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How to Make Sea Glass Bottles for a Coastal Tablescape

I have always loved creating tablescapes. My favorite tablescapes always have something handmade. For this coastal tablescape, I learned how to make sea glass bottles. Sea glass bottles added the right vibe for a coastal table.

I immediately knew the look and feel I wanted for my tablescape – a romantic coastal tablescape alfresco on the patio. The vision I had required the soft blue and green colors of sea glass bottles. Unfortunately, at the time, I had none. Not even vases that looked like seaglass.

Fortunately, I found the inspiration and the how-to on Pinterest and learned how to make sea glass bottles for my coastal tablescape. It was so easy that I’m going to share the how-to for this coastal tablescape.

How to Make Sea Glass Bottles for a Coastal Tablescape

As it turns out, this week I participated in another Pinterest-Inspired project with other bloggers, creating a summer mantle inspired by sea glass. So in case you don’t have any sea glass bottles, real or otherwise, here’s the tutorial to show you how to make sea glass bottles for any room or area in your home. 

My Vision for a Romantic Coastal Tablescape

I knew that I wanted a tablescape that was just for 2, a romantic evening meal, like the ones that Sweet Shark and I like to have on Saturday night. Our patio table would be the scene for a coastal theme, featuring the colors of aqua and sea foam.


Needing a way to DIY sea glass bottles, I started searching on Pinterest and found one tutorial at Sadie Seasongoods. Sarah’s project on how to make sea glass bottles was my guide.

spray painted sea glass bottles

Find your Bottles

The first step is to find the bottles that you want to use. I collected two bottles from Sweet Shark’s discarded liquor bottle box (we recycle) and my friends Wende and Lezlie donated two more bottles. I had four different bottles, but they were close in size, but with different shapes.

TIP: You could use any number of bottles, all the same or each one different. 

Clean your Bottles

Next, I used Goo Gone to remove the paper labels and glue. Then I put the bottles in the dishwasher to give them a good cleaning.

Select your Sea Glass Paint Colors

A trip to Hobby Lobby for 2 colors of Krylon Sea Glass Spray Paint in Sea Foam and Aqua and I was ready to turn clear glass into sea glass.

FYI: I’m thinking forward to Christmas and there is a Krylon Sea Glass in Cranberry!  Bring it on!

Before I used the wonderful Home Right Spray Tents, I made a DIY spray box by taping heavy cardboard packaging together. Talking about “jerry-rigged”, but it worked. I took my spray box outside to the garage and placed one bottle at a time in the “spray box” and sprayed until all sides were lightly coated.

This bottle with the pretty “sculpture” inside was one of my favorites.

TIP: Be sure to use spray paint outside. I like the garage because I can open the garage door for ventilation, but it is somewhat sheltered from the wind. You definitely don’t want to spray paint if it is too windy and dust is blowing.

My bad – I forgot to take pictures during the making of the DIY sea glass bottles! 

That’s all there is to it. Just be sure to spray lightly and evenly across your glass bottles.

Depending on how deep you want the color, use 1 or 2 coats of sea glass paint. I used just 1 coat for a light look.

The paint dries in under 15 minutes, so I had all 4 bottles ready to go in about 1 hour.

I wanted flowers in my sea glass bottles and white Gerber Daisies fit the bill – the flower stems needed to be thin to fit inside the narrow necks of the bottles.

Here are the finished painted bottles with the Gerber daisies. How easy was that?

Styling My Coastal Tablescape with Sea Glass Bottles

Now I was ready to style our tablescape. The setting for our romantic alfresco tablescape is our patio. This is not our new, recently restored teak patio table, but our original table. Our cushions are Sunbrella fabric in the color of Air Blue Resort that I bought at Frontgate. We still use them, but they are not as clean today!

Since we would be outside, a little candlelight would be in order. This anchor candle holder that I bought at HomeGoods was just right. A couple of white votives will provide the right ambiance.

I placed the sea glass bottles around the base of the umbrella pole to sort of conceal it and add a focal point at the center of the table.

I found these plates that could pass for sea glass at HomeGoods.

Here are the “napkins” that I also found at Pier 1. They are actually placemats, but the colors and pattern were just right for my color scheme. They were soft enough for napkins so I just folded them with the fringe at the bottom.

I love the contrast between the casualness of the coastal plates and our sterling silver.

I placed 2 more of the napkins across the back of the chairs for more color and softness.

Just like using silver to dress up a casual place setting, I used our Baccarat wine glasses and silver mint julep cups for water. A silver wine bucket will keep a crisp white wine chilled.

