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7 Ideas for Using Wall Treatments in Your Home Decor

Accessories in our homes are like the earrings that make a little black dress special. Have you thought of art as an accessory that will give your home that something unique? I’m sharing ideas for using wall treatments in your home decor.

We usually think of accessories as lamps, pillows, plants, throws, trays, baskets ~ you know anything that can be moved around. These ideas for using wall treatments in your home decor will show you what a great accessory art can be.

Art can be such a personal choice, from the style, the colors, the subject matter. Do you like landscapes, abstracts, impressionist, still~life?

I have found that my style has changed over the last few years. I have always loved the impressionist genre, but as I get older (yes, that is happening!), I like more simple, colorful, and modern art.

I really admire people who have “an eye” for art. I’ve come to realize that art doesn’t have to be just art.

Let’s think wall treatment, not just art. That can open a world of possibilities.

7 Ideas for Using Wall Treatments in Your Home Decor

Since I recently added a new piece of art to our home, I started thinking about other ways to add wall treatments to add color, pattern and style.

Wall treatments don’t have to be just art. Just about anything that can be hung on a wall in an attractive way can create a beautiful focal point.


Our mantels are prime home decor real estate. One way to create an interesting wall treatment is by layering art. The simple black frames make the art pop against the white wall. Not every piece of art has to be hung on the wall!

The placement of these engravings from Jamie at So Much Better with Age demonstrates how easy it is to create a dramatic look with just a few pieces of framed art.

Ideas for using wall treatments


Frames are some of the best flea market finds. I have several right now that I should use for a wall treatment arrangement. This example from Kristen of Kristen Duke Photography shows how stunning the use of just frames can be as a wall treatment.

What makes this wall treatment so interesting?

  • The gold metallic frames contrast so well with the black frames
  • Attaching a few frames to the wall frames adds depth and an interesting focal point
  • The use of letters adds a personal touch
  • Inserting frames within frames adds depth
Ideas for using wall treatments


So many items can be framed and used as art in our home. The DIY Playbook has some great suggestions:

  • postcards
  • greeting cards
  • photographs
  • keys
  • vintage recipes
  • vintage letters
  • home blueprint
  • handkerchief
Ideas for using wall treatments
  • fabric ~ you can see how I did this in our dining room


I couldn’t share ideas about how to use wall treatments without including some farmhouse decor.

Farmhouse collections are about curating different items to look cohesive. This farmhouse wall treatment from The Distressed Princess has all the farmhouse goodies you could want:

  • a vintage clock
  • vintage ~ or made to look vintage shutters
  • farmhouse style light
Ideas for using wall treatments

A gallery wall is a group of art ~ quite often individual photographs or illustrations ~ that create one cohesive wall treatment. The grouping usually has a common subject matter. Gallery walls can be on a large wall and also work well in a hallway..

Christene of Christene Holder Home shows exactly how to design a show~stopping gallery wall.

Ideas for using wall treatments


Where do you place your art? How do you know how to space your art in a pleasing way?

Danica of Nadine Stays shares a great graphic for making sure your wall treatments are spot on in terms of placement. Be sure to read her explanations.

Ideas for using wall treatments


Maybe before you even think about hanging and displaying artwork, you have to find art. I know there are hundreds of resources, both brick and mortar and online.

I recently discovered PHOTOWALL for my new botanical canvas print. And lucky you ~ they have asked me to share a 25% off discount code for any product. Use the code blueskyathome25 (all lowercase).

So, how to choose art? Some people just know when a piece of art is right. Others, like me, need a little guidance. Magnolia shares several ways to help you choose wall treatments that will be perfect for your own home.

Ideas for using wall treatments

Did you something new from these ideas about art and wall treatments. I always learn from researching and reading about new topics.

Need to keep these ideas for your future wall treatment projects? Be sure to PIN it.

Ideas for using wall treatments
Ideas for using wall treatments
Ideas for using wall treatments

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