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Tips for Kitchen and Breakfast Room Winter Decor

Kitchen and breakfast room winter decor is really easy to create. Since our kitchens are the heart of our homes, there is no better place to add details and touches for a warm and welcoming feeling for your family and friends.

It isn’t too hard to create that feeling of warmth using items you already had. I have some tips for kitchen and breakfast room winter decor that you can easily copy.

I love to challenge myself to create new looks and vignettes with old standbys. Since tweaking is one of my favorite things, for my kitchen and breakfast room winter decor, I mixed up items in new ways and arrangements. It is so satisfying to create while spending little or no money and still get a fabulous look.

Tips for Kitchen and Breakfast Room Winter Decor

I recently shared how I used different winter elements in our living room to give a feeling of welcome and coziness during the cold weather months. During winter, our rooms can feel bare, cold, and empty without some esthetic warmth added.

Let’s take another look at the winter decor suggestions I previously shared.

Winter Decor Guidelines Reviewed

If you remember from my winter decor living room post, a few ideas guided my decor choices:

  • the color palette is simple ~ white
  • the esthetic is casual ~ nothing fancy or detailed; more minimal than busy
  • the materials used are natural and readily available
  • accessories you already have will work in the winter decor

White, White, White Winter Decor

The great thing about decorating your kitchen and breakfast room for winter is you can use items you already have in your home.

For the kitchen, your existing color palette will be your guide. You’re probably not going to paint your kitchen cabinets or walls or change your backsplash just to create a winter palette. Fortunately, for me, my kitchen is classic white ~ cabinets, backsplash, and dishes.

My everyday dishes are white and I’ve collected random white dishes at flea markets, estate sales, and garage sales. For my kitchen and breakfast room winter decor, it was just a matter of pulling them out of the cabinets, rearranging and grouping them.

I already use the built~in display cabinet in our kitchen for several white dishes. I actually took a few away to give a little breathing space. The “L” on the top shelf was originally on the bookcase in our living room. Behind the white dishes, I placed 2 silver trays, not for winter decor, but as a place just to keep them.

The chalkboard sign to the left was made with ChalkArt and stencils from A Maker’s Studio. All I did was erase “Merry Christmas” from above the beautiful Season for Everything stencil design. Being able to erase a design easily with a damp paper towel is one of the great features of this ChalkArt.

Winter decor display

On the kitchen countertop, I pulled out most of our bowls that we use on a daily basis from the cabinets. Then I placed them on a white square cake plate.

This move served 3 purposes:

  • gave me more white dishes to display
  • made the bowls more easily accessible
  • freed up some needed cabinet space.

And I love my Mud Pie Cookie Jar (It really has Cherrios in it.)

kitchen winter decor
kitchen winter decor

On the same counter, I added a small white platter with munchies for cold winter nights.

kitchen decor

On the opposite side of the kitchen, I repeated the white cake stand idea. This time I added all the ramekins that we use all the time. Now I don’t have to open a drawer to get one. My small jars from Anthropologie also are on the cake plate.

kitchen decor

Sweet Shark had been complaining that I had too many kitchen utensils stuffed in one large Le Creuset crock so I divided them up into threes.

The white crock is another flea market find and the 2 matching jars are terra cotta that I painted a few years ago. Much better. The wood spoons and rolling pins provide a nice contrast with the white containers. The wood cheese board was a birthday gift from my son many years ago. Did you notice my “cheese rat”?

I love the “bless this house” framed sign that I made with stencils and ChalkArt from A Maker’s Studio.

kitchen decor

Just last weekend, I found this awesome white enamel container at Hobby Lobby at 50% off. It just might get a stencil sign on it. Too cute and I’m sure I will find something to put in it. Flowers in the spring?

enamel container

I love the simple stripes from these new dish towels (A freebie with some cleaning supplies I ordered last fall.)

kitchen decor

Natural Elements in Winter Decor

The natural elements you would use in your living spaces can also be used in the kitchen and breakfast room. I didn’t use all of these in my kitchen and breakfast room winter decor, but I did include several (in bold).

