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5 Ideas for Master Bedroom Winter Decor

Who doesn’t want their bedroom to have a warm and cozy feel? Baby, it may be cold outside, but, inside winter decor can create the feel of a warm cocoon. So I’m sharing how I created a cocoon with 5 ideas for master bedroom winter decor.

These 5 ideas for your master bedroom winter decor will give you some inspiration for your own pretty bedroom.

Creating master bedroom winter decor isn’t hard. I created the warmth and feel I wanted mostly with items from our home. These 5 ideas should get you started on your own warm and cozy winter decor.

5 Ideas for Master Bedroom Winter Decor

This post contains links to products that I love, use and highly recommend. If you should order any product from this site, I may receive compensation.

At the end of the post, I’ll share the resources for our master bedroom winter decor.

I’ve shared ideas for winter decor accessories. Like any room, the master bedroom can be decorated for winter. Many of the same elements in your living room and kitchen can be used in the bedroom.

  • pillows
  • throws
  • candles
  • flowers or greenery
  • wood
  • baskets
  • signs
  • fabric
  • paper
  • candlesticks
  • ceramics
  • planters

The most obvious way to add warmth and a sense of coziness is in your bed linens.

Layered Bed Linens

The first thing I did in our bedroom was to put away the coverlet, pillow shams, and pillows. I replaced them with layers of white. Your whites don’t all have to be in the same shades. Different textures provide more interest.

  • coverlet
  • duvet cover
  • shams
  • pillows

master bedroom winter decor

Ironically, the coverlet and duvet are what I bought last spring for my spring and summer bedroom look. Funny, how white works for winter, too. What makes it work in winter is layering. The pattern of the quilted coverlet contrasts with the smooth down~filled duvet on top.

This is Lovely Layla’s favorite place to nap.

Black lab sleeping

Pillows and Throws

Can you have too many pillows on a bed? Sleeping pillows topped with Euro pillows are always on our bed. And then I like to layer more pillows in varying shapes and textures on top.

We always have extra pillows upstairs for company. For more pillows in our bedroom, I used 2 standard pillows in front of the 3 Euro shams. To give the standard shams some extra cuteness, I added pom~pom trim to them.

For even more layering and texture, I made these no~sew pillows. You won’t believe where the fabric came from. The extra~large pom~poms are leftover from an earlier pillow project. I love the plush texture and feel they add and they repeat the pom~pom theme from the standard shams.

And as the final pillow, I added the monogram pillow I made last spring.

master bedroom winter decor

I wanted more layering and a little soft pop of color ~ nothing stark. I love grey in winter decor ~ I have a lot of grey in my winter wardrobe ~ since it’s softer than black and has so many color variations. Sweet Shark gave me a beautiful cashmere shawl for Christmas in a deep grey and I thought it would be perfect on top of our coverlet. I can take it off to wear whenever I wanted.

master bedroom winter decor

I love the contrast of the grey and white.

Poking through one of our guest room closets, I found a throw that I made last year for Christmas and completely forgot about. It was a lighter shade of grey with a snowflake design. I had trimmed it in pom~poms.

I had an “ah” moment, bought it downstairs, and threw it on the bed. It was perfect, not just from a winter decor standpoint, but I have used it almost every evening for extra warmth on cold nights.

master bedroom winter decor

Places to Sit

I think every bedroom needs a comfortable chair or seating area for reading at the end of the day. This is where Sweet Shark reads when he first comes home from work. It’s his quiet time to transition from work to relaxation while I start dinner.

master bedroom winter decor

The chair on the left is special to me because it was in my parents’ living room when I was growing up. It was a very well~made chair that I’ve had for 25 years. It’s been reupholstered a couple of times and still is in great shape. 

The other chair was Sweet Shark’s. It’s been reupholstered also. Both chairs have been in our bedroom at both homes since we married.

The reading table (which belonged to Sweet Shark’s grandmother was originally a medium stain. When we first moved into our present home, I painted it.

It was in our living room until last year when we moved it into our bedroom. It’s smaller than the previous round glass~topped table, which is now our breakfast room table and has a better scale for this space.

Every reading space needs a place for a small lamp. The lamp base is a garage sale find from years ago that I painted white and washed over with light grey. I just changed out the lampshade (a fabric one I made) to a new linen one.

lamp with white shade

Because the lamp is short, I covered several large books with white craft paper for more height and for a more coherent look.

white covered books

A few books, a  white candle, a small vase of greenery, and another French~script stencil in a white frame provides the sense of calm that this area deserves. The little lace and beaded book is the Bible Sweet Shark was given when he was baptized. It’s a family treasure.

It’s also nice to have a bench to sit on for putting shoes and socks on. We have had the bench at the foot of our bed for 20 years and it is used every single day.

Since I have a hard time seeing the TV from bed, I often sit on the bench for watching the news at night.  When we moved into our present home, we had it reupholstered in a bright yellow geometric pattern. Here’s what it looks like as well as our usual duvet.

yellow bench cushion

Last spring I bought a fluffy, furry throw that I thought I would use to make a seat cover for my office stool,  but I wanted to cover the bedroom bench and I thought this throw would do the trick.

All I did was spread it over the bench and tuck it under the bench cushion. Perfect fit!! And I love the cozy look and the warm feel.

master bedroom winter decor

I made a trip to Home Goods last week (I hadn’t been there in months.)  I find the best things (dishes, towels, decor, bath gel) just walking up and down every aisle. I always find great pillows there too.

I think I hit the jackpot when I found these rectangle, grey checked pillows. Two fit perfectly on the bench. I love checks and the grey fits in my master bedroom winter decor. The pillows also add extra support and comfort to the bench. They are zippered so I can make other pillow covers.

master bedroom winter decor

master bedroom winter decor

The dark grey cashmere shawl, the medium~light grey snowflake throw, and the light grey check pillows together add pattern, texture, and color to our master bedroom winter decor.