This wine cooler that I gave Sweet Shark several years ago is perfect for keeping a bottle of white wine chilled on a warm summer night.

white wine in cooler

The tablescape is almost ready. We’re just waiting for the sun to set to light the candles.

coastal tablescape with sea glass bottles

I love how my DIY sea glass bottles provide color and softness as a focal point. And, of course, nothing beats candles for romance and ambiance.

coastal tablescape candlelight

After the sun went down, we enjoyed a fabulous meal of ribeye steak, roasted okra, and grilled corn on the cob. Sweet Shark and I had a lovely evening in a beautiful setting, enjoying my romantic, coastal alfresco tablescape, my DIY sea glass bottles, and each other’s company.

A year later, I used the turquoise sea glass bottles in a fall tablescape, which took on a totally different look. Pretty amazing how one thing can look so different.

fall flower vase

This summer, I placed the sea glass bottles in my kitchen cabinets. I love them here too. There are so many possibilities for using DIY sea glass bottles in your home decor; I hope that you will try this easy project.

Here’s another way to use sea glass bottles.

Need more tablescape ideas? Take a look at this Pretty Pink Patio Table Setting.

Be sure to PIN it.

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  1. Such a pretty coastal tablescape, Carol! LOVE those bottles, too! I used the Martha Steward sea glass acrylic paint for some ornaments last year. It’s just such a pretty finish.

  2. Carol, your tablescape is just gorgeous. I can testify to the ease of using the seaglass paint. Sadie Seasongoods is one of the first bloggers I discovered. I made seashore candlecups with thrifted small glasses, jute string or bakery twine as a wrap on some, and shells or ocean charms. That paint is just awesome. Great post!

  3. Beautiful upcycle how to! I love the results I have to try this one out. Pinning.
    Ps. It was a joy to meet you last week:)

  4. Hi Carol!
    Your tablescape is lovely as are your sea glass bottles. I bet the reflection of flickering flames from the candles looked beautiful dancing on the blue bottles. Thanks for sharing at Homestyle Gathering! I love having you at the party! I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!
    >>> Kim

  5. Carol this table is so summer welcoming! The pale blue reminds me of the beach. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

    1. Rhonda, thank you so much. You are on my Pinterest board Tempting Tablescapes and my Instagram. What a sharing and giving community. It’s our readers who benefit.

  6. This is so pretty, Carol!! You are so talented and it really shows in this gorgeous tablescape. Sharing on Facebook. 🙂

  7. Oooh I love how your whole table looks like seaglass! So gorgeous. I especially love the bottles and the striped napkins. Beautiful!

  8. Absolutely stunning with a capital S!!! Every detail is just perfect. Love the colors, the subtle elegance and the whole vibe! (Just wish there was a vertical pic of the table so I could pin it… 😉 Will do one of the detailed ones,but the whole table together is just so lovely.)

  9. Carol, I finally made it to your beautiful blog today, its been a pleasure knowing you! Your back yard is gorgeous, I love how you blended the Crystal and the Blue vases together it looks so chic and stylish. The blue is actually one of my favorite colors. See ya tomorrow.

    1. Maria, it was so much fun hanging out with you at Haven. Thanks for your comments and compliments! Blue is such a beautiful color with so many variations and possibilities for use in home decor. That’s probably why we all love it so much.

  10. Carol, your tablescape is absolute perfection. Your setting, the chairs, the fabrics, the sterling, and those gorgeous blues. If only I could sit there with you and enjoy your wonderful meal! This is so pretty, it should be on the cover of a magazine. I loved seeing how you put together everything. This has been an extraordinary week, and I am honored to have played with you!

    1. Oh, you have made my day. If you have any magazine contacts, please send them my way! It was such fun and a joy to become acquainted with so many fabulously creative ladies.

  11. What a fabulous colour combo! So soothing and romantic! I really like how you took us through the round up of the items you wanted to use on your table and then revealed the beautiful finished look to us. So many pretty details like the silverware, the wine cooler, the napkins on the back of the chairs and the especially good idea of using the lovely bottles to hide the umbrella pole. This Alfresco Tablescape blog hop has been so much fun and I’ve certainly enjoyed my visit here – would have loved to have been a “third wheel” at your dinner for two!

    1. Lori, we would love to have you! I would have brought out another wine glass and poured you a glass! Thanks so much for commenting. This week has been such a blast. Maybe we can do it again.

  12. Caro, you have created an heavenly table mixed with romance and coastal. There are so many pretty elements to compliment the theme. Loving the color blue you chose and the bottles are such a great addition. I do love the look of the napkins as well, on the table and across the chairs. The pool shot photo is lovely. You have created a lovely coastal table with plenty of romance.