  • wood 
  • baskets
  • signs
  • burlap
  • fabric
  • paper
  • candles 
  • ceramics
  • planters

You are probably not going to have fabric ~ pillows and throws in the kitchen, but you might in the breakfast room, on chairs or a bench. But most of the other natural elements can and should find their way into the kitchen and breakfast room winter decor.

And let’s not forget that many of these items overlap.

Greenery and Wood in the Kitchen

Greenery can definitely be used in the kitchen and breakfast room

I used my rectangle rustic wood tray from Kirkland’s (a 2017 purchase).  (Here’s a similar one.)What did I fill it with? More greenery, most of which is real from my local grocery store. I did stick in a couple of pieces that I didn’t pack from Christmas. I love the softness of the greenery.

For more color, I added winter fruit with pears in 3 different colors.

kitchen decor
winter decor greenery

The tray is sitting on our little island that really is still a console because I have so procrastinated in transforming it (#1 on my project list for this year!! and yes, you can see where I was playing with a little white paint.).

winter tray with fruit

Overall, our kitchen is still light and bright (We get strong southern light in the winter.), but warm and welcoming. Although white is the dominant color, shades of blue add a bit of soft contrast.

kitchen decor

Candles, Wood, Greenery in the Breakfast Room

In the breakfast room, I moved an antique ship’s captain toolbox from the floor on to the console table and opened it up. This antique has such character and I haven’t used it enough. The warm element of wood gives me a place to add white candles (from Target), more real greenery and paperwhites (from Trader Joe’s.) Can’t wait for the flowers to bloom.

The glass candle holder and rustic metal stand on the left is a very long time possession.

kitchen winter decor
kitchen winter decor

The battery~operated candle in my lantern is from Rutherford’s, another local design store.

kitchen winter decor

On the round table (an update from last year), I added a burlap runner, which I made a few years ago. On top, I stacked a few cutting boards ~ love the natural wood and the shapes contrast with the round table.

Sweet Shark has been telling me that our pothos needed more light so I moved it to the breakfast room table where it also provides greenery in a lovely white ceramic planter. This setting combines wood, white, greenery, and burlap.

breakfast room table
breakfast room table

Hope you enjoyed some more winter decor inspiration in our kitchen and breakfast room. I have thoroughly enjoyed decorating for seasonal winter decor. Usually, I just let things go until spring, but I love how warm and cozy our home feels just by adding whites, natural materials, and greenery.

The only new items I bought were the white candles, the greenery and the white enamel container. The pears will eventually be eaten!

I encourage you to PIN these ideas for your own kitchen and breakfast room winter decor.

pin for later graphic in blue

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  1. Love it all, especially the white! Funny, I have been searching for a week for my wooden dough bowl so that I could fill it with greenery and pine cones! Hopefully it’ll turn up, it’s a favorite of mine in the winter (along with a large vintage wooden tool box). Wish my kitchen/the back of my house got some decent sun. Makes all the difference doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen|Our Hopeful Home

    1. Kathleen, I have to admit I love white, much more than I used to. Such a great crisp background for any other color. I hope you find your dough bowl. We have one from France ~ it’s the old mustard colored clay kind, not the wood type. Thanks for hosting every week.

  2. I am in love with the wood box filled with greenery and candles! Your kitchen is light, bright, and so welcoming!

  3. HI Carol,
    I love these ideas. I ne ver thought to sort my utensils and it looks great on the counter. I love Trader Joe finds! Our closest TJ isa bit of a drive so it’s more like a field trip than an errand! Looks great and we can never have enough white dishes! xo laura

    1. Laura, Thank you so much for dropping by and I’m so glad that you like the winter decor ideas. We are fortunate to have 3 Trader Joe’s within 15 minutes. It just depends where I am at the time.I don’t grocery shop much there, but I love their flowers and the prices. I totally agree on the white dishes.