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The Day after Christmas ~ What says warm and cozy?

It’s the Day after Christmas

I hope that you had a wonderful, marvelous, joyous day.  I made breakfast (scrambled eggs, sausage, and Crème brûlée French Toast) for Sweet Shark and our older son and we opened gifts and called the sisters and talked to the grandkids ~even the 20-month old is talking and she said “Cici” ~ my grandma name ~ which, of course, made my heart beat faster.

So what are you doing today? Shopping for after~Christmas sales? I have to admit, I’ve never been one to rush out for Christmas deals.  I did call one of my favorite design stores early today, gave them the numbers for a few Christmas ornaments I wanted more of, and gave them my credit card number. I’ll pick up the items next week.

Today I want to relax, do nothing, start reading one of the books I received for Christmas, eat some of the mountains of sweets we have in the house.  I want to cozy up next to the fire, drink some hot chocolate, and just savor the quiet.

I read an article on Houzz titled the 14 Simple Pleasures to Savor this Winter.  Everything on the list sounds wonderful. How do you stay warm and cozy? What evokes comfort to you?

The Day after Christmas ~ What says warm and cozy?

Ain’t going to happen.  For one thing, it’s 76 degrees outside; it’s been in the 70’s all week, unusual, even for Dallas.  It’s kind of hard to light the fire and drink hot chocolate when you could be wearing shorts and flip-flops.  And it’s supposed to rain and rain and rain ~ again.

For another thing, I’m getting on an airplane ~ to New Orleans. Sweet Shark and I go to New Orleans for a few days between Christmas and New Years. I think this is our 20th trip in the past 19 years. The hotels and restaurants are beautifully decorated for Christmas, it’s not hot, and we love walking up and down Royal and Magazine Streets. Older son is off work for a few days, so he’s staying at the house, watching the dogs and visiting his friends.  Thankfully, he’s way passed the age when we have to worry about teenage parties while we are out of town.

On Monday, I’ll share with you last year’s trip, so come back to Bluesky Kitchen. If you are planning a trip to New Orleans, ask us where to eat. We are a proverbial restaurant guide. And, of course, in a coming post, I’ll share this year’s trip too.

I’ll leave you with this video showing the 2015 Atlanta Decorator’s Showcase House.  It’s an enjoyable romp through a beautifully decorated home.  Maybe you’ll get some inspiration.

The Day After Christmas ~ what says warm and cozy?

Enjoy the Christmas weekend.


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