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17 Best Easter Recipes to Celebrate

Easter weekend is just two weeks away. Will you be hosting Easter brunch or lunch? Or maybe you will be going to a friend or family member’s home and need a dish to take. I’ve gathered 17 best Easter recipes that you will love for this very special celebration.

I love finding, reading, and saving recipes. I have the cookbook collections and recipe binders to prove it. As a culinary school graduate and former cooking instructor, food, recipes, and party planning are my jam.

First, I think planning menus for entertaining, especially for significant events, is serious business. Like most of us, I have my favorite traditional ingredients and cooking methods.

Second, when I want to find a new twist on a favorite food, I start researching in my favorite cookbooks or one of my thousands of hardcopy recipes.

Third, when I want to see what other people have created in their kitchens, I go to Pinterest for ideas. That’s where I found these 17 best Easter recipes.

You can trust that I have scoured Pinterest, read dozens of recipes for interesting new approaches, and looked closely at ingredients and well-written instructions. Sometimes great recipes just aren’t clear or accurate. Those missed the cut.

Are you ready to get some delicious Easter recipes? From appetizers to desserts? Cocktails to veggies? It’s never too early to plan an Easter dinner.

What are my Favorite Dishes for Easter?

What foods speak of Easter and spring to you? Here are the foods that evoke the most blessed of celebrations to me:

  • deviled eggs
  • ham
  • lamb
  • asparagus
  • peas and mint
  • roasted potatoes
  • light, fluffy rolls
  • a cocktail to toast
  • a beautiful cake
  • fun cupcakes

Let’s jump in and see all the delicious Easter recipes that you should share with family and friends.

Spend a few hours this weekend reading through these yummy recipes. Decide on your menu. Make your grocery list. Get ready early so you can enjoy Holy Week, prepare the recipes, and enjoy hosting your Easter dinner.

Welcome to 10 or More Fabulous Finds at Bluesky Browsing #80.

Think of Fabulous Finds as a home decor/DIY/Craft/recipe Readers’ Digest.

If you are new to Bluesky at Home, what fabulous finds do I share at Bluesky Browsing?

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Easter Recipes: 17 Menu Ideas from Appetizers to Desserts

Focusing on finding new projects, resources, tips, new ideas, and inspiration for you is my main task. I’m constantly discovering fabulous finds to inspire us. My goal is to help you find ideas for your home decor, your crafting, your home organization, and anything about home.

Now, let me share the suggestions that I found. Pretend you are sitting down with your favorite spring recipe magazine.

Let’s start with appetizers that guests can nibble as they arrive, visit, and sip your drink of the day (at the end of this list) while you put the finishing touches on your Easter meal.

Then we’ll look at main dishes, side dishes, desserts, and cocktails. Of course, I have to have a delicious (and cute) dinner roll.

deviled egs Easter recipe

Super Southern Deviled Eggs

I didn’t love deviled eggs for the longest time. (Southern girl hangs her head in shame.) Now I can’t get enough of them. Sweet Shark and I often order them as an appetizer when we have Friday date night. Of course, they are always on our Kentucky Derby menu. Believe me, there are hundreds of deviled egg recipes online. I like the thorough instructions and seasoning for this traditional Southern iconic dish from Tracey of The Kitchen is My Playground.

fried mac and cheese Easter recipe

Yummy Fried Mac ‘n Cheese Balls

I rarely make mac ‘n cheese. (The cheese and pasta are on my no-list.) However, if you let her, my granddaughter Lilah would eat mac ‘n cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. When I was in Atlanta last time, we went to a Southern-style restaurant, and the server recommended the fried mac ‘n cheese balls. They were delicious. When I found this recipe from Sam and Dan of Ahead of Thyme, I had to include it as the perfect little Easter bite.

carrot cream cheese filled crescent rolls Easter recipe

Cream Cheese “Carrot”-Filled Crescent Rolls

When I saw these cute little “carrot”-crescent rolls filled with a savory cream cheese mixture, I couldn’t resist. I can just hear guests oohing and aging at how cute and yummy they are. Thanks to Leslie of Leslie W Graham for steering me to this Easter appetizer from Pillsbury.

