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How to Host a Sweet Spring Tea Party for Little Girls

Having returned recently from spending time with my granddaughters, I have little girls on my mind. I love tea parties and I know 2 precious little girls who love tea parties. Although I’m home in Dallas and they are in Atlanta, I can still pretend to have a sweet spring tea party with them.

Amber of Follow the Yellow Brick House has gathered her tribe of bloggers today to celebrate spring with tea parties. If you are coming over from Kelly at The Tattered Pew, then welcome.

As a grandmother with Mother’s Day around the corner, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than hosting an imaginary spring tea party with these little girls ~ 2 of the best granddaughters ever.

If you have ever hosted or attended a spring tea party, you know what fun it is to dress up, act like a lady (or a princess) and enjoy a pretty table and some special treats.

How to Host a Sweet Spring Tea Party for Little Girls

Just to give you a little background about my 2 precious granddaughters. Annabelle will be 8 this week. She is in 2nd grade at a charter school, has just started to play softball, is strong~willed, very helpful, very sociable and loves to organize parties in the neighborhood. She has her mother’s brown eyes and hair and her daddy’s smile. She prides herself on being a tomboy, but loves to dress up. She will hug you so hard you can’t breathe.

Lilah just turned 5 and is in pre~school, but next year will join her big sister at the same school. She is a blonde~haired, blue~eyed (she looks just like me in my baby pictures ~ no kidding) princess. Here is how her mom describes her: “She is a little burst of sunshine. She takes herself lightly but her fears seriously. She knows what she wants and is a careful observer of all things new before she’s ready to try it herself. She is perfectly suited to be Annabelle’s kid sister (which isn’t a job for everyone) and she does it with grace and patience. She has some epic quirky blonde moments. Her happy squeal can break glass and her smile melts our hearts. We pray all these hold true and will serve her well in life. “

grand daughters

Idea for this Spring Tea Party

Since we are so close to Mother’s Day, having a little tea party with my granddaughters came to mind. When my older daughter and the grand girls come to Dallas this summer, I think it will be fun to treat them to a tea party. So this pretend spring tea party is a practice one for a real summer tea party.

Inspiration for my Pretend Spring Tea Party

Keeping 2 little girls in mind, my inspiration for this tea party came from a few sources:

  • I rummaged through my fabric stash and found a piece of bold orange and white stripe fabric. I think I bought it a few years ago to make Annabelle a summer outfit and never did. Oops, bad grandma. Don’t forget to iron your fabric or tablecloth.

orange and white fabric

  • I bought these napkins online from Sarah Richardson a few years ago (I also have placemats.), but I’ve never used them. I thought the pink and orange semi~chevron pattern would pair well with the orange and white stripes.

orange and pink chevon napkins

  • Here’s what I am most excited about: several years ago, when we moved my mother~in~law out of her home of 45 years, I claimed this darling orange polka dot tea service. I’ve never used it, but I just think it is so cute. It would be perfect for my spring tea party.

orange polka dot tea set

  • I already had pink plastic utensils and pink polka dot straws and pink and orange curly ribbon, and some small glass French yogurt cups for drinks. For flowers, I used my Kombucha bottles, but any tall bottle will work. After I’ve finished drinking the Kombucha, I remove the labels with Goo~Gone and wash them in the dishwasher. Then I bought deep pink and orange Gerber daisies at the grocery store. I bought pink paper plates at Joann. Now I was ready to design my spring tea party tablescape.

supplies for tea party

Designing my Spring Tea Party Tablescape

After ironing the fabric and laying g it out on the table, the next step was to tie the pink and orange curly ribbon around the necks of the bottles and then curl the ribbon. I set the 3 bottles in the center of the table with the ribbon facing out.

pink gerber daisies in glass bottleEverything went fast from then on: setting out the pink plates, the napkins, the pink plastic utensils and the yogurt cups. The tea pot, sugar bowl and tea cups came next. Then the fun started.

pink plastic silverware

Spring Tea Party Food

I needed some tea party treats that would appeal to little girls. Knowing the foods my grand girls like and wanting to keep with the pink and orange color theme, I added gold fish to the sugar bowl.

gold fish crackers

Next came sliced yellow bell peppers and orange slices. And you can’t have a tea party without sweets. I picked up some cupcakes at my favorite cupcake bakery, Gigi’s. 2 big cupcakes with orange sprinkles for the girls and 2 small pink cupcakes for Jennifer and me. Then I bought a box of macarons at Trader Joe’s. I would only use the orange and pink ones.