    1. Linda, thanks so much. You never know if everything will come together to make your vision come true. I was fortunate that I either already had or found the pieces I needed. Guess who I’m having dinner with tonight? Stacey and Jemma! We were just talking about you! All good.

  13. Your table is so tranquil and serene. The mixture of different shades of blue in the napkins and bottles truly makes me feel like I am walking the beach for sea glass. I love the anchor candleholder. The chilled wine in the silver decanter adds to the poolside setting. I can almost feel the cool breeze and the desire to dangle my feet in the water at poolside. Very calming and inviting.

    1. Marsha, thanks a bunch for your sweet comments. I do have to dip my toes in the pool to stay cool. THe chilled wine helps too. We love our patio and pool and feel very fortunate to have them.

  14. Carol- your alfresco table is simply gorgeous- and right up my alley- all “coastal blues, greens and seaglass”. It’s been so fun joining the blog hop! Hope you are having a fabulous time at HAVEN- tell the girls hello and I MISS you all!!

    1. Kristy, I really value your opinion so this means so much. I figured you would like my Tablescape even though I didn’t have any seashells! Haven is great. Holly, Diane, and Gloria are here and we miss you.

  15. Carol, this post was one where I couldn’t wait to scroll down to the next picture! After seeing this gorgeous tablescape, I needed to know more about you, so I read your About page and we are sisters from another mother! I too love travel, family, home, southern cooking (actually all things southern!) and Christ – not in that order of course! I’m pinning this creation! You’ve done what we all strive to do in the blogworld. You’ve inspired me! I can’t pick a favorite, because I love everything!

    1. Kim, you are making me cry! We never know where our passions lead us, and this crazy blogging adventure has opened the doors to so many new friends and “sisters”. I’m so happy that you wanted to read my About Page and discovered we have so much in common. I’m at the Haven Conference right so it’s kind of crazy. When I get home next week I plan to go through everyone’s blogs with a fine tooth comb! Southern girls rock!

  16. You have put together such a pretty table! I love all of the blue, it really does evoke the feeling of the sea with all of the shades of blue! That candleholder is stunning, as are your striped napkins. I loved Sadie’s sea glass bottles, too, and the combination of colors you painted yours are very sea-like. This table makes everything feel cool, which I need here in Florida these hot summer days! Thank you so much for being a part of the tablescape blog hop!

    1. Chloe, this Tablescape blog hop has been so much fun. It’s so hot in Texas too, so we have to do anything to feel cool. Blues, especially aqua, are my favorites so I knew I had to use them. I may not have the ocean nearby, so the pool has to make do.

  17. Love love your sea glass bottles and palette! The Pier 1 plates you found are so perfect, the whole setting is totally dreamy and romantic… the placemats on the chair backs are a special way of saying, please sit here! I think silver and elegant elements are so delightful in an outdoor setting, they make it magical like a fairy tale! I will be off to Hobby Lobby soon to get some of that spray paint 🙂

    1. Jenna, thanks for your comments. I love the sea glass bottles too. Now that I know how to make them ~ they are so easy ~ I want to make some more. I love mixing dressy and casual elements in home decor. IT’s like wearing your pearls with blue jeans!

  18. Wow, Carol! Your table is so pretty. It is romantic and fun. You creatively put the soft color and patterns together. Blue is my favorite color and I love these soft shades especially for summer. I have found much to imitate here. Couldn’t help but love your silver since I have the same pattern. I adore Buttercup!
    I like how you used the soft stripe colors in the napkins and how you used them on the back of your chairs. That was clever and very effective. Love your silver mint julep cups all frosted for a cool drink of ice water. I’m inspired now to try my hand at frosting some bottles and I actually have been saving some.
    It’s been a fun week meeting new people and being inspired. Can’t wait to hear about Haven and what you learned.

    1. Bonnie, thank you soooo much for your sweet note. I’m so glad that you liked my tablescape and are inspired by it. Isn’t is funny that you have Buttercup, too? I love that pattern. It belonged to my husband’s grandmother. I found those mint julep cups in Savannah GA in May. Planning to get them monogrammed!

  19. Now this is nautical done right! The tablesetting is so pretty! And the bottles you crafted are the perfect touch! I just love it all! 🙂 ~Rhonda

  20. Carol, what great colors in your tablescape – reminds me of the Caribbean. I loved Sarah’s project, and you certainly did it justice. Your use of the Pier 1 and HG bargains really pulled your look together – very nice. Have a great weekend!

  21. Carol, what a beautiful table. You nailed “coastal” and “romantic”! Love your painted bottles with the Gerber Daisies, the anchor candle holder was the perfect addition! You mixed the elegant with the casual in a gorgeous way! I have enjoyed hopping with all of you talented ladies! Pam @ Everyday Living