

Chapter 5 – A few months later (it is now April), Farmer Jones gives Sweet Shark one of the cotton stem wreaths. Sweet Shark brings it home and tells me the story of Farmer Jones buying the cotton stem wreath. I’m laughing. Sweet Shark says, “you have to do something with this cotton stem wreath since Farmer Jones bought it for you.” No problem. I know exactly what to do.

Making the Cotton Stem Wreath

cotton stem wreath

First, the wreath has a price tag of $59.99. I hope that Farmer Jones had a Hobby Lobby coupon or it was 50% off.

cotton stem wreath

Step 1 – I lay the wreath on the counter and bend each cotton stem over to make the wreath more full and round.

cotton stem wreath

Since it’s spring and I love peonies, I wanted peonies for my spring wreath.

A couple of weeks ago, I made an easy faux spring arrangement with peonies that I purchased from Pier 1 a couple of years ago and have used many times. I removed 5 large and 3 small faux pink peonies and 2 ranunculus from that arrangement.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I really liked this arrangement, but #randomactsofDIY sometimes require sacrifices.

faux pink flower arrangement

I had already cut the stems to about 6 inches with big yard clippers.

faux peonies

Step 2 – I pushed the stems of the 5 large peonies through the cotton stem wreath. For an asymmetrical look, I spaced them closely together on one side.

making spring wreath

Step 3 – Next, I bend the stems over the wreath on the back to secure them. I wanted to be able to remove and reuse the flowers and the cotton stem wreath. No glue gun involved here.

making spring wreath

Step 4 – I searched through my ribbon box and find three yards of sheer wire pink ribbon and a roll of narrower sheer pink ribbon. Now I make a big bow with the wider ribbon.

making pink bow

Step 5 – Then I use the narrow ribbon to tie the big bow.

making pink bow

Step 6 ~ I make tails for the bow with the narrow ribbon.

pink ribbon tails

Step 7 – I tie the 3 small peonies and 2 ranunculus together with a twist tie.

making pink bow

Step 7 – I tie the small bunch of peonies and ranunculus and the big bow to the back of the cotton stem wreath with a short piece of narrow pink ribbon.

making spring wreath

 TaDa – The cotton stem spring wreath – with peonies is done.

cotton stem spring wreath

The Happy Ending

I hang the cotton stem spring wreath on our front door with a long piece of the narrow ribbon.

cotton stem spring wreath

TIP: Always have a little nail in the top of your front door. Or use a Command hanger on your door.

It’s beautiful. (Background music is swelling and I’m dancing.) I’m so happy. Sweet Shark tells Farmer Jones that I made a beautiful wreath for our front door with his cotton stem wreath. Sweet Shark is happy. Farmer Jones is happy.

We all lived happily ever after.

And that, dear reader, is the story of my cotton stem spring wreath.

Aside: I want to thank Farmer Jones for the cotton stem wreath and text a picture of the spring wreath to him. Sweet Shark says he doesn’t text.

End of story.

If you need for inspiration for your next spring wreath, try these ideas:

Have fun. And be sure to PIN this project. 

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  1. Cute story! The combination of pink peonies and cotton makes such a soft and pretty spring welcome on your front door. Very creative Carol!

    So happy to join you for this challenge.

    Happy spring!

  2. So pretty Carol! I could see this wreath on the door of the chapel at a Spring wedding. I love how you gave this simple cotton stem wreath a glamorous new look!

  3. Lovely wreath AND lovely story, Carol! I hope you share it on Homestyle Gathering this week (party opened today!). Can’t wait to join you all next month!

  4. I have seen gazillions of cotton wreaths but this is the prettiest one I’ve ever seen! Of course I love the pink (fave color) and the added bushiness is fantastic. Loved the story also. I too certainly hope Farmer Jones didn’t pay full price for that thing. Bit I have to say, I was eagerly waiting to read the sentence that Farmer Jones MADE one himself and sent it over with Sweet Shark. 😉 Thank you so much for joining in. Pinned!

    1. Laura, I could use if again next year, but I probably will take it apart and reuse the parts. But for now, we are enjoying it on our front door. Will probably stay until 4th of July!

  5. Carol I love the cotton stems and peonies. So pretty. Using the cotton wreath and adding different flowers you could use that all year around. Nice working with you on this challenge.

    1. Tara, thanks for the feedback. Every word of the story is true, but I might have embellished just a bit! Peonies are always in vogue.

  6. It is so neat that Farmer Jones went to Hobby Lobby to buy a wreath for you. You made a beautiful display for your door that you and your guests will enjoy all spring.

    1. Hi Paula, it certainly was very nice of him. He doesn’t know that his gift came at just the right time and sparked a DIY and a blog post.

  7. So ethereal, Carol!!! I LOVE your front door wreath with its soft blush peonies and the cotton stem wreath as its form ~ just beautiful!!! I did have a thought for Mr. Farmer. You’ll just have to take a real photograph and have Mr. Sweet Shark bring him a photograph; old school, I know. 😉 Mr. Farmer will LOVE what you’ve done with this wreath. So pretty… Happy to be with you again for this month’s Pinterest Challenge.

    Springs hugs,
    Barb 🙂

    1. p.s. It just occurred to me looking back at your wreath lying on the table… It would be lovely as a centerpiece with a tall candle tucked inside it…

      Still swooning over the softness… Going to make one myself!