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20 Lovely Mother’s Day Gifts for that Special Person

Mother’s Day is May 14th this year. Are you ready with something for the moms in your life? If not, then see the lovely Mother’s Day Gifts for that special person that I’ve gathered.

The special moms in my life are my daughters – two of the best moms I know. I’m so proud of the way they are raising their children. I hope it says something about how I raised them and how much they are loved.

Let’s be honest – being a mom is the hardest job on the planet. It takes love, discipline, compassion, a firm hand, and the ability to say “no” when “yes” would be easier. Moms have to be willing to sacrifice their own wishes for the good of their children.

As every mom knows, it’s all worth it when your child, young or grown up, says “I love you” and gives you a big hug. We would do anything to make sure our children are healthy and safe. We teach them to love the Lord, work hard, be honest, do their best, be kind and respectful to others, and judge others by their actions and nothing else.

If want to treat your mom, daughters, aunts, grandmas, or “mom-figures” on this special occasion, then shop here for lovely Mother’s Day gifts for that special person.

A few weeks ago, I shared 21 Fabulous Mother’s Day DIY Gifts that you could make for mom. If you’re not a crafter or have run out of time to put your craft hat on, then these “ready-made” gifts for mom will give you plenty of ideas. Mom will still love the thought you put into her gift.

Remember – gifts do not have to be expensive, but they do have to be thoughtful. The perfect gift conveys the message that “I picked this out with just you in mind”. If your mom isn’t a runner, then don’t give her running shorts or a new pair of running shoes.

I’ve put together a list for different tastes, needs, and price ranges. Honestly, I also thought “would I like this gift?” The answer had to be yes!

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Mother’s Day Gifts – 20 Ways to Treat the Moms in Your Life

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lavender aromatherapy blanket

For the Mom Who Loves to Nap

Moms work hard, both in and outside the home. They need all the rest they can get. Help your favorite mom get a good night’s sleep or an afternoon nap with this aromatherapy blanket. It’s meant to lull Mom into a restful sleep. Comes in multiple colors.

Mother's Day gift candle

For the Mom Who Loves Candles

Moms love scented candles for enhancing their living spaces. This candle not only sends out a lovely scent, but the sweet sentiments will put a smile on mom’s face. A two-for-one gift.

Mother's Day book

For the Sentimental Mom Who Loves Books

My older daughter gave me this special book a few years ago. When I need a little “love boost” during the day, I pull it off the shelf in my office. The sentiments are beautifully expressed, and the illustrations are gorgeous.

Mother's Day gift spa set

For the Mom who Likes to Indulge

Don’t all ladies love to feel pampered? This collection of spa products will make moms feel relaxed and special. Give mom a day off to treat herself to a nice spa day at home.

Mother's Day gift necklace and earrings

For the Mom Who Likes Fun Jewelry

My younger daughter loves fun and funky jewelry. I think she would really like this pretty necklace and earrings. If you have a mom/daughter who likes a variety of jewelry, check out this set. There are other color combinations.

Mother's Day gift blue journal notebook

For the Mom Who Loves to Write

My older daughter is a writer and one of the most organized people I know. She loves to take notes and keep track of all the doings of her family. If you have a writer or a journaler, then one of these beautiful bound notebooks (multiple colors) would be much appreciated.

Mother's Day gift floral tea pot

For the Mom Who Loves to Make Tea

Whether mom likes hot tea or iced tea, she will love this gorgeous floral teapot. How pretty sitting on the stovetop or on the table for serving guests. It would be pretty as a container for flowers, too.

Mother's Day gift photo printing device

For the Mom Who Loves Family Photos – The Old-Fashioned Way

We all have hundreds of photos on our phones that never see the light of day. Wouldn’t mom love an easy easy-to-print-out and frame pictures of kids or grandkids? The wireless mobile photo mini-printer will make her day.

Mother's Day gift foot massager

For the Mom Who Loves a Good Foot Massage – On Demand

This contraption may look like Darth Vadar, but for the lady who loves a foot massage, it will be heavenly. No more having to schedule an appointment for a pedicure or reflexology, this foot massager will give mom the option to pamper her tootsies whenever she likes.

For the Mom Who Loves Cool Glasses – the Drinking Kind

If the moms in your life love cool-looking drinking glasses, I bet she’ll like this design – each glass has the flower of a month. (My month is June, if anyone is interested.) Give her her own month plus ones for each kind or grandkid.

Mother's Day gift birthday art

For the Mom Who Loves Family History

I thought this was one of the most unique gifts I’ve ever seen. It’s a custom piece of art with the birth month flower featured for each member of the family. I would order this ASAP since it’s a personalized gift.

Mother's Day gift personalized grandkids art

For the Mom Who Loves Personalized Gifts

My daughters gave me this personalized burlap wall art of my grandkids’ birthdays a few years ago. I choked up when I opened it and I cherish it. It hangs in my office and I often glance at it during the day. What a special way to honor Mom.

Mother's Day gift butterfly puddler

For the Mom Who Loves Being in the Garden

To be honest, I had never heard of a Butterfly Puddler, but this pretty addition to the garden is so unique and interesting that any garden lover would welcome it. Butterflies are attracted to the minerals left behind from the water.

Mother's Day gift new mom journal

For the Mom-To-Be

Once baby arrives, life gets busier than ever. This mom journal will help Mom keep track of daily growth, changes, and special moments. It has space for memories of baby’s first 5 years – a gift to treasure forever.

bathtub caddy for mother's day gift

For the Mom Who Likes to Relax in the Tub

If I had this luxury bamboo bathtub caddy tray, I would use our free-standing bathtub more often. Let’s face it – it’s hard to relax in the tub, read a book, and sip a glass of wine – and keep your hands dry all at once. This bath caddy makes relaxing in the tub a breeze.

Mother's Day gift floral note cards

For the Mom Who Loves to Write Notes

Writing notes to friends and loved ones may be a thing of the past in the age of technology. For those of us who are hanging on the art of writing for dear life, these customizable note cards are the perfect thoughtful gift. There are so many styles to choose from and other options to choose from. This floral design with scalloped edges was my favorite. I customized the design and gifted it to myself.

Mother's Day gift peony flowers

For the Mom Who Loves Fresh Flowers

Is there a woman around who doesn’t love receiving flowers? Roses may be the most popular flower to give on Mother’s Day, but I’ll choose pink peonies any day. This beautiful floral arrangement will arrive fresh on her doorstep and brighten her day.

new mother gift belly oil

For the New Mom

While mom is at home “relaxing” after the birth of baby, give her something to feel good. This quick-dry botanical belly oil hydrates and reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars. She’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness.

mother's day travel scarf

For the Mom Who Loves to Travel

If the mom in your life is a jet-setter or just loves to come visit your family, give her something to stay comfy on the plane or in a cold hotel room. This beautiful travel scarf is as pretty as it is luscious to wear. Multiple colors to choose from.

Mother's Day gift vegetable chopper

For the Mom Who Loves to Cook But Doesn’t Like to Chop

I love to cook, but chopping and prepping can be a chore. Help Mom get through that task faster with this handy gadget with multiple attachments.

Did you get some ideas for selecting gifts for the moms in your life? I hope so. I’ve picked out gifts for both my daughters. I even bought some Mother’s Day gifts for moi.

Here are nore awesome ideas for Mother’s Day.

I would love to hear which ones were your favorites.

I’d love to know what subjects you are most curious about. Let me know in the comments and I’ll search browse for them. Be sure to PIN to keep these spring recipes handy.

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