Of course, the cupcakes had to have cupcake toppers. I used my Cricut to cut out crowns and added some bling with “diamond” embellishments from Joann. Then I wrote our names on the crowns. You may guess that I’m Cici.

tea party food

orange sprinkle cupcake

orange cupcake

Although my grand girls love asking for sips of my sweet iced tea, I decided pink lemonade would be more their “cup of tea”. The polka dot tea cups and saucers are just for decoration.

food for spring tea party

Disclaimer: why, you ask, is the pink lemonade orange? I wanted to make the pink lemonade pinker, but I picked up the wrong container of food coloring. I squeezed it in the pitcher and it turned orange. Oh, well, it tastes like pink lemonade, but still fits the pink and orange theme.

tea party tablescape

spring tea party tablescape

In June, when the girls come to visit, I’m going to surprise them with this tea party. All I’ll have to do is buy fresh cupcakes, macarons, flowers, oranges and a yellow bell pepper. Hopefully, we will resist the goldfish until then.

And this time, I won’t turn the pink lemonade orange.

More Spring Tea Parties!!

I hope you enjoyed my imaginary spring tea party with my girls. Now it’s time to head over to Kristin at White Arrows Home. Please make the rounds and visit all these talented ladies. And don’t forget to PIN to your favorite boards and tribes. We love ya for sharing.

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spring tea party graphic

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  1. These are all adorable ideas for tea parties for little girls. I like all of these ideas. My daughter liked hosting tea parties when she was younger. She is not over as excited about them now that she’s almost 8 years old, but she still pushes for them from time to time.

    1. Thank you Crystal. My older granddaughter just turned 8 and I know that, as much of a tomboy as she is, she will still love a tea party.

  2. Love that orange polka dot tea service, Carol. I can’t wait until my little Avia is old enough to enjoy things like this with her G’ma. Thanks for sharing at Homestyle Gathering, and looking forward to seeing you at Haven!

    1. Cindy, I’m so happy that you liked my tea party. A front porch tea party would be awesome. A real treat for little girls ~ and easier clean up for you.

  3. Carol,
    Your granddaughters are going to love this tea party. 🎉 🎊 The colors are so bright and cheery. Somehow I always think little ones like brighter colors better than soft, muted ones. I enjoyed seeing the bursts of color, too.

    This blog hop has been filled with so many inspiring, yet diverse, ideas! Love seeing all the different takes on a tea party… I am enjoying seeing your posts on Instagram. Thank you for including my party in the bluebonnets.


  4. Hi, Carol!
    First of all, your granddaughters are precious! I have a sweet little Lilah, too! I have never come across another little girl with that name until now – and even spelled the same way. She just turned three in March.
    Second of all, this is such a timely post as I have been planning to do a little tea party for my three little granddaughters and a few of their friends in late spring or early summer. I love the bright colors you chose along with the stripes and polka dots. And those little crown cupcake toppers are adorable. This gets me excited to start thinking about the party I want to do. Thanks for the inspiration!
    >>> Kim

    1. Kim, what a cool coincidence. I’ll always remember that we have that in common. I’m so pleased that this post inspired you. That’s what writing this blog is all about. Happy Grandma Day.

  5. This is too cute Carol! I would have never thought to pair bright orange, pink and white together like this but I love how festive it is. The stripes and the mix of polka dots are so much fun too. Your granddaughters both seem like sweeties. I’m sure they would have a blast at this party and we all would too. Hugs and Happy Mother’s Day, CoCo

    1. Coco, I actually didn’t either until it just came together with the fabric and napkins. Lilah does have a bright flowered pink and orange sun dress that is really cute. Maybe that was in the back of my mind. Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

  6. Tea with your granddaughters, how perfect. Love your gorgeous pink and orange table and that polka dot tea set is stunning.

  7. This is so adorable Carol! I LOVE the orange polka dot tea set you inherited from your MIL, and pink and orange always make such a happy combo! Your granddaughters are so cute!! Very fun!

  8. I loved reading about your granddaughters and I remember from IG that you recently spent a week with them for their spring break. They are going to love this tea party when they visit this summer. The colors you used are perfect for summer. Adding the crowns with names to each cupcake was the perfect touch to add to each table.

  9. Well how fun is this??? I love it! You grand daughters are just adorable! I love that you set up this fun and festive little party and all the bright colors. The girls are going to be so excited and surprised when they visit! You have paid so much attention to detail with the colorful foods and little crowns. Also I just love the dishes.

    The grand girls are lucky to have a grandmother like you!

    Thank you so much for joining the hop. Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

    1. Amber, thanks so much for hosting and I’m glad you loved my tea party. I can’t wait to surprise them in June. I may have to do a repost!!Always thrilled to participate.

  10. What darling girls and such a cute tea party! Happy to be joining you for the tea party this week! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  11. Ok this is just darling and so are your granddaughters! My two little girls would love to go to a tea party like yours! Have fun!

  12. Oh, Carol, what a sweet idea this was. I know the girls will love this adorable tea party! I have a couple of little grands who would love this celebration, too! The bright and bold colors and pattern are just perfect for the party! As always, it is fun to see what you have been up too!