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15 Beautiful White Living Room Ideas

Have you ever just known that your home decor needed an update? I reached that moment a couple of years ago. I want more white in our living room. It took a year to transform our living room, but today, our living room is full of white. How did I make that transformation? I found 15 beautiful white living room ideas to inspire me.

I do indeed love white. It’s crisp, clean, fresh, and lends itself to any decor style.

White is so versatile. It can be modern or traditional, farmhouse or southern, chic or classic. White never goes out of style.

Think of white jeans, a crisp white blouse or a soft cotton tee. A pretty white sundress or a soft winter white sweater.

These things never go out of style. They are timeless.

But, as you know, white isn’t just white: there are a million shades of white.

And, you may ask, why the living room? Well, because it’s the main room of our homes. For me, it’s also the room that I like least. I want it to be the room I love best.

A new color palette, one that is adaptable and timeless, seems like one way to give our living room a new look. Hence, my search on Google and Pinterest revealed these 15 beautiful white living room ideas.

Create a White Living Room: 15 Beautiful Ideas to Use

This was my initial search for white living room ideas. I slowly pared down my likes to pinpoint exactly what I wanted our living room to look like.

With these issues in mind, I was ready to do a little research into white living room decor ideas that I could use in our living room.

White Living Room Ideas

My goal in researching new white living room ideas was not to find the perfect solution. First, it was to find pretty rooms where white was used to create a lovely atmosphere.

Here were my next steps:

  • identify the elements in each room that I was very attracted to
  • determine which of those elements I could incorporate in our living room
  • identify the elements that we already had
  • decide what favorite elements I could bring into our living room

I am hoping to find ways to incorporate white into our living room while maintaining warmth and a comfortable, traditional vibe.

Although I’m sharing 15 white home living room ideas, I probably scrolled through hundreds of images and visited several dozen websites. These are the ideas that really attracted my attention.

These 15 beautiful white living room ideas are in no particular order. They just struck me as pretty and doable. You will see that they have similar characteristics.

What Was I Looking For?

  • what accessories to use with white?
  • how are shades of white used together?
  • what materials and textures are used? Wood, metal, fabric?
  • what materials or colors were used with white?
  • what wall and trim colors were used?

I didn’t necessarily love everything in each of these white living room examples.

But there was at least one thing that I loved and thought about incorporating into our living room. I’ll tell you what that one thing was for each room.

And don’t forget: white isn’t just white. It can be cool or warm. It can be oatmeal, wheat, flax, camel, mushroom, creams, and taupes.

Farmhouse Touches

This very farmhouse living room is from Heather of Beauty for Ashes. Our home and our living are very traditional, even slightly formal. I do love farmhouse style, but only in small doses for our home.

What Do I Love about this Room?

  • comfy white linen (?) chairs
  • shades of white
  • natural wood in the coffee table
  • symmetry of the wall
  • natural accessories: books, corbels, frames, and the amazing clock

Natural Accessories

This living room with the pretty ottoman and accessories is from Lucy of Craftyberry Bush.

white living room with natural accessories

What Do I Love about this Room?

  • white sofa
  • woven basket with natural clay pots and moss (all of which I already have) on the white ottoman
  • woven baskets on the shelf
  • pops of green in plants
  • the natural finish of the lamp and the wood buttons on the throw pillow

Whites and Pastels

Like Summer of Summer Adams, I love pinks and it’s such a pretty color to mix with white.

white living room sofa

What Do I Love about this Room?

  • pastel pillows
  • spare arrangement on the bookshelf
  • pastel flowers
  • mix of formal lighting with the casual woven basket (I have a similar one.)
  • large picture window – like ours

Tradtional and Classic

This living room from Zvey Joy had several elements that spoke to me.

white sofa in living room with wood and metal table

What Do I Love about this Room?

  • love this sofa. It looks like it has a sectional end which is something I considered in a new sofa.
  • sofa in front of a large picture window like ours
  • it appears that there is a sofa table behind the sofa, also like we have
  • green plants
  • woven basket
  • wood and metal coffee table and the wood side table

Oh, that Bergere Chair!

Sheila of Maison de Cinq provides a great example of a Bergere chair.

bergere chair in shades of wile

What Do I Love about this Room?

  • of course, the Bergere chair. We have two that I want to refinish and reupholster.
  • arms on the white sofa
  • mix of finishes on the tables: natural wood, glass and metal
  • mix of styles in the tables to soften the formality of the room

It turned out that we brought in another Bergere chair from one of our guest rooms.

Stonegable Blog

I’ve always loved any room from Yvonne of Stonegable.

family room in shades of white with wood coffee table

What Do I Love about this Room??

  • shades of white used: white-white, taupe, oatmeal
  • mix of textures
  • natural wood in the chest, lamps, and mirror
  • mix of patterns in the pillows
  • long white basket
  • texture and pattern of the rug
  • pops of green

Pops of Bright Colors

Christina of RemodelandaCasa definitely isn’t afraid to use color with white.

white living room with pops of bright colors

What Do I Love about this Room?

  • the bright white walls
  • board and batten accent wall
  • the bright pops of color in the art and pillows
  • trim on the drapes
  • the large round mirror
  • green plants
  • metal and stone (?) coffee table
  • the small pink ottoman

Metallic Style

This room by Kinsey of Kinsey Walsh uses great accessories.

living room with gallery wall and glass and metal coffee table

What Do I Love about this Room?

