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Santas and Reindeer Shine in Christmas Tablescape

I’m so excited to share this Santa and reindeer Christmas tablescape with you. Setting the table and creating a warm and inviting space for friends or family to gather during holidays is a special thing.

Whenever people are gathered around a table, whether it be simple and rustic or a formal antique or even a campfire, we come together for hospitality and companionship (not to mention food). It’s a beautiful thing ~ one that makes us uniquely human. This Santa and reindeer Christmas tablescape is a beautiful thing.

The vision for this Christmas tablescape was simplicity, using a softer texture with snow~tinted garland as the green foundation of the centerpiece. Gold and silver would be my neutral palette and Santas and reindeer the characters in this winter scene.

Santas and Reindeer Shine in Christmas Tablescape

The idea for my Christmas tablescape actually began with a leftover piece of garland.  We had hung all the garland (the mantle, the staircase, Sweet Shark’s bar, the banisters and more) in our house the Friday before Thanksgiving.

It really takes 2 people to get it up and fluffed. (I mentioned this in the post Decorating the Mantle with Lights and Garland.) The day after Thanksgiving, after packing up all those decorations and unpacking the Christmas boxes, I discovered this one piece of garland with no place to go. Since designing my Christmas tablescape was on my mind, the garland seemed like just the thing to get me started.

The Garland for my Christmas Tablescape

This post contains affiliate links to products that I used in the making of this Christmas tablescape for your convenience.

I wanted my Christmas tablescape to have a softer feel this year. I thought a white snowy look would give this look. I immediately ordered spray snow from Amazon and it arrived a couple of days later (The garland wasn’t the only thing I used it on). My HomeRight small Spray Shelter was still up from making my JOYFUL sign, so I thought it would be the perfect place to spray my garland.

Christmas Tablescape

I used about 4 light coats, turning the garland over and over until it was covered on all sides.

TIP: light coats are better than heavy coats, just like spray paint. Be sure to let each coat dry thoroughly. I let it dry at least 30 minutes between coats.

Santas and Reindeer Join the Christmas Tablescape

I laid the garland on the center of my table, giving it a bit of a serpentine shape.

Next came 2 Santas which we’ve had for a long time and 3 new knitted reindeer which I found at Joann several weeks ago. I thought they were so cute and that I would definitely find a place for them ~ which I did! They were $1 apiece. Wish I had bought more.

Christmas Tablescape

Christmas Tablescape

Candlesticks and Votives in the Christmas Tablescape

I added crystal candlesticks with white candles and silver votives ~ you have to have candlelight for a stunning Christmas tablescape.

Christmas Tablescape

I love this Santa with his gold belt and white fur coat.

Christmas Tablescape

For more silver and a different texture, I added these silver balls that I found at Pier 1 when I was shopping for the Fall Tablescape. At $1 each, they were too good to pass up. I bought 10 and placed them all along the length of the garland. I think they also come in gold.

Christmas Tablescape

With that, my centerpiece was complete. This was one of the easiest and fastest centerpieces I’ve ever done. To be honest, it’s one of my favorites. Not counting snow spraying the garland, it took me less than 1 hour to complete.

Place Settings in the Christmas Tablescape

I was still in love with the gold beaded placemats from Pier 1 that I used in my Thanksgiving Tablescape so I decided they would be perfect as a base for my gold~rimmed Eternal China by Lenox.  Rather than mix in my Lenox Christmas china, I used an all~white and gold theme. The silver is Buttercup by Gorham. The soup spoon was my mom’s Francis I by Reed & Barton. What do you think of my little soup cups? There’s a story behind those.

Christmas Tablescape

Several years ago in New Orleans, Sweet Shark and I were shopping on Magazine Street (a DO-NOT-MISS if you go to New Orleans) and dropped in one of our favorite shops, As You Like It, a silver shop.

Browsing around I found these amazing soup cups in our Eternal pattern. And they were nestled in the silver holders with 2 sweet handles on a little saucer. Well, I couldn’t pass those up so we had them shipped home.

Christmas Tablescape

The little saucers are monogrammed. I know there has to be some tragic Southern story behind why someone would sell them (Jilted at the altar? Family business failed? The Yankees were coming and they had to be buried with the family treasures?) O.K. I know that’s not a possibility, but it sounds good.)

Christmas Tablescape

I added some of my salt cellars because I love to use them for a formal dinner. And if this is a formal dinner, then place cards are in order. I mixed my gold and silver ones ~ apples and pears.

