Winter Decor Decorating Ideas for Your Living Room

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A week ago we are deep into packing away the Christmas decorations (That was one of the first items on my January 2019 to~do list.) and today I’m so so happy to share our winter decor decorating ideas. Decorating the house for the short winter months was also on my January to~to list. I love checking items off my list!

From a bare, striped down home last week, today our dining room, living room, kitchen and breakfast room, and bedroom now have a warm and cozy look. You may remember that I started creating a Winter Decor section of my Home Decor Pinterest board a couple of weeks ago. I followed some of those suggestions as well as such following my own decorating intuition. I surprised myself by the results.

I have never purposely decorated our home with a winter palette. I didn’t know if I would like it ~ I am such a spring and summer girl. Happy to say that I actually love the results. The house has a different look, but one that I’m so pleased with. So here for all the world to see are my winter decor decorating ideas ~ with a little help from Pinterest.

Winter Decor Decorating Ideas for Your Living Room

I’m going to focus first on our living room since it’s the largest space and where we spend most of our time. Then I’ll share our kitchen and breakfast room, our dining room, and our master bedroom. Think of it as winter decor decorating ideas Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4.

To be honest, here in North Texas, we don’t get much snow. We are more likely to get ice, which is awful. We can have beautiful, sunny days in the 30’s in the morning and by afternoon, it’s in the 60’s. (On Saturday, I had tennis drills at 9:00; I wore long tights, a tank top and a fleece vest over a heavy wind breaker. After 30 minutes, the vest came off; then the wind breaker came off, and I played the rest of the drill in a tank top. Then we can have days that are cold, damp, and bone~chilling.

When I think of winter, I imagine beautiful snow, tall pines and firs with snow drifts around them, and a sense of calm and quiet. So through it may not be winter~winter outside, I want to create a sense of warmth, coziness and quiet time.


Happily, almost everything I used for our winter decor decorating we already had. I’ll point out anything that I purchased with a *.

Winter Decor Guidelines

In browsing multiple posts and a few magazines, several common themes emerged and fortunately, they were easy to implement in our living room. Why?

  • color palette is simple
  • the esthetic is casual
  • the materials used are natural and readily available
  • accessories you already have will work in the winter decor

Winter Decor Color Palette

When it comes to color in winter decor, minimal is the way to go. From September through December, we are inundated with color ~ reds, gold, orange, metallics, greens, and whatever your Christmas theme is. Our brains are on color overload. For winter, we want a calm and minimal color palette. And that means white ~ lots of white.

Think of all the elements that lend themselves to white.

  • pillows
  • throws
  • candles
  • flowers
  • dishes
  • accessories

So here are places that I used white.

White ceramic vases on the mantle hold cotton stems.

winter decorating

White vases with white cotton stems*.

winter decorating

White cotton balls in a textured white planter. Lots of great texture form smooth to rough.

winter decorating

White candles. This is our Re+New+All Candles in Grapefruit from A Maker’s Studio. Everyone, I mean, everyone loved them.

winter decorating

More white candles. I used them everywhere I could. White “sweater” pillows with pom~poms.

winter decor coffee table

More white ceramic vases. White books.

winter decorating

White bird cage.

winter decorating

Natural Elements in Winter Decor

Next to white, natural elements lend themselves to this seasonal decor.

  • wood
  • baskets
  • signs
  • burlap
  • fabric
  • paper
  • candle sticks
  • ceramics
  • planters

Here are some natural elements.

Vintage wood spindle candlesticks*. Books covered in adhesive backed burlap. I love this stuff.

winter decorating

Rustic stone planter with cotton balls. A little bit of green moss for filler and color contrast. I love the different textures.

winter decorating

Wood tobacco basket with gathered twigs* tied with natural fabric bow. I like this setting for the contrast in shapes and textures.

winter decorating

Twine~wrapped books. These have been on the coffee table and are now one the bookcase. I never get tired of them.

winter decorating

Brown craft paper covered book paired with a white candle.

winter decorating

Vintage stained wood box. One of my favorite things ever and this is my most favorite way I’ve ever used it.

winter decorating

Chalkboard stained wood frame with ChalkArt in Peace & Joy and stencils. (a A Maker’s Studio ~ DIY project to come.) I used 4 different stencils to create this sign. Any chalk sign adds a natural element to your decor.

winter decorating

All these things are naturally in shades of beige, ecru, taupe, cream, browns, and natural wood tones. These elements have warmth to them. Although I don’t remember this being mentioned, I stayed away from metallics. We love silver, gold and copper, but they have a cold vibe. I either put away my metallic pieces or moved them to the background.

The only metallic I included was this vintage “crate” because it has a matte finish.

winter decorating

Greenery in your Winter Decor

I read in a post that you should pick one extra color beside white in your winter decor; the exception was no red since we just had our fill of that color during the holidays. As my extra color and as a natural element, I chose green, as in real and faux greenery, to give a little pop of soft color. The shades of soft greens give just enough contrast with the whites, creams and browns, but don’t jump out at you.

I did mix faux greenery with real. I had several pieces of greenery (not garland) that I did not use during the holidays. Throughout the living room, I mixed the 2 together to get the fullness I needed.

