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10 Great Books for Mother’s Day Gifts

As Mother’s Day approaches, it’s time to think about those special tokens of appreciation that express our gratitude for the incredible women in our lives. As a book lover, I always appreciate receiving a book, especially for Mother’s Day. Need ideas? Here are 10 great books for Mother’s Day gifts.

I can’t think of a more perfect time to give mom a book than Mother’s Day.

For the mothers, grandmothers, or mother figures who have guided us with wisdom to a new mom embarking on the journey of motherhood, finding that perfect gift becomes a heartfelt mission.

While there’s no shortage of options, what truly makes a gift memorable is its ability to resonate with the recipient, offering not just an item, but a sentiment.

Either handmade gifts or books have always been a timeless gift choice for Mother’s Day and for a good reason. 

They offer an escape, a chance to learn, an opportunity to delve into different worlds, and to connect with others.

More than just words on a page, books are treasures of emotion, knowledge, and inspiration. 

Memories of Mom

My mother passed away when I was in my thirties. It was sudden and difficult for our family. She wasn’t just a good mother, she was a great mother, my best friend and mentor, and a devoted wife and grandmother.  As an adult daughter with young children of my own, I felt I’d lost my biggest supporter and advisor.

For years, Mother’s Day was a struggle. It wasn’t a day I enjoyed. Then my kids became old enough to give me Mother’s Day cards and cute gifts. Once again I could relish the day.

When my own daughters became mothers, I was so grateful that I once again had mothers to give a special gift to. 

Books have always been one of my favorite gifts to receive. Fortunately, both my girls love to read. We exchange great books and suggestions for good books all the time.

For Mother’s Day, I like to give something other than the current best seller. I love a memorable, thought-provoking book that can become a treasured possession. A book to sit on your nightstand and open now and then. A book that is like a love letter to my daughters.

Today is Pinterest Challenge Day. My sweet friend Cindy of County Road 407 chose a Mother’s Day theme for this month. Mother’s Day is about two weeks away so this is great timing.

Are you joining me from my sweet friend Michelle of Thistle Key Lane? I can’t wait to see her recipe.

Why are Books the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift? 

Let’s thing about why moms would love to receive a special book for the occasion.

  1. A Moment of Solitude and Relaxation: In the midst of the busyness of motherhood, a good book offers a moment of tranquility. It’s an opportunity for mom to unwind, escape into the pages, and have a moment of relaxation just for herself for a few precious moments.
  2. A Journey of Self-Discovery: Motherhood is an incredible journey, but it can be demanding. A thoughtful book can provide inspiration, guidance, and a sense of connection. Whether it’s a novel, a memoir, or a self-help book, the right choice can empower her, allowing her to reflect, grow, and embrace her own journey.
  3. Creating Lasting Memories: Books have the power to create lasting memories. By gifting a book, you’re not just giving a present for one Mother’s Day, but the opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime.
  4. A Personalized Touch: One of the most wonderful aspects of giving a book as a gift is the ability to personalize it. Whether it’s a well-loved classic with an inscription on the inside cover or a newly released novel that you know she’ll adore, the thoughtfulness of choosing a book tailored to her interests makes it a truly special gift.
  5. Encouraging Intellectual Stimulation: Motherhood is intellectually demanding in its own right, but a good book can provide a different kind of mental stimulation. Whether she’s into history, fiction, or self-improvement, a book can broaden her horizons, stimulate her mind, and give her something interesting to ponder during those rare quiet moments.
  6. Emotional Connection: A well-chosen book can evoke strong emotions and spark meaningful conversations. By selecting a book that holds sentimental value or one that resonates with her personal experiences, you’re not only giving a gift but also expressing your understanding, love, and appreciation for all that she is and all that she does.
  7. A Timeless Keepsake: Unlike other gifts that might lose their appeal over time, a book is a timeless keepsake. It’s a treasure that can be revisited time and time again. Each reading can offer something new and meaningful.

So, this Mother’s Day, consider the power of a good book as the perfect gift for the special mom in your life. Whether she’s a fan of fiction, memoirs, or cookbooks, there’s a book out there that’s just waiting to become her new favorite.

By giving a book, you’re offering a gift that will continue to bring joy and inspiration long after Mother’s Day has passed.

books for Mother's Day gifts on blue cabinet

My Top 10 Book Picks for Mother’s Day Gifts

Some of these books fall into a category that I call “little books”. These are the best books that you find at gift shops or home decor stores. Fun books with great illustrations and sweet sayings. They may have quirky titles or random topics. They make a great read when you want to escape for a few minutes. They are the perfect book that make great gifts.

I could have made a list of 100 special books that would be perfect for Mother’s Day gifts. On second thought, I didn’t want to overwhelm you.

I hope you find this list of books helpful for your Mother’s Day gift ideas. 

To Bless the Space Between Us by John O’Donohue

A couple of Sundays ago, our church was giving away copies of this book by Irish teacher and poet John O’Donohue. I was not familiar with John O’Donohue, but I love little books with beautiful covers. I thumbed through it and immediately was attracted to the lovely blessings, the style and message.

Mother's Day gift book To Bless the Space Between Us

Ironically, I had used one of John O’Donohue’s quotes on a recent Instagram Saturday Saying.

Instagram image

I know my older daughter would love this book, so I asked if I might have an extra copy. It’s going to be her Mother’s Day gift this year.

