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Ladies Vintage Valentine’s Day Tablescape

Wow, what a wonderful week it’s been so far. Vintage Valentine decor is everywhere, from banners to actual vintage Valentines (why, oh why, didn’t we keep all those from our childhood?) to sewing baskets and vintage bingo games. From vintage wedding pictures to artwork and Valentine linens. Now it’s time to share my vintage Valentine’s Day Tablescape.

This year I wanted to keep with the vintage theme and the ladies vintage Valentine tablescape was born.

Ladies Vintage Valentine Tablescape

Everything, from home decor to holiday decorations to DIY projects, has an inspiration. Whether from items you already have, from a new item you buy that sparks creativity, to a word or event, inspiration comes from everywhere (not just Pinterest or Instagram). Fortunately, this year I had everything I needed to create a vintage Valentine tablescape.

The Inspiration for My Vintage Valentine Tablescape

Many years ago, Sweet Shark’s mom gave us 2 sets of vintage china ~ I say vintage because they originally belonged to his grandmother. I used one set (the royal-looking bright red and gold one) in the romantic tablescape 2 years ago.

Crown Derby China

This year I wanted a softer, more feminine look so I’m using the other set, which has 12  place settings and a dozen serving pieces. This was my inspiration for a ladies vintage Valentine tablescape. The pattern is hand~painted and says “Meito China” on the back, but also says made in Japan. The maker’s logo it there, but no pattern name. Sweet Shark thinks she had it shipped home from one of her world travels in the 1950’s. (His grandmother Ruth traveled all over the world ~ as a young girl and as a young woman. Even later as a widow, she traveled. She was a woman ahead of her time.)

TOTAL ASIDE: I decided to research the china and found out the company is indeed located in Japan, has been making china since 1908 and still produces product. A ton of information is available, but I couldn’t find a picture of our particular pattern. I’ll keep searching.

As you can see, the pattern has a very old world esthetic. It’s not a floral, but it has a touch of a rose in it and a sense of movement. The color can change from keep rose to fushia, depending on the light and what other elements I put with it. There is a hint of gold also.

vintage Valentine tablescape

Vintage china needs a vintage placemat. I don’t know how old these lace placemats are, but I bought a set of 12 probably 6 or 7 years ago at an estate sale. I think I paid $12 ~ what a steal. There are a few subtle stains and a few little tears, but that just make them more special. The cut work is really very pretty and well~done. For silverware, I used our Buttercup by Gorham, a sweet feminine pattern and inheritance.

Vintage Valentine tablescape placemat

Setting the Vintage Valentine Tablescape

Once the china, silver and placemats were set, I could add the rest of the elements to the tablescape.

For napkins, I used plain cream ones, also an estate sale find. I doubt they are old, but they are so versatile that I use them quite a bit. To pick up the hint of gold in the china, I used my gold napkin rings that I bought a couple of years ago at Pier 1. I have used these in so many tablescapes.

vintage Valentine tablescape

For glassware, I used a combination of antique mall purchases and inherited pieces.

The pink sherbet glass is from a set of 5 I found at City View Antique Mall in Dallas several years ago. There were 5 taller glasses and 5 shorter ones. I’m assuming that some were broken and missing since the price was very, very reasonable, I loved them, so I didn’t mind only having 5 of each size. I’ve used them for desserts and fruit.

The crystal glass on the right is from my mother’s crystal, Cherrywood by Gorham. I have her entire set and feel so fortunate. A few years ago at a restaurant in New Orleans, we discovered that this particular glass is called a Nick and Nora, after the husband and wife in The Thin Man series. It has an interesting history. (You do have to be over 21 to access this website.)

vintage Valentine tablescape

The glass on the far right is one of set that we found in Sweet Shark’s mom’s house when we were packing up her house. (We made a killing on the beautiful glassware that she didn’t need before the estate sale people came.) It had been in cabinets for years. It’s not crystal, and we’ve used the glasses for water, tea and margaritas.

