12 Awesome Hostess Gift Suggestions for the Holidays

Oh my goodness, Thanksgiving is tomorrow. Have you bought your turkey, made your pie, cleaned the guest bathroom, set the table? It’s countdown time, friends. If you are going to someone else’s home for the holiday feast, don’t forget to take a small gift for your hostess. If you’re not sure what the rules of etiquette suggest, you might go back and check out my post 21 Tips for Holiday Etiquette. Not sure what to give your hostess for the coming holiday season? I have 12 awesome hostess gift suggestions for you. And they are all under $20! Because although it is the thought that counts, we don’t want to break the bank.

12 Awesome Hostess Gift Suggestions for the Holidays. Thank your hostess with one of these great gift ideas under $20. BlueskyatHome.comI had such fun virtually shopping for gifts that I know I would love to receive and that I would love to give friends. We all know the saying, “it’s better to given than to receive.” Giving is so much fun: thinking about a particular gift for a friend, one that would say, “I so appreciate being included in your party” or “Thank you for thinking of me.”  Then the buying and wrapping and seeing a smile on someone’s face.  The pleasure of knowing that you selected just the right expression of gratitude. I hope that these hostess gift suggestions will help you this holiday season find the perfect hostess gift for that special hostess.

12 Awesome Hostess Gift Suggestions for the Holidays

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12 Awesome Hostess Gift Suggestions for the Holidays

Here’s My 12 Hostess Gift Suggestions

1 Cocktail Napkins ~ a package of cocktail napkins for anyone who entertains is always welcome. At the holidays giving ones that are holiday themed are a nice way to not only thank you hostess, but add to her stash of party supplies. I love ones with funny sayings too.

2 Candles ~ you can never go wrong with a pretty candle. Whether you choose a scented candle or not depends on your hostess. Remember some people are sensitive to perfume.

3 Liquid Hand Soap ~ I love hand soap in a pretty dispenser. So much easier than a bar of soap, especially for a party. Again whether it’s scented or not depends on your hostess. Personally, I love anything that smells good.

4 An Inspirational Book ~ I love “little books” and So Close to Amazing by KariAnne Wood is perfect for any friend. Funny, poignant, and uplifting. I don’t know any lady who wouldn’t enjoy this read.

5 Wine Charms ~ for the hostess who loves to serve wine (everyone I know), these magnetic jeweled wine charms are not only practical for a party, but oh so pretty, too.

6 Pretty Scented Soaps ~ O.K. I know I said I liked liquid soap best, but in a guest bath, I think putting out a pretty, smell~good bar of soap is elegant and thoughtful. If you stay over at your hostess’ home, you could use them! (Actually, this is a great gift idea to take if you are staying at a friend’s home.)

Cutting Board ~ I think any kind of  cutting board is a great gift for the Thanksgiving season. It could be used as a cheese board or a trivet. Or just as a decoration. I think any hostess would love it.

8 Wine Glass Pens ~ another idea for the wine~loving hostess. Our older daughter gave a package of these to Sweet Shark as a stocking stuffer (another idea) last Christmas and he loved them. You can write guests’ names on each glass or get creative: Santa’s reindeer, the Seven Dwarfs, movie characters, cartoon characters, whatever words match the theme of your party.

9 Pretty Dish Towel ~ whatever the holiday or occasion, a pretty dish towel is a welcomed hostess gift. I have received several over the years and I love them all. If you are giving one that is not holiday related, try to find ones that match the decor and color of the hostess’ kitchen. In fact, my blogging friend Stacey gave me these pretty ones not too long ago. Stacey knows my kitchen is blue (so is hers!) and I love that they matched my colors ~ how thoughtful is that!

12 Awesome Hostess Gift Suggestions for the Holidays. Thank your hostess with one of these great gift ideas under $20. BlueskyatHome.com

10  Journal ~ I love a pretty book to for writing notes or ideas, thoughts, party plans. Unless you know that your hostess is totally paperless, a journal is always a nice gift.

11 Pretty Paper Guest Towels ~ I always have nice paper guest towels in our powder bath for guests. I especially love ones that are monogrammed. You always want to have them on hand for parties. So help your hostess out and add to her supply.

12 Another Book ~ I love the idea and passion behind The Turquoise Table by Kristin Schell, a native Dallas girl like me. I met Kristin last summer when her book launched and since then I’m smitten with her ideas of promoting hospitality and getting to know your neighbors. A great read with wonderful suggestions for how to create your own neighborhood turquoise table.

Recent Hostess Gifts We’ve Received

In addition to these 12 hostess gift suggestions, a bottle of wine (Sweet Shark always likes that gift.), a small potted plant (Do you know your hostess’ favorite?), or a small picture frame (You know she has grandkids.) are always appreciated. We’ve received a wonderful bottle of Spanish extra virgin olive oil from friends who had just returned from Spain. One of my favorite hostess gifts was a pair of sweet little dishes with French sayings. It was so special because the giver knows I love anything French.

12 Awesome Hostess Gift Suggestions for the Holidays. Thank your hostess with one of these great gift ideas under $20. BlueskyatHome.com

Our most recent hostess gift? Last weekend we had 2 couples over for a fall dinner party. One couple brought us a bag of these.

12 Awesome Hostess Gift Suggestions for the Holidays. Thank your hostess with one of these great gift ideas under $20. BlueskyatHome.com

Yes, it’s sweet potatoes. Unconventional, yes; but appreciated, absolutely. Two weeks ago we were at their house for the first time and saw the husband’s wonderful garden. When he showed us his sweet potato patch, Sweet Shark and I mentioned that we love sweet potatoes and bake them at least twice a month. We were thrilled to receive home-grown sweet potatoes (from the middle of Dallas). This gift said that they remembered our comment.

NOTE: Don’t forget to include a card with your name on it. It’s a shame if your hostess doesn’t know who gave her that lovely candle.

I hope these hostess suggestions will give you inspiration for the coming holiday season. You could do all your hostess gift~giving shopping right now, right here.

Have a Happy, safe, thankful and grateful Thanksgiving. We are truly blessed. I’ll see you on Friday.

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  1. HI Carol! I just love all of these ideas and not sure which is my favourite. I love the candles, soaps and hand towels but I also love the dishes you received with the French words. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us at #overthemoon link party and have a great week.

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