Women Who Wrote

The sub-title of Women Who Wrote is Stories and Poems from Audacious Literary Mavens. What an apt title. This is the perfect book for the mom who loves classic authors.

Each chapter covers a short biography and excerpts of the short stories or poems from authors, such as Emily Dickinson, Willa Cather, and Dorothy Parker. There were some authors that I wasn’t familiar with.

Mother's Day gift book Women Who Wrote

I keep this book on the table in our bedroom where I keep books. This is the perfect book to pick up when you have ten minutes to spare.

She Said

She Said – Witty Words from Wise Women is a compilation of hundreds of sayings from a wide range of women who are not afraid to speak their minds.

From the likes of Dolly Parton, Gertrude Stein, Zelda Fitzgerald, Joan Rivers, Anna Wintour, and Jane Austen, to name a few, come witticisms that will make you laugh, cry, cringe, guffaw, and shake your head.

Mother's Day gift book  She Said

This quote in the introduction says it all: “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men and women are created equal.” Elizabeth Cady Stanton (1815 – 1902)

This is an ideal book for mom to keep on her nightstand when she needs a moment of hilarity.

Doggie Language

Is the mom you are gifting a dog lover? If so, she will love this little book by Lili Chin with the subtitle, “A Dog Lover’s Guide to Understanding Your Best Friend“. Sweet Shark actually gave it to me for Christmas a couple of years ago.

It’s a sweet look at ways to help you understand your pup.

Mother's Day gift book  Doggie Language

The illustrations are delightful in their whimsical, yet clear explanation of what it means when your dog does this or that with her ears, eyes, or tail. A great book for helping us understand our Fido or Lucky.

illustrations of dogs

Motherhood – 55 Reflections on What It Means to Be a Mother

This beautifully illustrated book of quotes on the virtues of motherhood is perfect for a new mom, an older mom, and any mom in between.

Mother's Day gift book Motherhood

It may bring tears, laughter, hopeful thoughts or memories to recipients.

Beautiful pink flower illustration

1,200 Words You Should Know to Sound Smart

1200 Words You Should Know to Sound Smart may not sound like a Mother’s Day gift book, but for the mom who loves words for their sheer beauty and power, it may be the perfect gift.

Mother's Day gift book 1200 Words You Should Know

Subtitled “Essential Words Every Sophisticated Person Should be Able to Use“, this collection should sit where mom reads. I often pick it up when I’m stumped by a word in another book. Sometimes I just like thumbing through it to learn something new.


If you grew up loving Little Women like I did, then you will love this retelling of the story of the March family from the viewpoint of the matriarch, Marmee. This version of the classic by Sarah Miller is so beautifully told that Marmee comes alive as her own person.

Mother's Day gift book  Marmee

I can’t imagine not laughing, crying, and loving this story. It’s become one of my favorite book. Any mother will relate to the love and sacrifices that all mothers make for their children as they try to maintain their own dignity and personality. Louisa May Alcott would be proud.

Sweet Chic

I’ve had this little cookbook for years and it is still my first go-to for baking.

Is the mom in your life a baker? Then give her Sweet Chic by Rachel Schifter Thebault. The baking lessons are only exceeded by the delicious recipes.

Mother's Day gift book Sweet Chic

Not only does it have great tutorials on baking and recipes, but the photography will have her wanting to get out the mixer and piping bags.

Do you notice the little globs of icing on the book?

Mother's Day gift book from Sweet Chic how to ice a cake


Does mom love beautiful home decor? Does she love to dive into books with gorgeous pictures of beautiful rooms? Well, then, Beautiful by Mark D. Sikes should land on her coffee table.

This book is one of my favorite design books. When I want to relax for a few minutes, not think about anything, I love to open this book to any page and imagine being in any of the rooms shown.

The lovely cover is enough to make Mom sigh with joy, especially if she loves blue. This beautiful book is aptly named.

Mother's Day gift book Beautiful

The Pink Book

I bought this little book just for fun. As a pink addict, I love seeing this book sit on my coffee table.

For the mom who loves pink, The Pink Book by Kaye Blegvad is the perfect gift.

Mother's Day gift book The Pink Book

Once again, the illustrations and text are perfectly aligned.

Mother's Day gift book pretty pink illustrations

I hope you were inspired by this list of books for Mother’s Day. Wouldn’t you agree any one would make a great gift for the Mother or daughter, aunt or grandmother on your list? Here are all the books for your shopping pleasure.

mothers day book shopping graphic

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  1. I appreciate this post so much Carol. I’m spotting lots of books that I can buy for my daughter and for myself! Although I’m sure which ever ones I buy for me my daughter, she will want to borrow too LOL!

  2. Give me all the books! The recipe books, the witty books, the doggie books, the mysteries, all of them. Thankfully my girls and my son like to read and some of my favorite books have been from them. You’ve given me some great ideas for my mom too! So glad you joined in this month. Happy early Mom’s Day!

  3. What a great and informative post, Carol! I’m a reader too and actually asked for a few books for my birthday (later this week). But this gives me the idea to request books for Mother’s Day too! Pinned and saved. I too lost my mom when I was in my 30’s and I struggled for a long time without her. Time does heal, but this time of year is especially poignant (her bday was in May too). Blessings to you sweet friend and Happy mother’s day! xx

  4. What a fun collection of book ideas, Carol! I totally agree with you books are such a great gift because you can revist them over and over again not to mention learn new things. I can’t wait to dive into these titles! Big hugs, CoCo