I love mixing patterns of crystal and it’s special using the beautiful glassware from our moms.

vintage Valentine tablescape

Other vintage items were the 2 sets of salt and pepper shakers that my mom bought me in college. She would drive up to Denton occasionally where I was attending the University of North Texas and we would go shopping ~ a college student’s favorite thing . I’m not sure I appreciated the purchase at the time, but I sure do now.

vintage Valentine tablescape
vintage Valentine tablescape

As place cards, I used doilies (always have them on hand.) and gold stars that were in my Valentine box.

vintage Valentine tablescape

I used more doilies to make coasters for the Nick and Nora glasses. I used stencils and ChalkArt from A Maker’s Studio. You know how much I love them.

vintage Valentine tablescape

While in Atlanta a couple of weeks ago, I made a trip to Hobby Lobby with one of my granddaughters. I found this sheet of felt hearts and grabbed it on a whim. I think it’s suppose to be a placemat.

red heart felt

I thought the table could benefit from a little pop of red, so I cut out the hearts and sprinkled them on the table.

vintage Valentine tablescape

My Vintage Valentine Tablescape Centerpiece

Normally I show you the centerpiece first, but this time it’s at the end. This centerpiece isn’t vintage, but I think it evokes the feel of vintage. Once again, to tie in the gold in the china, I used the brass rectangle table that I bought last year. At the time, I wasn’t sure I would use it much, but it has been one of my best purchases.

I knew that I would use a few of my rose bowls ~ definitely a vintage feel, don’t you think? The flowers had to be tulips and roses ~ pink and white for the soft feminine look I wanted.

vintage Valentine tablescape

I lined up 3 bowls on the brass tray. Since I had roses and pink tulips from last week that were on their last leg, I pulled off all the petals. Usually, I let the flowers dry naturally by hanging them upside down. But time was of the essence, so I tried something different.

Oven~Drying Flowers

I’m not sure if this is a thing. I didn’t Google or anything. I just warmed the oven to 200 degrees, spread all the petals on a sheet pan and let them dry for about 20 minutes. I did toss them once during the time. It seems to have worked.

vintage Valentine tablescape
vintage Valentine tablescape

Two Little Extras for the Valentine Tablescape

Every ladies’ vintage Valentine tablescape needs something pretty and sweet. I had a gift certificate for $25 at Gigi’s Cupcakes so I dropped by and selected 4 varieties from their gourmet cupcakes. Prettiest little sweets. This is not an affiliate link, I just told the sweet cupcake lady that I would give them a shout out. They have 100 locations so you may have one near you.

vintage Valentine tablescape

The cake stand (I have a real weakness for cake stands.) is new and I set the cupcakes on our bar cart and placed a heart garland around it. Sweet Shark can’t wait to try one.

vintage Valentine tablescape

On our vaisselier, I brought in the Valentine’s wreath that I made a couple of weeks ago. Then I removed the greenery from 2 flea market containers that I’ve had since the beginning of the year. I found a bag of tissue paper in my Valentine box, so instead of more flowers, I used shades of pink tissue to give color. I like this look and it didn’t cost a thing.

pink tissue paper in containers

I really hope you enjoyed my vintage Valentine’s tablescape. It looks so pretty when you glance into the dining room. And because a pretty Valentine’s tablescape is just too good to waste, I’m having a few friends over for lunch on Friday.

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  1. I can definitely see why this might be your favorite tablescape so far. It is truly lovely! I love the vintage dishes of course, and the dried flowers are so romantic too. Tulips AND roses? Yes please!

    So happy to join you on this hop. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

  2. What a gorgeous table you have created, Carol! I love all of the details…from the beautiful vintage china from Japan to the dried flower petals and decadent cupcakes. You thought of everything! I am so happy to be on this blog hop with you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  3. Carol, I just love your vintage tablescape and the stories of how you acquired all of your beautiful things. The little salt and pepper shakers with the etched glass are darling. I also love your different patterns of glassware…they all look lovely together. The placemats with the cutwork are the perfect background for the vintage plates from Japan. Your girlfriends are in for a real treat at your Friday luncheon! It’s a pleasure hopping with you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. What an absolutely gorgeous table! From the pink glass to the flowers to the china — I can’t say enough. And those cupcakes? YUM! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm:) xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

  5. Everything about your tablescape was so beautiful. I know what you mean about using wounded linens/china. I save the stained napkin or slightly chipped cup for myself; one ofmy good cups had the handle repaired with Super Glue and it goes thru the dishwasher–I am the only one to use it, just in case! Looking at all these tablescapes makes me yearn to do it myself. Picked up a tiny black amethyst tidbit tray today where I have my booth and will use it at a Valentine party–before I turn it around!

  6. What beautiful vintage pieces. So exquisite. Pieces of this time is and always will be timeless and a classic. It is so elegantly displayed with the beautiful lace. I love the richness of your pink and white floral centerpiece. It brings out the beautiful burgundy colors in your china. So lovely and Happy Valentine’s Day.

  7. Your china is so beautiful, and what an amazing story, she certainly was a woman ahead of her time! The pattern is so pretty and delicate, I really like it! The stemware all adds to the delicate look of your table. You always style the prettiest tables, I love looking at them, taking in each of the little details. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with another blog hop!