Christmas Tablescape

I also used the same gold napkin rings as the Thanksgiving Tablescape because they were just perfect for my gold and silver theme.

Christmas Tablescape

Here’s where I went rogue. Instead of our good crystal glasses, I used these, just for fun.

Christmas Tablescape

$1.00 at Dollar Tree! Couldn’t resist. I bought 6, but I know I should get more for entertaining. I hope there’s still some available.

The Rest of the Dining Room

On our commode, I created a vignette using the tray from my mom’s silver coffee service, silver~painted pine cones, and the pretty boxes in silver that I made for last year’s Christmas tablescape. Some more silver votives and silver ornaments (Box of 50 in assorted textures and colors at Target.)

Christmas Tablescape

Christmas Tablescape

Christmas Tablescape at Night

The snow-flaked garland I bought 2 years ago on drastic after~Christmas sale decorates our vasselier, embellished with bows, icicles, and other ornaments. Our beautiful chandelier always reminds me of Cinderella’s ball.

Christmas Tablescape

On the vasselier, I placed some of our Lenox Christmas china, a couple more white Santas, and 2 candle pillars backed by gold chargers to reflect the light. The green aperitif glasses belonged to Sweet Shark’s mother. Some crystal pieces and the silver coffee and tea pitchers add more sparkle.

Christmas Tablescape

I used a bit of ribbon left from last year to tie on our sconces. These are candles I don’t want to forget to blow out!

Christmas Tablescape

With the candles lit, the dining room takes on a magical look.

Christmas Tablescape

Christmas Tablescape

Christmas Tablescape

I added 2 wreaths with lights to the bay windows to give balance to our large wreath. The whole setting casts a warm glow on the room.

Christmas Tablescape

We’ll be hosting a Christmas party this coming weekend and I’m so looking forward to sharing our Santa and reindeer Christmas tablescape with our guests. But you saw it first here. Now I have 3 wishes for you.

Have a Merry Christmas.

Have a Happy New Year.

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Christmas Tablescape

Christmas Tablescape

Christmas Tablescape

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  1. Carol, your Christmas table is stunning. Very elegant and festive yet inviting. I love those gorgeous Eternal Gold soup bowls. What a special find and the Lenox Eternal Gold china is always perfect for any occasion. A charming and magical wintery tablescape.

    It was fun joining you on this fun Christmas Tablescape blog hop. Happy holidays Carol.


    1. Janet, thank you so much and it’s been a pleasure sharing this blog hop with you again. I do love those little soup cups. It was serendipity that we found them.

  2. Thank you very much for being part of the Christmas tablescape blog hop! Your design is so elegant and all the silver and gold feel just right for Christmas. I especially loved your soup bowls with the silver holders, what a great find. Your vignette on the side board was an added bonus to such a gorgeousl tablescape!

    1. Chloe, thank YOU for including me. I really feel a part of such a talented group of ladies. The blog hop really makes you put your creative thinking cap on and it’s a great challenge. I’m already thinking of something totally different for next here.

  3. Thank you very much for being part of the Christmas tablesscape bolg hop. Those silver soup cup holders truly are divine, what a great find! The vignette is also very lovely, and all the silver and gold just feels perfect for Christmas!

  4. Hey there friend, What a lovely and wintery tablesetting. Your flocked garland (I really want ot flock something soon!) really made for a lovely setting for those cute Santas. And those soup cups! Truly lovely…I have Lenox Eternal china as well…it is such a classic. So, now I need to keep my eyes out for soup cups!!!
    Your dining room looks so lovely at night…I know your guests will have a lovely evening this weekend enjoying a delicious meal.
    Merry Christmas my friend.

    Hugs, Lynn

  5. Such beautiful elegance Carol. I am a blingy gal, so I do appreciate it when I see some. Gold, silver and ivory are timeless and so beautiful together. Adding the sweet knitted reindeer is darling. Your vasselier is stunning. Love how your transformed the garland. It’s great to re-purpose. Merry Christmas.

  6. Carol, first of all, your dining room is absolutely gorgeous! Your table is just beautiful adorned in ivory and gold…both classic and elegant. The beautiful Santas and cute reindeer make the perfect finishing touch! Merry Christmas!!!

  7. Your dining room looks so rich and elegant with all the silver and gold. It’s hard to believe that many of the pieces where such good buys at a $1 a piece! When you put them all together it looks like a million bucks!

  8. It is stunning. I love those antique silver cup covers. Gorgeous. I might have had to snap those up too. It is so elegant. That little reindeer is a darling too. It was great to see you today.

