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12 Awesome Valentine Desserts for Your Sweetheart

It’s Valentine’s Day week, so some of you may be looking for the perfect dessert to celebrate. You want to make something special, memorable, and delicious for the special people in your life. Need some ideas? I’ve put together a collection of 12 awesome Valentine desserts for you to consider. Pinterest to the rescue again, but I’ve included a couple of my own favorite sweet treats, too.

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So let’s get started with my picks for 12 awesome Valentine desserts. Obviously, there are thousands of choices but I tried to narrow down my selections by making a list that had to have certain criteria. I picked sweet treats that

  • sounded delicious
  • looked so pretty
  • had available ingredients
  • were easy to make

12 Awesome Valentine Desserts for Your Sweetheart

Valentine Cupcakes

I’m a cupcake lover so first on my list are these precious cupcakes from The Partiologist. Isn’t that the cutest garnish on top? Kim shows you how to make it. In fact, for this impressive cupcake, you could use a box recipe, homemade or even buy plain vanilla cupcakes with white icing if you really want an easy dessert. We won’t tell. Just make the garnish and everyone will think you are a baking genius. And what about that cake stand with the red polka~dot ribbon? I’m guessing that the ribbon can be changed out depending on the occasion. I want one of those!

Valentine cupcakes with white icing and red sprinkles

Here’s another really sweet cupcake from Bird’s Party. Again, it’s all about the garnish. This is a chocolate cupcake (homemade, box mix, or store~bought.) What makes it special is the mascarpone frosting and the DIY heart decoration. Baked in a cute paper cup makes it extra special. She has a video too!

Valentine cupcakes with red hearts

If pink is more your Valentine color of choice (I love anything pink.), then this Strawberry Milkshake Cupcake may be more to your liking. This is the one I’d make for a little girl’s tea party. Christy at The Girl who Ate Everything shares the complete recipe with some special strawberry ingredients. The cute paper straw adds to the milkshake theme of the cupcake. Too cute for words!

pink valentine cupcakes

O.K. just one more cupcake, but this one is a bit different with a brownie base and red velvet frosting. Every year I make Sweet Shark a red velvet cake and I know he would love this little morsel of goodness. Sugar, Spice and Family Life shares the complete from scratch recipe. It’s a winner cuz who doesn’t love brownies and frosting?

Valentine Cupcakes


I love mini~desserts ~ little bite~size morsels to pop in your mouth. They are perfect for parties for passing or for when you want to have 2 or 3 different sweets for guests.  This Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Tartlet uses store~bought tart shells. The raspberry garnish makes it healthy, right? These are delicious and easy.

Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Tartlet

Valentine Cookies

Cookies are great desserts ~ no fork, no plate, no fuss. Just pick one up and pop them in. They are also great for giving as little gifts or favors in cute bags. These Strawberry Kiss Cookies would be perfect as gifts or to take to a party. Saving You Dinero certainly scored big with this one ~ a lot of pretty pink for a super easy dessert.

pink kiss cookies

These heart~shaped beauties had me at hello. 1, because I adore macarons; 2, because they are pink and 3, because they are in the shape of a Valentine. I will have to admit that macarons are not the easiest thing to make from scratch ~ they take time and patience, but biting into the crispy outside and feeling the almost melt~in~your~mouth softness on the inside is cookie heaven. I printed off the template that Olivia from Liv for Cake linked to, so I may be trying to make these. If you don’t want to attempt to make them, at least you have the picture to swoon over.

Valentine macarons

I know, I know, another macaron cookie, but this Chocolate Cherry Macaron may be a little easier to pull off. I love the idea of the cherry and chocolate filling that Deborah from Taste and Tell made. She gives a very detailed explanation of the macaron procedure in her recipe, which I printed off. Again, patience will reward you with a picture~perfect Valentine treat.

pink and chocolate macarons

You might remember these pretty little Valentine Cookies I’ve shred before. Perfect for kids to make or bag up for teacher gifts.

Valentine cookies with icing

Valentine Cakes

Cake is the most luscious and impressive dessert. Another selection from Olivia at Liv for Cake made it to the top of my 10 awesome Valentine desserts list. This cake may not be specifically for Valentine’s , but I think it would be just the perfect cake to serve for a girlfriend Valentine’s party. Pink Champagne Cake combines 2 of my favorite things ~ or is it 3? Pink, Champagne, and Cake.

valentine cake

I wasn’t sure whether to put this Valentine dessert under mini or cake, but opted for cake. Red Velvet Cake is Sweet Shark’s favorite and I love the presentation of this version from Sprinkle Bakes. The smaller size keeps you from going back for seconds ~ or maybe not. The recipe is traditional, but the presentation is really modern and sweet.

red velvet mousse cakes

Pink Truffles

I love truffles; they are bite~size and so pretty. These pretty pink ones from Jean of Sincerely Jean can be made for Valentine’s Day, or a baby or wedding shower. Using sugar cookie dough makes them so easy to make. Definitely party~perfect.

pink sugar cookie truffles

Don’t these 12 awesome Valentine desserts look enticing? Even though all of them are on my Pinterest Sweet Stuff board, I printed them all, put them in a file folder labeled Valentine recipes to have ready for baking. The first question is which one to make for Valentine’s Day this year. Which one would you make first? Leave me your choice in the comments.

Before you start baking, be sure to PIN this post so you have these desserts at your fingertips.

12 Awesome Valentine Desserts for Your Sweetheart


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  1. They are perfect Carol. I love all of them. I have a party tomorrow and might just use one of your shares here. Thanks.

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  3. Carol

    Beautiful desserts! Thank you for visiting our “Vintage Valentine” blog hop.