  8. Carol, your table is lovely. The china is so pretty with it’s delicate style. Tulips are so pretty. The red hearts make the table pop. Those cupcakes are too pretty to eat. A pleasure to join you on this Valentine blog hop.

  9. So pretty, Carol. I love your vintage pieces from relatives. Your china is gorgeous. All the crystal is too. The placemats fit your theme beautifully and your centerpiece is so attractive. The dollies are just the perfect touch.
    I enjoyed your commentary. Wishing you a lovely Valentine’s Day.

  10. Oh Carol, this is so pretty! That china is stunning and perfect for a Valentine’s Day table. The lace placemats make the perfect anchor to each setting, and those treats look delicious! How I would love to be a guest at this table! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

  11. Absolutely stunning Carol! The vintage china is truly a treasure and just the idea of a woman world traveler in the 50’s sounds like something out of a romance novel. the crystal glasses are so pretty and thank you for sharing this lovely table.

    1. Sandra, thank you sweetie. Although Ruth died many years before I met Sweet Shark, I’ve heard amazing stories about her. I would have loved to have met her.

  12. Carol, what a treasure of beautiful, vintage tableware you have! That china is stunning and so unique — I felt my heart go pang! And then there are the sherbets you discovered; now my heart was racing LOL! I really like your idea of mixing the crystal patterns, I tend to be too matchy matchy sometimes. Lovely.

  13. Hi Carol……beautiful tablescape ❤️ Would love to be on that luncheon guest list!!! Let’s get together soon to catch up. I’m back part of the “human race” again!! xoxo 💋 Jill J

  14. What a beautiful vintage table, your china is perfect for the occasion. Those placemats are just gorgeous, what a deal you got on those, you must have put some effort into cleaning and pressing them – because they look fabulous. Good thing I can’t get at those cute cupcakes, they are calling my name! Happy to hop with you!

    1. Ann, thank you. I have hand washed them, set them out to dry and lightly pressed them. If I’m lucky no one spills anything on them! The cupcakes are delicious!!

  15. Carol, I love your treasured china, it is delicate and romantic! The cutwork placemats are perfect underneath! Oh my, the cupcakes looks delicious! May I have one, please? It is always a pleasure to blog hop with you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

    1. Pam, the cupcakes are delicious. I got a couple extra and Sweet Shark and I each had one last night. It’s good that that are minis! I’m going to have to use this china more often.

  16. What a lovely tablescape Carol…vintage is always correct no matter the occasion and your vintage is so pretty. What treasures lurk in our mother’s, grandmother’s and in your case MIL’s cabinets and closets. The centerpiece of tulips in small bowls are perfect for the rest of the table. You were wise to cut the felt hearts apart because I like them much better than a place mat in your table setting. I will try your tip on drying rose petals…as it provided just the right amount of petal fall on your table. It is always fun table hopping with you.

  17. Carol, it’s all so beautiful! Your lovely fresh flowers, cupcakes, and the beautiful heart wreath at the end! So clever cutting the hearts out of the placemat! Happy hoping with you! Have a lovely day!💗

  18. hi Carol, Your centerpiece is my favorite part, I love the trail of dried flower petals amid your flower vases, that is so so pretty! The vintage china is amazing, hand painted, wow! The heart you made is really sweet, and speaking of sweet those cupcakes are very tempting! Lovely hopping with you!

  19. Carol, this vintage and antique lover adores all the vintage accessories used in this tablescape! That china is so beautiful, and yes, I could the different hues it takes on, depending on the light in your photos. Just gorgeous. The stemware, flatware, cutwork placemats and damask napkins all speak to me and the kinds of inventory my sisters and I love.
    Any gal would be thrilled to sit among your table guests and enjoy that spread! Oh, and the flowers – lovely in the bowls on the tray!

  20. This is very lovely. Beautiful china and stemware. I like the dried florals mixed along with the fresh ones which definitely added to the vintage feel of your tablescape. The hearts cut from the placemat were a great idea. Those cupcakes are pretty and look so delicious!

  21. Oooh…I love your vintage Valentine table Carol! All the elements are so pretty, especially your wonderful cut work placemats which show off your dishes beautifully. So smart to cut your hearts out of your HL placemat too. I’ll take a Gigi’s cupcake to go, they’re my favorite! We have one about an hour away from us and it’s been years since I had one. As always it’s a treat to blog hop with you this week. Happy Valentine’s Day. ♥