  • style of the sofa
  • white fabric with natural wood on the Bergere chair
  • glass and metal coffee table (similar to ours)
  • sculptural decorative piece and colorful flower arrangement on the coffee table
  • gallery wall with gold frames and white mattes (I have a similar arrangement in our entry.)
  • white lamps and vases

Citrine Living

I have featured Tamara of Citrine Living before because she is so good at mixing blue and white.

white living room with blue accents

What Do I Love about this Room?

  • classic style
  • beautiful use of blue accessories
  • use of gold/brass in the light fixtures and picture frames (The blue artwork is similar to what I have in our entry.)
  • white accessories: vases, garden stools, lamps
  • white paneled fireplace – similar to ours
  • large ottoman used as a coffee table
  • white wainscotting

Randi Garret Design

Randi of Randi Garrett Design is one of my favorite designers and this room is gorgeous.

living room in shades of white

What Do I Love about this Room?

  • lots of natural light
  • the white sofas
  • big picture window
  • symmetrical arrangement
  • large ottoman as a coffee table
  • use of metallic gold in the side tables

Minimal Style

Hanan of Halfway Wholeistic created a simple arrangement of furniture in shades of white.

white sofa with neutrla pillows and wood coffee table

What Do I Love about this Room?

  • the fabric and style of the sofa
  • the wood coffee table
  • mix of wood in the chair and table
  • the leafy plants

Cozy Seating Area

Now granted, this scene is a small snippet of a living area and I certainly don’t have a red barn in my backyard. Liz Marie has created such a cozy spot.

chunky cream throw on white chair

What Do I Love about this Room?

  • the cream chunky throw
  • the comfy chair
  • the small cozy sitting area
  • the shades of white
  • different wood textures
  • different fabric textures

Farmhouse Living

Shelby of Farmhouse Living has created a light and airy white living room with subtle farmhouse accents.

wood mantel in living room with shades of white

What Do I Love about this Room?

  • white stone fireplace
  • natural wood mantel
  • layered rugs
  • large picture window with a white sofa in front of it
  • accessories on the shelves
  • big green plant
  • wood coffee table
  • ottomans on the hearth

Retro with Pops of Color

I discovered this website, The Design Files, that designed this white family living room with big pops of color.

Mid-Century white living room with bright pops of color

What Do I Love about this Room?

  • white walls and soft white rug
  • the bright yellow chair (Although to be honest, I’m not that brave to upholster a chair in that color.)
  • the large colorful and modern artwork in the dining room
  • the glassware on the dining room credenza
  • the large green plant as a focal point

White Living Room with Blue Coastal Vibe

Do you love a little coastal blue in a white living room? I can’t resist this soothing look from Oyster Creek Studio.

white living room in coastal style

What Do I Love about this Room?

  • sleek white coffee table with gold accents
  • the blue chairs with white spindles
  • the mix of accessories on the coffee table
  • basket pendant lights
  • the rattan footstool
  • the soft muted floral cushions and pillows

What Elements Were Used with White?

What were my favorite white living room elements?

  • by far, white sofa and white chairs (We now have a white sofa and two white swivel chairs.)
  • lots of natural woods – tables, lamps, accessories, decorative items
  • glass and metal – especially gold and brass tones (Our coffee table and two end tables are brass and glass.)
  • woven baskets
  • pops of color in accessories
  • multiple shades of white
  • white accessories: lamps, vases, pillows, throws, decorative items
  • green plants

What are your favorite white home decor elements? And, what rooms did you like? I would love to know so please leave me your opinion in the comments.

As I look back through these 15 featured rooms, I’m mostly drawn to the ones where white is the background and compliments colorful accessories.

Over the past year, I’ve fine-tuned the decor of our primarily white living room. I love the clean, neutral background. The white sofa and chairs have allowed me to use pops of color in pillows, throws and accessories.

Here a few more ways to use white in your home decor:

To save these and more white living room ideas (and ideas using white in other rooms), I created a new Pinterest Board White Home Decor Ideas. I hope you’ll visit it.

I’ll be adding this post to the Board and I hope that you’ll PIN IT, too.

pin for later graphic in blue
white living rooms

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  1. A white room can morph into so many styles. We had a white sofa that wore a white slip cover for over 30 years. It was a good piece of furniture but when we moved, rather than store it we gave it away. It was still in great shape. We have not found our next house yet, but when we do I will be on the hunt for another white sofa to go into another white room.

    1. Hi, Vicki, I know white furniture can be Challenge if you have kids or dogs that shed (fortunately, ours doesn’t.), but they sure make it easy to bring different colors into the room. Yours lasted a long time!

  2. I love this post and I love white! I have a white slipcover on our sectional and I have two white chairs…and I have ten children! What I love is that I can see when it’s dirty and I can wash it…no guessing what’s on the sofa, I know when it’s clean and I know when it’s dirty! That Summer Adams room with the green and pink is gorgeous!!

  3. Carol,
    What a beautiful post. I loved how you pulled the elements from each room that you loved and then shared your recap at the end. I’d love to share a link on my Dirt Road Adventures on Sunday.

  4. I’m feeling the need for a refresh in our home too so I am starting to make those changes! Great post Carol – thanks for the inspiration 😊

    1. Thanks so much, Julie, for the positive feedback. I learn so much when I do posts like this one. Lucky, you for getting to see Yvonne’s home in person.