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Why I Believe in Angels

Angels are God’s messengers on earth and on this Christmas Eve, I wanted to share why I believe in angels.

Do you believe in angels? If you believe in Christmas and Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, then I think you probably believe in angels. Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny aren’t in the Bible, but angels are and that’s just one reason why I believe in angels.

Is there a better day than Christmas Eve to talk about angels? Angels are with us every day, but they are especially prominent during the Christmas season.

Why I Believe in Angels

Historical and Biblical information in this post has been gathered from many sources and lots of Sunday school.

I have always thought about angels, have you? Let’s think about angels for a few minutes. Here are some highlights.

Angels in History

People have talked about angels for thousands of years. Angels appear in several religions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Biblical tradition tells us that God created angels before He created man as part of Creation.

“Angels are greater in power and might than man”. (2 Peter 2:11)

angels in art

They are mentioned over 275 times in the Bible in 35 different books. Angels first appear in Genesis 16:7-14 in the Old Testament. Angels appear to Abraham and Sarah to tell them they will have a baby in Genesis 18:1 ~ 18. An angel tells Hagar to return to Sarah. In Genesis 32:22~32, Jacob wrestles with an angel.

Jacob fighting the angel

Of course, in the New Testament, angels appear to Joseph, Elizabeth, Mary, the shepherds, and Mary Magdalene. An angel rolled away the stone from Jesus’ tomb.

Angels are invisible to man except when it is in God’s plan for man to see them.

Hospitality was an essential part of Biblical times. We are told to offer hospitality to all.

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for thereby some have entertained angels unawares.” (Hebrews 13:2)

Some angels are named, such as the seven holy angels who are considered the seven archangels: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel, Saraqael, Raguel, and Lucifer. Different categories of angels have even been established.

Angels in Modern Times

Angels surround us all the time — figuratively if not literally — especially during the holidays.

We see angels everywhere ~ in great works of art, in books, on posters, T~shirts, on TV and movies, and, of course, on our Christmas trees.

We have always had an angel on our tree. My kids took turns putting her on the tree every year.

Most angels appear masculine, but our Christmas angel is definitely a she.

What do you put on the top of your tree?

angel on tree

People love angels, and I think that’s why we portray them in movies and TV and stories.

What little girl hasn’t wanted to be an angel in the Christmas pageant? My older daughter’s sorority has angels as their “mascot”.

Angels have been central figures in TV shows ~ too many to mention here:

  • Highway to Heaven
  • Touched by an Angel
  • Lucifer
  • Joan of Arcadia
  • Heaven Help Us

Angels in Movies

Who doesn’t know that famous line from It’s a Wonderful Life: “Teacher says when a bell rings, an angel gets his wings.”

I love movies with angels. I always cry. That’s a reason I believe in angels. Angels make you feel deep empathy for others.

  • Here Comes Mr. Jordan
  • A Guy Named Joe
  • It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Heaven Only Knows
  • Always
  • The Bishop’s Wife
  • Heaven Can Wait
  • All Dogs Go to Heaven

Angels in Music

Angels love music. Thomas Carlyle once said: “Music is well said to be the speech of angels.”

Jewish tradition says that angels constantly sing songs of praise to God, singing in shifts so that angelic songs of praise go to God at all times of each day and night.

We know that angels sing to praise God. They also sing to tell us a great message is coming.

Angels play musical instruments: the harp, the trumpet. Angels will blow a horn on Judgment Day.

Here’s a link to 50 top songs that have angels in the title or in the lyrics. I bet you remember many of them.

I love “Kiss an Angel Good Morning” from the late, great Charlie Pride.

Messages from Angels

Sometimes angels can frighten us. Which makes sense since we aren’t used to seeing large, white creatures with wings in our midst.

Angels are thought of as God’s messengers. They bring good news, comfort, and instructions. The angel Gabriel tells Zechariah:

“Do not be afraid, Zechariah. God has heard your prayer.” Luke 1:13

The angel to Mary:

“Don’t be afraid, Mary. You are favored by the Lord. The Lord is with you. Luke 1:30.

The angel predicts the coming of the the Savior:

“You will become pregnant, give birth to a son and name him Jesus.” Luke 1:31

To the shepherds:

“I bring you good news: today in the city of David, a savior is born.” Luke 2:10 ~ 11.

Angels always tell us not to be afraid. When we stop and listen to angels, we are hearing a message from God, so we shouldn’t be afraid. We should listen.

We have angels on high. We have listened to them sing. We have listened to their messages.

“Hark! The herald angels sing, “Glory to the newborn King.”

Believing in Angels

I know I believe in angels. Since I believe in God, who is all powerful and knowing, angels are easy to believe in.

Sometimes, we meet people who act like angels. They bring us good news, they comfort us. People who help us listen to our “better angels” and follow a path of goodness act as God’s messengers on earth.

The night my father died, an angel held my hand, talked me through the process of going from life to death, told me what to do and say. It was one of the most peaceful and humbling moments of my life. The angel’s name was Helen.

I hope that on this Christmas Eve, you believe in angels and that you have angels in your life. We all need angels in our lives.

Merry Christmas. Peace on Earth and Blessings to You.

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  1. One of the nicest names I have ever been called was a “Christmas angel” when I provided for a family that needed help at Christmas. It was very humbling to share what we had with a family less fortunate. I love how the angels always say, “Be not afraid.” You are seeing a heavenly being and you’re scared witless. Well, yeah, I’m gonna be afraid! I have always thot that it would be so awesome to see one, and I am fascinated by stories of those who have. I don’t think I ever got through “Highway to Heaven” without tears! Hope you and Sweet Shark had a lovely Christmas. Happy New Year!

  2. I have been blessed to have (that I know of) encountered Angels twice in my life. It brings me to tears when I talk about it. Someday, we’ll have to get together and tell each other about our experiences.
    I can’t remember what book but I’ve read in the Bible that 1/3 of the Angels went with Lucifer. TO me that means 2/3 are with us. That’s 2 against 1 fighting for us on a daily basis. Incredible to think about really.
    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas. I miss our Christmas Eve service this year. 🙁

  3. I loved this post, Carol. Shortly after I was diagnosed with cancer, a friend sent me a magnet that says, “May there always be an angel my your side”. It’s on my refrigerator where I see it multiple times a day. I hope that you and Sweet Shark have a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Paula, I know that you have angels by your side. What a sweet gesture from a friend. I pray for you and wish you and your family a safe, healthy and very Merry Christmas.

  4. HI Carol, I love this post. I just shared a personal post today and a Christmas Miracle. Thank you for sharing this! I am obsessed with bells and it is because of Clarence in It’s a Wonderful Life. That message of “every time a bell rings’ has stuck with me since I first saw the timeless classic.

    Merry Christmas! My heart is full. Laura

    PS Thank you for your friendship and support.

    1. Merry Christmas, Laura. I’m so glad this post spoke to you. We have collected silver bells for years, so I know lots of angels have gotten their wings. Can’t wait to read your post. Merry Christmas, sweet friend.