Easter spinach dip recipe

Spinach Dip Easter Bunny

One more super cute Easter appetizer. I’ve seen a similar dish at a Christmas party (formed as a Christmas tree) and it was delicious. Autumn of It’s Always Autumn shows you how to make this fun Easter appetizer with a yummy spinach dip

baked ham Easter recipe

Savory Ham with Apricot Glaze

Ham is one of my two favorite Easter main dishes. I love the apricot-flavored glaze on this baked ham. Natasha of Natasha’s Kitchen also shares great information about buying, choosing, and prepping baked ham.

roasted lamb Easter recipe

Iconic Roasted Leg of Lamb

We love lamb any way we can get it: rack of lamb, lamb chops, lamb loin. Leg of lamb is a classic spring and Easter main course. I thought the flavoring and the preparation of this recipe from Jessica of Savory Experiments was a winner. She shares everything about preparing a delicious main entrée you will be proud to serve.

baked salmon Easter recipe

Baked Salmon for a Crowd

If you aren’t a meat eater or have guests who are, then this baked salmon dish should be a dinner choice. The garlic-butter-herb sauce adds great flavor to this easy recipe. Check it out from Marzia of Little Spice Jar.

asparagus with peas Easter recipe

Spring Asparagus and Peas with Mint

Asparagus and peas are quintessential spring vegetables. Combined with fresh herbs like mint, they make a delicious side dish for an Easter meal. Leigh Ann of My Story of Us gives good information about buying and preparing asparagus (From me: 1. Avoid the super skinny “pencil” asparagus which doesn’t have much flavor and it’s easy to overcook. 2. If you buy thick asparagus, be sure to peel the stalks.)

roasted carrots Easter recipe

Roasted Springtime Carrots

Carrots aren’t just for bunnies at Easter. Roasting brings out the natural sweetness of carrots. I love serving them with greenery on top for a natural look. Jennifer of Carlsbad Cravings provides this delicious version of an Easter classic.

roasted fingerling potatoes Easter recipe

Roasted Fingerling Potatoes

Want to include potatoes on your Easter menu? Try using fingerlings. They have a wonderful creamy texture. Look for the purple ones to mix in. Such an easy addition to an Easter meal from Erin of Well Plated.

bunny rolls Easter recipe

Bunny Buns

You have to have some kind of dinner roll at Easter dinner. Why not make them cute? Kara of Creations by Kara shows you how to make this cute bunny dinner roll. This roll should keep the kids entertained so the grown-ups can enjoy the meal.

Easter bunny roll

Bunny Head Roll

I couldn’t help myself. When I saw this version of another cute bunny roll, I have to share it so you had a choice of bread for your Easter meal. This made-from-scratch dough from Amanda of Amanda’s Cookin’ sounds so good you can almost smell the rolls baking.

Easter lamb cake

Sweet Easter Lamb Cake

Who doesn’t think this is one of the cutest Easter cake ideas ever? Thanks to the team at Taste of Home for sharing this “grandmother-approved” lamb cake. See my Easter supply list below for the lamb cake mold.

Easter basket recipe

Easter Basket Cupcakes

Since I shared these darling Easter basket cupcakes a few years ago, they have been a blog favorite at Bluesky at Home. Kids and grown-ups will love the look and the yummy flavor.

polka dot cake Easter recipe

Prettiest Polka Dot Easter Cake

If serving a beautiful cake is your favorite dessert, then this lovely confection is for you. Not only is it pretty on the outside, but there is also a surprise on the inside for the kids. Elizabeth of Sugar Hero shares the step-by-step to deliver this Easter delight.

Easter cocktail

Cottontail Easter Cocktail

Yummy is all I can say about this smooth drink perfect to serve guests for your Easter meal. Thanks to Michael of Inspired by Charm for another pretty celebratory drink.

pink lemonade martini Easter cocktail

Pink Lemonade Martini with Peeps Garnish

Peeps have become a popular ingredient in Easter decor and recipes. Would it be a fun way to use them in an Easter cocktail? Lisa of Mom on the Side shows you how to delight your guests with this drink. Leave out the vodka for the kiddos.

Easter Recipe Supplies to Check Out

Need some supplies to help you make these recipes and host an Easter meal? Here are just what you need:

Did you learn something new from these 17 best Easter Recipes? There is a lot to cover so be sure to PIN this post for reference.

I’d love to know what subjects you are most curious about. Let me know in the comments and I’ll search browse for them. Be sure to PIN to keep these ideas handy.

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