  9. Carol, I love what you did with your one leftover garland. And those little reindeer for $1 each, as well as your glasses. Everything looks so beautiful and I really love how your dining room looks, all lit up!

  10. Carol, I always enjoy your posts. Your work is just beautiful and your writing as well. How elegant and lovely your table setting is! I love the white, frosty ambiance and the reindeer theme. Good job! I bet your guests will be impressed.

  11. Carol, your place settings alone are a show stopper. What a find in those little soup cups. Precious. I am partial to the lovely Santa’s for sure. My mother has a collection of them and I think they are just magical! I can just imagine your table all lit up by candlelight when the lights are low. Simply beautiful!

  12. You certainly worked wonders with that spray snow – love how the garland turned out and how you designed your table around it. The Santas look wonderfully regal with the gold and silver accents. The place settings are so pretty and I keep admiring other’s beaded placemats – might have to break down and buy some for myself – yours are terrific! Your candlelit pics definitely set the mood for dining at your beautiful Christmas table and I can picture family gathered around it on Christmas Eve. Enjoyed my stop her on the Christmas Tablescape Blog Hop (looks like you’re a busy gal with all the blog hops you’ve got going on – enjoy!)

  13. I love your table Carol, everything is soft and feels very comfortable. Silver and gold is a classic combination and I love how you carried the decor to the rest of the room. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

  14. Your breathtaking tablescape has me humming “Silver and gold”! There are so many details here to even know where to begin! I absolutely love your vignette on your mother’s silver tray and your new little reindeer are adorable. Your dinner guests will be wowed with this setting. Beautiful job! Merry Christmas and such fun hopping with you!

  15. Carol, your dining room glows with exquisite joy and beauty. I am swooning over your vasselier and the magical lights. Collected treasures add so much history and tell the story of your holidays. The candlelight view is breathtaking. I have enjoyed partying with you the past years. Wishing you a cozy, happy Christmas.

  16. Carol I just sent you an E-mail with a picture of the beautiful sign. I no sooner sent the E-mail than I received the paint and gift certificate. From now on I will celebrate Christmas on December 4th. Thank you Carol for this wonderful day.

  17. Carol, I just love your dining room. The furniture is so beautiful!! Love your silver and gold accents in the room. 🙂

  18. Carol, I love your soft elegance that you created! The use of gold and silver is perfect for Christmas…the crystal candle stands are so lovely! The Santas are beautiful and the knitted reindeer add a touch of sweetness! Your guests will be enchanted sitting at your table! I am swooning over your vasselier!

  19. White, gold and silver make for such a beautiful Christmas table and, of course, a table which could easily stay up longer through the winter. I love the evening pictures which make for such a cozy setting along with your beautifully decorated china cabinet. It is draped with elegance. So graceful and delicate. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  20. How lovely your tablescape is Carol…I love your salt cellars and I have recently purchased crystal knife holders which I hope makes a bit of a comeback too. I do have a humorous comment to make…when you said your commode….my mind went to the ladies room…you see we in my part of the (south/midwest) refer to the toilet as the “commode”! Now, don’t get me wrong…I do decorate the bathroom and the top of my commode is usually adorned with a festive greenery swag plus a candle. 🙂 It is always a pleasure to blog hop with you.

  21. Silver and gold is such a wonderful choice for holiday tables, and yours if full of magic and sparkle! If I had those gorgeous silver soup holders, I’d pretend the monogram was mine! How unique and special, not to mention beautiful! I love how you’ve decorated the rest of the room too with lights and swags, so pretty!

  22. Very pretty, Carol! Your DR is so soft and dreamy, and I love the silver pieces found in NOLA. I have decided to keep my DR calm and neutral this year as you have. I think salt cellars are having their day again at the table, with many an artisanal salt available now. We have a local producer, and they’ve created a wonderful business of farm to table around simple salt.
    Now that the work is complete, I hope you can relax into the holidays. Enjoy!

    1. Rita C, I love the salt cellars because they are just so darn special. I’ve bought them at estate sales, flea markets, never regular retail. I think we have about 12. I think the next thing I want to collect are knife holders.

    1. Thank you, Mary. That vasselier is pretty darn special. I love decorating it. In our previous home, it was in the breakfast room, but I think it works just as well in the dining room.

  23. Love your snowy garland, knitted reindeer, crystal candlesticks, elegant Santa’s and classic Lenox Eternal with your gold beaded placemats. Your room is lovely and your vasselier is gorgeous.