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10 Fun Colorful Retro Kitchens to Inspire You

I’ve never thought of my kitchen style as retro, boho or kitschy. My style is typically traditional. When I see kitchens with great pops of color, vintage accessories, and lots of greenery, I’m instantly attracted. Are you the same? Here are 10 fun colorful retro kitchens to inspire you with a new design vibe.

Welcome to the vibrant world of retro kitchens! Stepping into a retro kitchen is like taking a delightful trip back in time. Characterized by bright colors, bold patterns, and quirky accents, retro kitchens bring a playful and nostalgic vibe to any home. I’m not a mid-century fan, but there are aspects of the era that have a fun and playful sense of style I like.

Drawing inspiration from the mid-20th century, particularly the 1950s and 1960s (yes, I grew up in some of a few of those years), retro kitchens combine functionality with a sense of fun and style.

Whether you call it retro, boho, kitschy, or eclectic, this style allows for a wide range of styles, colors, patterns, and finishes. It’s a style that has a fresh, young, and playful feel to it.

When it comes to creating your retro kitchen or any other room, there are several key elements to include:

  • Start with vibrant colors such as cherry red, buttery yellow, mint green, shades of pink or sky blue. I can defintely relate to those. These hues form the foundation of the retro palette, instantly infusing the space with energy and warmth.
  • Combine these colors with sleek, glossy finishes, chrome accents, and geometric patterns to complete the look.
  • Lots of bold patterns, funky wallpaper and the use of tile on backsplashes and floors are a retro must.
  • High contrast in color and pattern.
  • Use of plants in abundance to emphasize a natural vibe.
  • Natural wood tones to bring in some warmth.
  • A mix of vintage and mid-century modern furniture and accessories. Even an antique thrown in for a contrast in styles.

In this post, I’m exploring 10 fun and colorful retro kitchen ideas that will inspire you to bring a touch of vintage charm into your home. It’s all about fun. When I see pictures of vintage, retro kitchens, I think bright colors.

From bold appliances to funky wallpaper, these ideas will help you create a kitchen that is both stylish and functional, perfect for cooking, entertaining, and making memories with family and friends. Let’s discover the magic of retro kitchen design!

Celebrating Fun Style: 10 Ideas for Adding Color to Your Kitchen

What are some accessories that lend themselves to the retro vibe?

1. Get a rug. Rugs brings so much life to a kitchen. We have three custom rugs in our kitchen that we change out for the seasons. Just make sure it’s a durable rug that could take a spill or two. Washable is even better. Our rugs are cotton and we send them to the cleaners to be laundered.

2. Removable Wallpaper. A great way to add a little color as a backsplash, cabinets, or add a fun accent wall. Even covering a vintage refrigerator would be fun.

3. Peel and stick tile. An easy way to give your kitchen a polished and updated look without having to pay for an entire renovation.

4. Accessories. Maybe pick up a super colorful bowl for your colorful fruit. Layer some art pieces against your patterned backsplash.

5. Use open shelving of natural wood tones– add some bright plates or statement pieces to display.  Colorful tea towels are always in style too!

5. Hardware swap. A small detail, but one that can change the look of your cabinets. Use metallics or painted knobs and pulls to add a colorful touch.

10 colorful retro kitchen ideas

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So, lets take a look at some fun and colorful ideas for using color, vintage decor, and a whimsical vibe that will make any kitchen a fun place to work and entertain in.

As always, I look for a variety of ideas to inspire your design style and creativity.

retro kitchen with pink island and bar stools

Retro Kitchen with Open Shelving and Multi-Colored Accessories

The Stylicitor focuses on a retro kitchen that displays colorful accessories on open wood shelves. The pale mint green refrigerator pairs with barely pink cabinets and retro stools.

kitchen with aqua refrigerator and cabinets

Retro Kitchen Escape

A bright aqua refrigerator is the start of this colorful kitchen with matching cabinets outlined in pink. Vintage art posters and kitchen accessories add to the retro feel shared on Medium,

white galley kitchen with pops of bright pink color

Colorful Accents in a Galley Kitchen

Bored Panda shares a variety of galley kitchens. This traditional all-white kitchen gets a colorful pop with pink and yellow accessories.

bright yellow and white boho galley kitchen

Bold Boho Kitchen Ideas

Bright yellow and accents of orange give this galley kitchen a life of its own. A colorful rug and green plants from Home Decor Bliss are definitely characteristic of the kitschy boho style. Notice the macrame on the wall!

pink cabinets and aqua appliances in colorful kitchen

Pink and Mint Kitchen Reveal

Ashley of At Home with Ashley is known for her colorful pastel palette in her home. Pink and sky blue set the tone of Ashley’s kitchen. The bold pattern on the tile floor is another characteristic of this retro style.

colorful kitchen with orange stove and vent hood

Retro Kitchen Appliances

When you see kitchens that have colorful retro appliances, do you wonder where they come from? I discovered Big Chill, a producer of retro appliances in a wide range of colors.

colorful kitchen with floral wallpaper, yellow bench, and orange window shade

Retro Glam Kitchen

I met Ariel of PMQ for Two a few years ago at Haven Conference. She is as fun and colorful as her style esthetic. Her love of vintage style and color is evident in her kitchen breakfast nook. Here is one girl who isn’t afraid to use color and patterns from floor to ceiling.

pink and blue kitchen cabinets with pop of yellow

Retro Modern Kitchen Design

Kitchen Informant shares that pops of color in the kitchen can be soft pastels. This kitchen also makes use of greenery to add a organic vibe.

boho style kitchen with color and green plants

Using Plants in a Boho Kitchen

Lots of plants is a hallmark of the kitschy/retro/boho style. Mary of Bonsai Mary shares this open kitchen with a colorful wallpaper and plants from top to bottom.

small Swedish kitchen with yellow and orange accents

Boho Style in a Swedish Kitchen

Cup of Joe highlights this Swedish 430-square-foot home styled in multiple colors. Every inch of this space is filled with color, natural woods, and vintage finds. Color makes this small home seem spacious.

Kitchens can have a multitude of styles and colors. See these other kitchen ideas:

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10 colorful retro kitchen ideas
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