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13 Fabulous Winter Home Decor Ideas for a Cozy Space

How do you decorate your home after the holidays are over? After the Christmas decorations have been removed, it’s time for adding winter decor. Here are 13 fabulous winter home decor ideas to give you inspiration to create a cozy space for the winter months.

After the glitz and bling of Christmas decor, it’s so nice to take a breath and tone down our home decor for the winter season.

Do you wonder how to transition from holiday decor to winter decor? 

And then, what is winter decor? 

Let’s talk about what it takes to create a home that feels wintery without feeling cold.

First, let’s look at how to prepare our homes for winter decorating. 

Winter decor is a more minimal approach to decorating our homes. The colors can be inspired by nature with a softly neutral palette. Or you may choose to mix those neutral hues with rich deep colors of green or blue.

Lots of natural materials and texture are part of winter decor style.

How to Get Ready for Winter Decor After Christmas

  1. When packing up your Christmas decorations, discard any that have broken parts, pieces missing or ones that just look old. 
  2. Pack up decorations that are in good condition, but you no longer want. Donate them to schools, churches or women’s shelters.
  3. Discard any old lights that do not work.
  4. After all the Christmas boxes are put away, Give your home a good dusting and vacuuming.
  5. Remove any shiny, glitzy decorations or accessories.
  6. Set aside to re-use seasonally appropriate winter décor.

After all the Christmas decorations are packed away and the house has been dusted and tidied up, we can now focus on adding all those winter decor accessories. 

What Colors Lend Themselves to a Winter Color Palette?

You want to decide on your winter color scheme. These natural colors of the seasonal outdoors work best:

  • winter white
  • cream
  • ecru
  • taupe
  • shades of brown
  • shades of green
  • shades of blue

What Elements Give our Homes a Sense of Inviting, Warm and Cozy? 

  • natural elements
  • pine cones
  • evergreen trees and fresh or faux branches
  • winter-looking greenery
  • birch logs
  • anything wood – slices, beads, boxes, trays, baskets
  • nature-inspired pieces
  • green plants
  • throws
  • pillows
  • faux fur 
  • white or cream candles
  • lots of texture
  • winter scents 

Now that we have some basic idea of what it takes to create a home with a warm winter feel, let’s look at the fabulous winter decor ideas I found for you.

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Winter Home Decor: 13 Fabulous Ideas

This collection of winter decor ideas is a variety of winter vignettes, examples of home design, and DIY projects. I know you’ll find an idea or two that you will like to use in your own home.

winter decor ideas

Enjoy them all.

13 Winter Decorating Ideas for You

winter decor season family room

5 Ideas for Your Winter Family Room

Carol of Through My Front Porch shares some helpful ideas for creating a warm environment in your family room for winter. The simplicity of her family room leaves plenty of space for cozy winter nights. Check out her pretty little mantel vignette.

winter decor mantel with greenery

Green Winter Mantel

Yasmin of Graceful Dreams shares the perfect winter mantel – lots of natural greenery, birch logs, and candles. Simple, but full of lush greenery for that pop of color that even winter decor needs. That isn’t the only pretty winter design trick she has – there are 11 more.

winter decor accessories with greenery, pine cones

How to Use Pine Cones and Lights

I love how Carrie of French Blue Cottage shows the best use of combining winter accessories. The natural elements of greenery and pine cones in a wood bucket are given a big surprise with the addition of white fairy lights.

white mantel with wood mantel for winter decor

Wood and White Snowflakes

Here’s another way to decorate your mantel for winter. This natural wood mantel against the white-painted brick is a strong contrast. Rachel Joy of Joyful Derivatives even shares how to make a whimsical snowball garland.

white winter arrangement

Shades of Whites on the Coffee Table

Yvonne of Stonegable Blog has great suggestions for transitioning to winter decor. I love her mix of winter whites in different materials and textures.

green trees in winter decor

Reuse Those Christmas Trees

Vanessa of At the Picket Fence shows you how to reuse Christmas trees and other greenery for winter decor. Mixing the green trees with natural materials – burlap, wood, and pine cones – adds just the right tone.

winter decor chair with faux fur throw

9 Ideas for Adding Winter Warmth

I love how Lori of Designthusiam mixes textures, shapes and materials for a warm and cozy winter feel. I want to sit in that chair with the furry throw and a cup of tea by the fire.

greenery in vase in winter decor

Ideas to Transition to Winter Decor

Kelley Nan shares 9 awesome ideas on how to add winter elements to your home. This simple arrangement in a woven tray focuses on how to use green to infuse your home with life in winter.

winter decor vignette

Natural Elements in a Winter Vignette

Simply Beautiful by Angela shares one of my favorite winter vignettes. I love the combination of a wood tree, a green tree, a woven tray, and metal pails. Plus there is a great sign.

winter decor with white sweaters and basket

Cozy Winter Vignettes

This pretty vignette from Shawna of Willow Bloom Home doesn’t need the cute sign to tell you it’s winter, but it adds to the overall vibe of this scene. Lots of texture from sweaters and yarn and muted green from a faux sprig. Add in a few pine cones, and you have a great focal point.

winter decor front door wreath

Winter Wreath

Who says you can’t have a wreath after winter? Dinah of DIY Inspired shows you how to make a simple winter wreath using a basket, burlap, and greenery with pops of white spiked with pine cones for your front door.

pine cones and greenery in wood tray

Making a Pine Cone Centerpiece

Pine cones are iconic winter elements. Their color and natural shape and brown color are perfect for a winter centerpiece anywhere in your home. Ananda of A Piece of Rainbow shows how to make snowy pine cones and use them in this arrangement.

white snowflake on wood for winter decor

Rustic Snowflake DIY for Winter

Winter is when it snows so what could be more perfect than making a cute snowflake accessory for your winter decor? Kelly of North Country Nest shows you how to make this easy winter project.

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