White Accessories

I shared in our living room and kitchen winter decor how I used white in vases, pitchers, bowls. The bedroom is no exception.

A tall pitcher on our console filled with water and greens. Next to it a white frame with a French script stencil from A Maker’s Studio.

White vase and stenciled frame

A small round vase with real greenery on the reading table. Stacks of books with white covers.

white covered books

White throw on the wing chair.

Master bedroom chari


Candles are the best way to add warmth and ambiance to any room. A bedroom lends itself especially to glowing candles.

On my nightstand.

master bedroom winter decor

On the reading table. The white ceramic stand is from the dollar section of Target. I bought 5 just to have them.

white candle on table

Across the room from our bed is our console table. I originally bought it in Atlanta for our entry where it stayed until last spring. I love having a piece of furniture to anchor our Venice scene and give us more display space for books, pictures and other accessories.

I kept it simple here with white candles and white candlesticks. The candlestick on the far right was gold just until a few days ago. The other 2 candlesticks are brand new, but I painted them too. I used Rescue Restore paint in Gathered, a soft light grey.

master bedroom winter decor console


Items without a price mean they had already been purchased and used before this year.

Duvet and Euro Shams ~ Bed, Bath & Beyond
White Coverlet ~ Bed, Bath & Beyond
White Standard Pillow Cases ~ Nate Burkhas for Target ~ set of 2 ~ $19.99
Pom~Pom Trim ~ Hobby Lobby ~ on sale, .99/yard
Snowflake fleece fabric ~ Joann
Faux Fur Throw (used to cover bench) ~ Target
Pillar Candles ~ Target, $3.99 each
2 Candlesticks ~ HomeGoods, $12.99 and $14.99
White Lamp Shade ~ Target, $9.99
2 Grey Check Pillows ~ HomeGoods, $19.99 each
2 White Picture Frames ~ Target, $4.00
White Ceramic Stand ~ Target, $1
Small White Vase ~ Hobby Lobby $3.50

Flea Market Finds

White Pitcher
Lamp Stand

So there you have my 5 ideas for master bedroom winter decor.

  • lots of layered bed linens for a plush and luxurious look
  • pillows and throws for warmth
  • comfortable places to sit for relaxation
  • winter white accessories
  • candles for ambiance

You may not include all of these ideas in your bedroom, but even 1 or 2 will add a wonderful feeling of coziness on a cold winter night. I hope that you will PIN these master bedroom winter decor ideas.

pin for later graphic in blue


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  1. What a gorgeous winter bedroom! I’m with you on the whole pillow thing. I wish we had room at the foot of our bed for a bench….yours is perfect. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm. xo Kathleen

  2. LOVE this post, Carol! And I can’t wait to hear about your no-sew pillows! I just kept staring at the pillows on your bed… so lovely! And your winter decor tips are just great! Thanks for sharing on Homestyle Gathering!

  3. Love all your tips and your winter decor in your bedroom! I especially love the way you covered the bench at the end of your bed! That was the icing on the cake!

  4. Hi Carol! I do love all the white and greys together ~ so pretty and it has that soft etherealness which I love. Pinned several photos for you and I do like all the ideas you have shared. Looking forward to doing a little decorating in our bedroom as we move into our new home here in March sometime. 🙂

    Looking forward to reading more on the blog hop,
    Barb 🙂

  5. Carol, thank you so much for sharing your comfy, cozy winter Master Bedroom with us at the Homestyle Gathering link party. It looks so relaxing. I especially love all the soft looking pillows on your bed. Beautiful!

  6. Carol, you have created such a beautiful and cozy bedroom….perfect for the winter months! I love the seating area you created, and how you incorporated family treasures into the space. It has been so much fun being on this hop with you!!!

  7. Carol, I love the layering on your bed and I really like how you covered your bench in the faux white fur. It looks great with those grey checked pillows. I’ve been trying to stay out of HomeGoods because I get into to much trouble, ha ha! I’m actually trying to save for several big projects and a trip for next year. Love your bedroom!

  8. Wow Carol what a detailed post full of amazing ideas for creating a cozy winter bedroom. The layers on your bed are lovely! We also added two wing chairs to our bedroom last spring and we used them every single day. You have so many lovely accessories and I love that you have sentimental pieces mixed in with new finds.

    Thank you so much for joining our Cozy Winter Blog Hop. I hope you enjoy the rest of winter!

  9. Your bedroom is so pretty. I love all of the pillows that you used and am looking forward to reading your pillow tutorial. I wish my bedroom was large enough for a reading area like you have. It must be so relaxing to enjoy sitting there. I enjoyed your cozy bedroom tips very much!

  10. Carol, I love white accessories and accents much of the year, too. You can combine other colors with it, and it always feels fresh and bright. You definitely created a beautiful haven in your bedroom!

  11. Beautiful and cozy bedroom Carol. I love pillows on a bed but every single night, the Mister throws them on the floor. Ugh. And I wish I had room at the end of our bed for a bench. It would be handy.

    1. Cindy, I know just what you mean. Sweet Shark puts the ones on his side on the floor out of the way. We try and keep them where Layla can’t get her black lab hair on them.

  12. HI Carol,
    I saw those grey checked pillows at one of our HG.
    I love that white pillow on your bed (the one with details to follow).
    We have a similar layout and space where you have 2 chairs. My hubs loves an ottoman so I have to figure out that spacing! Happy MLK Day! xo laura in CO

    1. Hi Laura, HomeGoods really has great pillows for the price. Tutorial on the pillow coming Wednesday. We had an ottoman in our other house but it disappeared in the move. 😂 😂 Have a great day and thanks for dropping by.