Over 100 Ways to Make Your Home Look More Expensive

We all want our homes to look cozy and comfortable but also be as classy as a 5-star hotel. Most of us don’t have the budget for 5-star hotel interiors, but with these 100 ways to make your home look more expensive, you can feel like you live in one.

I’ve curated ten resources, totaling over 100 ideas and tips for making your home decor look expensive and upscale. You’ll see that you don’t have to spend big on home décor ideas.

Many of these ideas are simple tweaks that take minutes and cost little. Others may involve some new purchases that are budget-friendly. Most share tips that you may not be aware of.

You may have one room or your whole house that needs an update. These ways to give your home a more designer look apply to any room in any home of any size. As we say, it’s the details that matter.

You’ll see that some suggestions are repeated across these resources. That just shows that these ideas are winners. I found several ideas that were new to me. You will appreciate the gems in these resources.

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Ready to see over 100 ways to make your home look more expensive and 5-star designed? Let’s go.

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Make Your Home Look More Expensive – 100 Ways to Get a Designer Look

Focusing on finding new projects, resources, tips, new ideas, and inspiration for you is my main task. I’m constantly discovering fabulous finds to inspire us. My goal is to help you find ideas for your home decor, your crafting, your home organization, and anything about home.

High-End Looking Ideas on a Budget

This stone and marble coffee table may not be everyone’s taste, but the impact is obvious. A stunning piece of furniture instantly upgrades any space. The advice from Sitchu Sydney is to go big and unique.

Over 30 Tips for a More Expensive Look

My favorite tip from Lauren of Blesser House is about updating lampshades. I’ve replaced all our shades with white ones to allow the most light to come through. And all of our lamps are 3-way for ambiance and task lighting.

Use Large Mats on a Gallery Wall

This large gallery wall says grand and expensive. Why? The large mats create a sense of quality focus that small images or mats could never do. This is just one of several great ideas from Cheryl of Living Life Beautiful.

Gold Accents for the Pricey Look

Gold has always been a sign of richness. Home decor accessories are no exception. I’ve used gold frames and gold mirrors in our dining room. In our recent living room updates, I’ve opted for gold metallic accents. The Decoist shares other ways to add a sense of richness to your home.

Budge-Friendly Ideas for Adding a Rich Style

Jess of Oak and Grain Refinishing shares that making your home look more expensive doesn’t have to cost a fortune. These are 5 easy ways to make your home look more high-end that are very budget-friendly. One is this simple update to your outlet covers.

More Space, Less Clutter

Blogging Perspective emphasizes that a cluttered home can never have an upscale look. Bigger, but fewer pieces, will always project a more expensive feel. See what else is suggested.

Top of the 10 – Tall and Wide Drapes

Kirsten McGowan is one of my favorite designers on YouTube. Watch this video as she shares her top 10 ways to add an expensive style to your home. On almost everyone’s list: hang your drapes as high as you can and with extra width to expand the windows.

Focus on the Living Room

Our public living spaces are where we usually focus on upscale design. Chloe of Chloe Dominik shares her ideas for a stunning space. Notice the tall-to-ceiling draperies, the stylish shape of the coffee table, and the black and white accessories.

beautiful flowers for a more expensive look

More Expensive through Simplicity

Sometimes simplicity evokes the greatest sense of richness – like beautiful fresh flowers. See what other ideas Marla of Simply Marla has for you.

Go Big or Go Home

Large items are a recurring feature of these suggestions for a more expensive look. Kim of Tidbits and Twine illustrates the point with a large mirror and a large tub that immediately update a master bathroom. The tile may be budget, but you would never notice.

There is so much to learn from these 100 ways to make your home look more expensive. Enjoy reading through all the resources.

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