On the mantle I mixed some greenery that I did not use from Christmas with real eucalyptus, tied with more of the natural ribbon.

winter decorating

More faux greenery left over from Christmas in the wood box. This is the easiest arrangement to make.

winter decorating

This faux wreath* was a lucky find last week. Super on sale and it will probably reappear next Christmas. I like the idea of a bird in the wreath plus the contrast of white with green and the different textures.

winter decorating

Mantle Winter Decor

Here is the mantle after all the Christmas decorations were removed and before the winter decor. Poor thing. Bare and so sad.

bare mantle

For the complete mantle today, you can see how the elements of white, natural materials and greenery work together. Shape and pattern play a role here.

winter decorating

Ceramic vases ~ flea market finds
Cotton stems ~ on left, from Roundtop, 2015; on right, purchased last week, Hobby Lobby, 50% off (I think I’m going to combine the two and mix them up for a more equal look.)
Books with burlap covers ~ on hand
Glass vase with wood bead handle ~ Kirkland’s from 2017
White candle ~ battery~operated from Rutherford’s, 2014
Vintage wood spindle candlesticks ~ Ballard & Blakely, Dallas, on sale
Greenery ~ faux from Hobby Lobby, eucalyptus from Trader Joe’s

Bookshelf Winter Decor

After removing all the Christmas decorations, the bookshelf looked like this. Plain Jane and Bare Betty.

Bookshelf before Winter Decor

The bookshelf is a such a big focal point in our living room that it has to be decorated. It is a major part of our living room decor.

winter decorating

Books ~ on hand
Burlap bags ~ a freebie
Wood frame, ChalkArt and stencil ~ A Maker’s Studio
Cypress wreath ~ Mate Cates and Company, Dallas, on sale
Bird cage ~ flea market
Remington Sure Shot Vintage Box ~ estate sale
Greenery ~ Hobby Lobby, on sale
Lamp ~ I think Target, but might have been At Home, 2017
Tobacco basket ~ Joann, on sale, 2017
Twig branches ~ Joann, on sale, 2019
Natural ribbon ~ in my Christmas wrapping box
White ceramic vases ~ flea market, luncheon
Galvanized metal crate ~ I think Roundtop 2015

Coffee Table and Sofa Winter Decor

The coffee table called for a simple arrangement. I brought out our coffee table books and added the stone planter and cotton balls and white candles. Nothing was new here, but I love the textures and candles. Obviously, the pillow from last year (Target, but I added the pom~poms.) add white, texture, coziness and comfort.

winter decor coffee table

On the sofa, I also added a big throw.

white throw and pillow

Confession: the throw is actually 2 yards of fabric from Joann that I used as our tree skirt this year. Once I removed our Dicken’s Village, I just shook it out really good. It is so soft.

winter decor sofa

If you are in the mood to create a calming, cozy winter decor for your home, I hope these ideas and photos have given you some inspiration.

And please, PIN it for your winter decor inspiration.

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  1. I just love that wood box! Your home looks so pretty all decorated for winter. I put away all my Christmas decor and am enjoying the clean, fresh look but I feel like I need to add something already! So far, only a few pinecones made it out, but I love your ideas! Happy New Year!

    1. Shelly, you are so sweet! Actually, I almost didn’t buy that box, but I’m so happy that I did. There are several Christmas decorations I packed up and realize I could have kept them out for winter. Next year I’ll know better.

  2. Love your winter look. The self-adhesive burlap and twine wrapped books are the best. I’ve tied books with twine but never seen the self-adhesive burlap. Everything looks cozy.

  3. I love your cozy look. I am more into color. As I suffer from mild seasonal affective disorder (there is NOT enough winter sunshine in Maine and I am NOT a winter-outdoors person to start with), color is a cheap upper to me!. MY small tree is not down yet but I did hang a pastel Valentine garland that I made in the archway. At least it made me take the Christmas cards down; I have made a start. At the rate I’m moving, I think I will just graduate to some Valentine’s colors; there is too much for neutrals outside as it is; snow is supposed to turn to freezing rain; that’s OK, I’ve got plenty of groceries and projects!

  4. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who likes to decorate for winter too. Helps get through those cold months and makes your house cozy. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Chas,this is the first time I remember intentionally decorating for winter, but it won’t be the last.I love the warmth and color it created. It will last until spring! Thank you for dropping by and your comment.

  5. Your home is lovely and cozy for winder. After Christmas my house seems to need a little something so your post inspired me to add a bit of greenery. Happy New Year, Kippi

  6. I also have a truly antique wooden box that I’ve used for books on the floor for years. I may move it up to a table and feature it thanks to your idea! The box is from the Lautz Brothers Soap company. These were the men of our family who came over from Darmstadt, Germany in the 1800s.

    1. Nancy, I’ve had that box for maybe 30 years and never thought before to get it off the floor. For years we stored the kids’ movies in it. It’s been empty for quite awhile now and I was so happy to put it to good use. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting; I really appreciate it.

  7. Love that “throw” trick lol Your home looks beautiful! I especially love the natural color palette and use of natural decor. I have a similar old wooden box and I love using it for greens in the winter as well. Love that blue lamp. Thanks for the tips and for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

    1. Kathy, I really appreciate your feedback.You are always so sweet to mention a link up. You’re the second person who mentioned that they have a wooden box. There are probably more of them out there that could be put to good use. Have a great week.

    1. Katie, sweet friend, thank you so much. Our house definitely has a warmer feel to it this year ~ even though it’s too darn cold outside.

  8. Carol, your Winter décor is just beautiful! Love what you have done! Your home is just so lovely! I always enjoy your posts. Your DIY’s are great and you do such a wonderful job of explaining everything. I, too, enjoy doing Winter touches throughout our home. We live in Manitoba, Canada and we built our retirement home overlooking a lake and an island. This year, our lake as 4 1/2′ of ice! It is so pretty this winter to look out and see the peacefulness. Our Pine trees look so nice with all the snow on the branches. This has been a real change for us to be home here this year for winter! It was -40 this past week with a wind chill of -50! So, we are definitely missing our time on South Padre Island, Texas. This is the first time we are home in the last 15 years. However, hopefully, we can go next year. Have a great week!

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