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10 Fabulous Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Have you started to decorate your Christmas tree? The Christmas tree is the main focus of our holiday decor. Today I have 10 fabulous Christmas tree decorating ideas for your holiday home.

A couple of weeks ago I shared ideas for making DIY Christmas trees. I used several of those ideas to make trees for our home.

As we are in the midst of Christmas decorating, I needed a few ideas to spiff up our main Christmas tree. I found a wide variety of Christmas tree styles that inspired me. Hopefully, they will inspire you.

One thing I found is how many ways there are to decorate a Christmas tree. In every color, style, and size: vintage, traditional, boho, country, dressy. You’ll never run out of possibilities.

Any style of Christmas tree you can imagine is out there for inspiration. These 10 beautiful Christmas tree ideas can inspire you this year or in years to come.

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  1. We’ve recovered from having almost our entire family here for Thanksgiving. Spots in the house are decorated and others are stacked full of boxes. The new tree in our bedroom is decorated and the new vignette on the console table is so pretty. Our main tree is decorated and some garland is up, but it will be several more days before the house is completely ready for Christmas.
  2. One reason I’m a little behind on decorating is that I’ve been making several new DIY Christmas projects: Christmas trees, ornaments, and garlands. Polishing almost 50 silver bells and balls also takes several hours.
  3. I attended an early Christmas dinner at a friend’s lovely home. This is a group of friends – a few of us met when our daughters were in preschool – who meet about 5 times a year for dinner and fellowship. My friend Jill hosted and her home is already decorated for Christmas!! It’s beautiful in all blue and white.
  4. I ordered Christmas presents for all the kids on Cyber Monday. I’m thrilled that all their requests were available – and on sale!
  5. This week, the blog was about preparing for about a cute DIY and Christmas vignette project and Christmas dessert recipes: Best Brownies with Chocolate and Raspberries, DIY Christmas Holiday Vignette with a Tray, and Cherry Cheesecake Tartlets.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas: 10 Fabulous Finds

Here we go with Bluesky Browsing #66.

Looking for Christmas tree decoration ideas was so much fun. I wanted to use all the ideas on our tree. It’s better to pick one theme or color scheme and stick with it.

I didn’t have any criteria when I started searching for Christmas tree decorating ideas. I just looked for trees that had a “wow” statement or something special about them.

I hope you find these ideas inspiring. If you have already finished decorating your tree this year – lucky you, I’m jealous! – Pin these ideas and save them for next year.

fabulous Christmas trees

Enjoy them all.

Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas for You

French vintage Christmas tree

Lighted Yarn DIY Christmas Trees

Courtney of French Country Cottage designed a vintage-inspired Christmas tree full of pretty things like glowing stars and a mix of heirloom and new ornaments. 

small bright vintage Christmas tree

White Tree with Vintage Ornaments

This tree may be small, but it’s big in color and style. I love all the bright vintage ornaments from Chelsea of Two Twenty One. This style will make you wish you had all those ornaments from the 50’s and 60’s. I have a few vintage ornaments and love them.

tall pink decorated Christmas tree

Pink Christmas Trees

I’ve created a new small Christmas tree in our bedroom this year in pink and blue so I was really attracted to this pink tree from Savannah of Classy Clutter. She shares great ideas for selecting and decorating a tree.

boho style Christmas tree

Boho-Style Christmas Tree

Christina of The DIY Mommy shares how to decorate a rustic boho glam Christmas tree with elements like oversized pom-poms, rustic floral picks, hand painted ornaments and neutral metallic colors.

navy and white Christmas tree

Navy and Silver Christmas Tree

I love blue at any time and this year I’m using it more. Kerri of A Pop of Pretty shares how to use this classic color in a shade of navy. Blue goes so way with silver for a traditional style.

red and white ribbon buffalo check and polka dot Christmas tree

Christmas Tree Home Tour

Brooke of Re-Fabbed takes on a tour of her 8 (!) Christmas trees. each one is different, but they all have a similar feel – family, tradition, and beautiful colors, patterns and ornaments. I love how the trees let her family’s personality come through.

traditional buffalo check and polka dot Christmas tree

Choosing a Flocked Tree

Kristen of Ella Claire Inspired shares how to choose and buy a flocked Christmas tree. This version brought back memories of my Dad putting a train around our Christmas tree. It’s definitely a traditional, vintage style.

buffalo check and polka dot Christmas tree

Christmas Tree with Buffalo Check and Polka Dots

This tree is the perfect example of picking a theme and running with it. Stacey of Wilshire Collection shows just how to use two complimentary patterns to make your tree a standout.

small Christmas tree

Christmas Trees Throughout the House

A few years ago I shared a tour of all the Christmas trees in our home. This one is in Sweet Shark’s bar. This year we added a new white tree to the bedroom, so that tree will go in the dining room. Hope you enjoy this little Christmas tree tour.

full flocked buffalo check and polka dot Christmas tree

How to Decorate a Christmas Tree Like a Designer

Beth of Home Stories A to Z shares ideas for decorating your Christmas tree like a designer. Lots of great suggestions that most people wouldn’t know about.

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