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17 Cute and Delicious Spring and Easter Desserts

Are you hosting a gathering during the spring and Easter season? This is a great time to share pretty desserts to delight your friends or familyTo help you wow guests of all ages, I’ve gathered 17 cute and delicious spring and Easter desserts.

Spring, with its promise of warm sunshine and blooming flowers, is the perfect season to usher in new beginnings and, of course, the excitement of Easter. 

For me, this time of year is perfect for gathering around a holiday table, laden with an array of sweet treats. The diversity of flavors and types of Easter and spring desserts offers a show-stopping dessert for every taste.

I love desserts, but I try very hard to limit my sweet tooth to special occasions.  Pretty spring and Easter desserts are ones to indulge our yearning for sweetness.

Celebrating Spring with Sweetness: 17 Delicious Desserts for Spring and Easter

I looked for fun Easter desserts that will receive rave reviews from young and old(er) alike. The main criteria were cute, pretty, beautiful desserts that were delicious.

There’s something for every baker, regardless of skill level. I particularly love the fine balance between honoring traditional Easter treats and introducing innovative twists to classic recipes. This approach ensures your Easter celebration is both familiar and excitingly fresh.

Some of these desserts promise minimal fuss with maximum flavor. Cheesecakes of different sizes, Easter cupcakes and Easter cookies, and beautiful cakes are some of the best Easter desserts and lovely spring treats. 

Fresh fruit desserts with fresh strawberries, lemon or orange flavors, or blueberries provide color and flavor. The variety is astounding, from creamy textures to refreshing citrus flavors in each bite. 

Chocolate lovers will not be disappointed in this list of Easter dessert ideas. Whether it’s chocolate eggs nestled in buttercream frosting or chocolate chips dotting sugar cookies, every bite has a rich and luscious taste of chocolate.

The art of decoration makes these desserts come alive. Pastel sprinkles decorate the top of creamy surfaces. Fresh colors from pastels to brights add a delightful surprise. Just seeing these pretty Easter and spring desserts on an Easter table will bring a joyous spirit to your celebration.

The best way to add a festive touch is by incorporating elements like pastel sprinkles or cute Easter dessert designs that evoke the joy of spring. Favorite flowers or cute Easter dessert embellishments add to the wow factor of these desserts. 

The delicious flavor of carrot cake has always been a favorite spring cake, its delicious flavor marked by the rich cream cheese frosting we all adore. I’ve included some unique carrot desserts with a twist. These versions promise a refreshingly new experience.

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Spring Special Occasion Events

Spring is full of entertaining possibilities and opportunities for gathering friends of all ages. Any of these lovely desserts could be served at one of these celebrations.

  • Easter brunch
  • Easter lunch
  • Spring tea
  • Mother’s Day
  • Graduation parties
  • Bridal shower
  • End-of-school parties
  • Birthday parties

You’ll find some fun ways to serve these desserts. Mini-desserts are one of my favorites. Desserts in a jar or small containers are perfect for buffets or “grazing” parties.

Finally, never forget that Easter treats are about more than just scrumptious flavors. They’re an opportunity to gather, celebrate, and create memories around the spring and Easter table.

Whether it’s a traditional spring dessert like carrot cake or an easy Easter dessert recipe with a new twist, you will find the perfect treat for your seasonal celebration.

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Ready to see these cute and delicious spring and Easter desserts? My sweet tooth is ready.

spring and Easter dessert collage

I looked for a variety of desserts, using different flavor, ingredients, and decorations. You’ll notice that candy eggs, sprinkles, and frosting are used for pretty decorations.

colored Easter egg dessert balls in a basket

Easter Egg Cake Balls

Gina of Skinny Taste makes a basketful of pretty Easter-decorated cake balls. What a cute way to display them in an Easter basket.

carrot dessert in chocolate pudding cup

Carrot Patch Dirt Pudding Cups

I found several versions of carrot patch dirt pudding cups, but this one from Erica of Erica’s Sweet Tooth was the cutest and seemed the best-tasting.

mini Easter cheesecakes with decorations

Mini Easter Cheesecakes

Have you ever seen such cute mini-cheesecakes? Jane of Jane’s Patisserie shares how to give iconic cheesecakes a special Easter flair.

blue speckled cake with candy egg decorations

Blue Speckled Cake

I wished I’d taken an advanced cake decorating class in culinary school. Krystal of Sprinkle of This shares how to give this beautiful blue cake the look of a speckled eggs.

mini Easter tarts in yellow and pink

Pastel Mini Easter Tarts

I do love mini-tarts. These colorful pastel tarts from Julia of Julia Recipes are perfect for a spring or Easter luncheon.

limoncello rolled cake

Limoncello Almond Cake Roll

Who loves limoncello? We keep a bottle in the freezer for cocktails, but Heather of Sprinkle Bakes uses it as a flavoring paired with almond for this beautiful cake roll. She also shares how to make the sweet decorative eggs.

robin egg blue bark with Easter egg decorations

Robin Egg Blue Bark

Ashley of Wishes n Dishes makes this pretty blue bark that any Easter bunny would love to chomp on. That blue color is gorgeous. I can see this dessert as part of a dessert charcuterie spread.

pink mini cakes green grass icing and blue filling

Pink Easter Egg Hunt Mini Cakes

Little cakes, how do I love thee? These sweet little bites from Amanda of Big Family Blessings are just the right size for a dessert buffet.

mini cheesecakes with crushed Easter egg topping

Mini-Cheesecakes with Easter Eggs

Here’s another version of mini-cheesecakes from Sarah of Taming Twins. This one is meant to provide multiple servings.

pastel colored layer triffle

Pastel Layered Triffle

Have you ever made a trifle? I have, but not one with beautiful pastel colors like this one from Sara of Bitz n Giggles. What a mouth-watering dessert!

no bake mini cheesecakes pastel layers in pink, yellow, blue, and purple

Easter No-Bake Mini-Cheesecakes

Elizabeth of Sugar Hero made this darling multi-layered mini-cheesecake in pastel colors. What a sweet treat.

carrot cake pops with orange decorations

Carrot Cake Truffles

Truffles are another little sweet treat I love. Michael of Inspired by Charm made these fun “egg” truffles packed with carrot flavor.

pastel Easter nest sugar cookies

Easter Nest Sugar Cookies

Kids will love these sugar cookies decorated by Nikki of Seeded at the Table. I bet these cookies disappear quickly.

bring colored layered Easter cake in a jar

Easter Pastel Cake in a Jar

Kelly of Kelly’s Thoughts of Things makes eating cake with this cake in a jar. This dessert would be great for a dessert party.

pink bunny butt oreos

Bunny Butt Oreos

Lindsay of Sprinkles for Breakfast definitely has a sense of humor. The kids will love these cute decorated cookies.

layered carrot cake in a glass

Carrot Cake in a Jar

Heather of Whipper Berry whipped up this pretty carrot cake in a jar dessert. I love desserts with a twist.

pink Champagne cupcakes

Pink Champagne Cookies

This was the one sweet treat not designated as spring or Easter, but it looks like a perfect candidate. Julie of Julie Blanner shares these pretty pink bites.

Here are few more spring and Easter desserts you’ll enjoy.

Kitchen tools for Baking

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Easter and spring dessert graphic

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