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28 Gifts and Stocking Stuffers for the Baker

Do you have a baker in your life? Or someone who just loves baking? Then you should use this list of 28 gifts and stocking stuffers for your favorite baker.

Is your baker a bread baker, a cake or pie baker, or an occasional but avid baker? Is making cookies their specialty? These gift ideas are a great addition to any baker’s toolbox.

I’m a cook who really enjoys baking desserts. That includes cakes, cookies, mini-desserts, and pies. I love any baking tool that makes baking easier and more efficient.

These tools are not just thoughtful, they are useful gifts. Your baker, regardless of their skill level, will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Did you know that December 4th was National Cookie Day? That made me start thinking about cookie-baking ideas. That led to me to search for all sorts of perfect gifts for every baker.

I found not just cool gifts to wrap but also stocking stuffer ideas for your favorite baker.

The holiday season is the biggest baking time of the year. You might want to give these Christmas baking gifts early so your favorite baker can use them for this year’s holiday baking.

Gift Guide for Bakers: 16 Awesome Ideas

These are some of the very best gifts for bakers of all sorts. I have many of these baking tools, but I found some cool gifts for bakers that I would love to have.

This really cool cookie and cake carrier.
These “made with love” baking labels.
This set of ramekins for all sorts of desserts.
Love this decorative cookie rolling pin.
One of the coolest tools for making and shaping cakes.
This set of tart tapers for dessert and pie makers.
Mini cookie cutter set for the cookie baker.
This cake decorating kit for a new baker.
Every cake bakers will love this red silicone bundt cake mold
Bread proofing bowl for bread bakers.
Every baker needs a hard-working stand mixer. I love my KitchenAid mixer
These decorative silicone pie crust molds
These super cute decorative pie stamps and cookie molds.
This set for the crème brûlée lover.
I love this gadget to roll out any size pie crust you want.
Every baker needs a great pastry blender

If you are the baker in your family, then you can share this gift guide and stocking stuffer guide with Santa.

12 Perfect Stocking Stuffers for Bakers

I think you and your favorite baker will love these great stocking stuffer ideas. These little kitchen tools will make the best stocking stuffers.

This dusting wand is a little gadget with a big return.
This pastry scraper is a must.
Help the cake baker frost the prettiest cakes with these cake scrapers.
Silpat baking mat for baking cookies.
Silicone pie rolling mat
Ice cream scoops (or cookie scoops) are cookie bakers secret weapon for getting cookies exactly the same right size. This OXO cookie scoop style is my preference.
Every baker needs an instant-read thermometer.
Separating eggs is easy with this little gadget.
This silicone spatula is perfect for whipping and folding.
Every baker will need a set of decorative piping tips. I love my set – a culinary school requirement.
Are there any kid bakers in your home? They will love these fun silicone cupcake cups will be the perfect stocking stuffer.
This kitchen conversion magnet will help any baker learn and remember baking and cooking measurements.
These mini pie maker Christmas molds are so cute. Give them at a Christmas gift exchange before Christmas morning.

Ready to shop for the bakers in your life? Like these 28 gift and stocking stuffers for the baker? I hope I gave you lots of ideas and made your shopping easier.

gift guide and stocking stuffer items

Have fun shopping for the bakers in your life.

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