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13 Best Ways to Choose a Rug

Do you have rugs in your home? Rugs have become essential home decor accessories. Do you know all the best ways to choose a rug for your home? I finished searching for how to select a rug. I found 13 best ways to choose a rug for your living room.

Why am I so interested in the best ways to choose a rug for your living room? Because we are ready to replace our current living room rug with a new one.

In December, our new sofa and two swivel chairs were delivered. We rearranged the living room furniture a bit. Now is the time to really focus on completing our living room arrangement.

To do that we will need several new accessories. The first and most important is a new rug.

Choosing a new rug for the living room will be a big purchase, in time and money. A living room rug is a major investment in money and the impact it will have on the look of your main living space. I want to get it right the first time – fingers crossed.

Several years ago when I was redoing our dining room, I chose and sent back 2 or 3 rugs (Thank goodness that Wayfair has a generous return policy.) Because I was on a deadline, I rushed to HomeGoods and found a rug I loved. That rug lasted for almost 9 years. We replaced it last year. (After we were certain that Nola was housetrained.)

TIP: My one piece of advice is to make sure that the rug can be returned if the size, color, or shape doesn’t work out in your space.

Before we started shopping for new furniture last year, I had an interior home stylist that a friend recommended over to take a look at our living room (which is an open floor plan with our kitchen and breakfast room). I had ideas and I wanted fresh (and professional) eyes to tell me if I was on the right track.

Fortunately, she confirmed my ideas and gave me suggestions. Even though we planned to get a much smaller sofa and get rid of one large chair, she advised that we needed a bigger rug. I didn’t see that coming.

Now that we have the new furniture, I can see that she is probably right about the size issue. Still . . . .

If you know me, I do a ton of research before I make a big purchase.

I went to Pinterest and Google to gather some valuable information. I found 13 of the best ways to choose a rug for your living room.

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How to Choose a Rug for Your Living Room: 13 Best Ways

As you read these articles, you’ll notice some overlap in what is recommended. I find that reassuring. It means there is consensus on the hows, whys, and whats of the best ways to choose rugs for your living room.

Many of these articles also have links to their favorite rug brands and specific rugs. I decided this was a good time to also get some shopping research done. There were resources I wasn’t familiar with. You might want to make note of them.

I actually found a few rugs I liked and saved them to my new “Favorite Rugs” list. Let the fun begin.

A few months ago, I shared information on my weekly newsletter, the Monday Memo, about where to spend your home decor dollars and where you can save. Fortunately, one of the best places to save on home decor items is rugs. They are now so affordable.

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FYI: Some of the images below are directly from the sites I share and some are stock photography.

best ways to choose a rug
living room with rug

Tips for Rug Placement

Jenna Kate of Jenna Kate At Home shares her tips for where rugs should be placed in a living room. You want to follow her suggestions to find the best placement for your living room rug.

diagrams of where to use rugs in living room

How to Find the Best Rug Size

How do you know the best size rug for your living room? Savannah Kay of Classy Clutter shares tips for determining the size that is best for the size of your room. I love the diagrams she provides.

how to choose a rug for the living room

8 Rug Styling Tips – Do’s and Dont’s

Invaluable (a new resource) shares 8 Rug Styling Tips that will definitely help all of us place our rugs in the best way. Lots of do’s and donts and diagrams.

living room rug

Living Room Area Rug Guide

From Linda of The Home I Create has a great guide to help you find the right size and shape for your living room rug. She gives before and after photos of her own rug mistakes which illustrate the reason to go bigger with your rug selection.

ways to use rugs in a loving room

Rugs 101

If you want a very simple but helpful lesson on rugs, this article from Joanna of Magnolia is for you. We know that Joanna loves rugs and she also shares a selection of rugs from Magnolia as examples.

Living Room Rug Mistakes

Who wants to make a mistake and buy the wrong rug? Not me (did that in our dining room years ago). Wanda of From House to Home shares the mistakes you don’t want to make and how to fix them. Very helpful.

layered rugs in living room

Tips for Layering Rugs

Sometimes one rug isn’t enough for your space or your style. Tina of Eclectic Twist shares 5 ways to achieve this look in several styles.

how to choose a rug for the living room

More Ideas for Layering Rugs

One of my favorite home decor bloggers, Yvonne of Stonegable Blog, shows you exactly how she used layered rugs in her living room. A clear and concise article you’ll gain from.

how to choose a rug for the living room

How to Use Rugs to Make a Space Look Larger

Do you have a small room that needs a rug? Can a rug make a room look larger? Decor Matters shares how rugs can help your room look larger. Definitely one to read if you fall in this category.

best ways to choose a rug

15 Ways to Use a Rug to Brighten a Space

This article from Home and Garden has some great images of how to use color, pattern and other characteristics in choosing a living room rug. Pictures can help you determine what you like or don’t like. This image was my favorite.

best ways to choose a rug

Time to Go Shopping for Your Rug

After you’ve decided on the size, style, color, and material for a new rug, it’s time to start shopping for your perfect rug. Elle Decor shares some beautiful in-room examples of 51 rugs.

how to choose a rug for the living room

How to Pick a Farmhouse Rug

Rugs with a farmhouse vibe are still so popular. How to you decide which farmhouse rug is right for your space? Read this article from Swanky Den – there are lots of examples and links to related articles. I didn’t know there were so many types of farmhouse-style rugs.

best ways to choose a rug

Vintage Style Rugs

If your chosen style of rug leans toward vintage style, this post from Martina of The Lived in Look. gives you plenty of affordable ideas for vintage-style rugs. I definitely lean toward this style.

I hope you PIN this post, visit each selection, and PIN each one. I’ve PINNED most of these 13 best ways to choose a rug to my HOME DECOR Pinterest Board.

I’d love to know what subjects you are most curious about. Let me know in the comments and I’ll search browse for them. Be sure to PIN to keep these ideas handy.

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best ways to choose a rug

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  1. Great tips Carol! I’m looking for a rug for our family room. They make such a difference when added to a space.