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75 Awesome Ways to Use Vinyl Decals

I love using vinyl decals, so I rounded up over 75 awesome ways to use vinyl decals ~ one of my favorite things to make and use.

As we are all spending more time at home, many of us are decluttering, rearranging bookshelves or furniture, or finding new projects to keep us occupied. I thought it would be nice to share these ideas for 75 awesome vinyl decals ~ one of my most popular posts to give you some new inspiration.

A while back I shared how to cut vinyl decals. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “if it doesn’t move, monogram it”? (One of my favorite mottos that I adhere to as a good Southern girl; I think it’s attributed to Reese Witherspoon (a good Southern girl if ever there was one.)

Well, I think the same thing can be said about decals. If you have something that doesn’t move (lazy old dogs and couch potatoes don’t count), you can stick a decal on it.

The possibilities are endless. Even though I think I’ve mastered the technique, I’ve only scratched the surface in my use of decals. But I’m always on the lookout for inspiration. I thought you might be, too. So off to Pinterest I went to scout some ideas for me and you.

I brainstormed a list and then started searching on Pinterest for ways to use vinyl decals. My little list of ideas was a drop in the bucket. The list grew and grew. And it’s still growing.

75 Awesome Ways to Use Vinyl Decals

Disclaimer: When possible, I’ve made every effort to give you links to the original source of the vinyl decals. I am in no way affiliated with any of these links.

Iron~On Vinyl Decals

Tote Bags

These 2 bags show you just how cute a plain purchased tote bag can become with a little imagination. Your vinyl decal can be simple with 1 color or multidimensional with 2 colors.

pink and white bags with vinyl decals

1    2


We all love pillows to decorate our homes. Pillows with writing and images that evoke the esthetic of our home are even better. Holidays especially lend themselves to using vinyl decals to decorate pillows. Whether it’s a monogram, an image, a word or a saying, vinyl decals are a super~easy way to add personality to our personal space.

4 pillows with vinyl decals

1    2    3


What’s cuter than a t~shirt or a onesie with a saying on it? Iron~on vinyl decals (sometimes called transfers) add so much individuality to a simple piece of clothing.

t sirts with vinyl decals

1   2

Regular Vinyl

The great thing about vinyl decals is that the vinyl comes in so many colors and finishes from matte to shiny to glittery. These uses can be practical, strictly decorative or both.

Vinyl Decals for Labels

Let’s count the places

  • laundry room
  • kitchen pantry
  • playroom
  • office
  • garage
  • school

In the Laundry Room

  • individual laundry baskets

In the Kitchen

  • in the pantry for staples, such as flour, sugar, rice, pasta, nuts

jars in pantry with vinyl decals

1    2

  • cutting boards
  • drawers
  • utensil holders
  • trash cans
  • mixer

1   2

  • individual glasses, mugs, cups

1    2

  • party glasses ~ here’s some dollar store wine glasses that I decorated by making stars from vinyl; I’ve also made hearts for Valentine’s and polka dots

Red, White and Blue glasses with vinyl stars

In the Office

  • filing drawers
  • supplies
  • paper storage

cricut machine, fine drawers with vinyl decals

1      2

  • calendars
  • baskets
  • chargers, devices

1   2

  • clipboards
  • pins, makers

In the Craft or Sewing Room

  • fabric
  • thread
  • paint
  • pins
  • use to make stencils

In the Garage

  • tools
  • equipment
  • jars for screws, nuts, bolts, etc.
  • baskets
  • sports equipment
  • craft supplies

School Supplies

  • notebooks
  • zipper bags ~ here’s the vinyl decal I made for my granddaughter’s first~grade zipper bag. She just finished 3rd grade so she may be ready for a new one.

75 Awesome Ways to Use Vinyl Decals. Ideas for vinyl decals in home decor, accessories, organization, clothes. #vinyldecals #diy #cricut

  • backpacks
  • books
  • folders

In the Playroom

  • toys
  • puzzles
  • books
  • wall art

1    2

In the Bathroom

  • toiletries
  • medicine

1    2

  • cleaning supplies
  • jewelry

In the Closet

  • shoes
  • scarves
  • belts
  • socks

Vinyl Decals as Art

Vinyl decals are not just for practical applications. They can be purely decorative. We have such beautiful fonts available today that you can be as creative as you want with lettering. Images, such as animals, cartoon characters, and other pictures, can make a plain item look spectacular. Here are some places to apply a vinyl decal that will have you smiling.

I made a vinyl decal to make a sign for fall a few years ago.

farmhouse fall sign with vinyl decals

  • trays
  • mirrors
  • glass

1    2

And this DIY using decals as wall art.


There are thousands of decals on the market that you can also purchase for huge wall art.

1    2

  • furniture
  • maps
  • books
  • plates

Vinyl Decals for Party Decorations

The possibilities are endless, but here are a few.

1                           2

  • place card tags
  • napkins
  • placemats
  • wine glasses
  • invitations
  • favors
  • banners
  • on gifts
  • candles


1       2

  • pumpkins
  • decorative pails
  • wooden or paper mache letters
  • Christmas ornaments

Some Random Uses for Vinyl Decals

  • mailboxes

  • front doors
  • flower pots
  • yard art
  • stairs
  • teacher gifts

It boggles the mind how many ideas to use vinyl decals there are. I’m not sure if I’ve even scratched the surface. But I hope I’ve given you some inspiration. I had no idea that so many possibilities existed.

If you don’t have a Cricut cutting machine or you’re not inclined to DIY vinyl decals, thousands of opportunities exist online to purchase them.  Either way, vinyl decals are a great way to add pizazz, personality, and punch to any home decor, party, or holiday.

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pin for later graphic in blue

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