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10 Awesome Amazon Prime Day Buys

This past week was Amazon Prime Days. I wanted to share the 10 awesome Amazon Prime Day Buys that I found. Some have already arrived and some are still on their way. Welcome to 10 Fabulous Finds at Bluesky Browsing #46.

Normally, I shop on Amazon a few times a week. This week was the first time I’ve taken advantage of all the awesome items for sale. Some were things that I’ve wanted and discovered they were part of Prime Day deals. Others were cool things I just couldn’t live without.

Think of 10 Fabulous Finds as a home decor/DIY/Craft/recipe Readers’ Digest.

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  1. This was a busy, but calm week. We took Nola for walks in the morning or late afternoon when it was a little bit cooler. By cooler, I mean under 100.
  2. I went to the dentist for a normal teeth cleaning. But I also had to get fitted for a new retainer. For the second time in a year, Nola grabbed my retainer off my nightstand and crunched it. My bad for not putting it in the case the second I take it out.
  3. Next Wednesday I fly to Atlanta for Haven Conference. I’m flying in a day early to get a facial with my younger daughter (The best esthetician in Atlanta ~ let me know if you live there and I’ll send you her info.), have dinner with her and my grandson and spend the night. Thursday I’ll head over to the Grand Hyatt. Sunday my older daughter will pick me up and I’ll spend a couple of days with her family. I can’t wait to see the rental they’ve moved into. They sold their home in May in one weekend for way over the list price. While looking for their next (perfect, forever) home, they are renting in their preferred neighborhood. I come bearing housewarming gifts.
  4. Speaking of Haven, if you are a blogger, are you going? If so, please wave, say hi, and introduce yourself. We are already friends. Wondering what to pack for your conference? Here are my updated suggestions for Haven 2022.
  5. This week on the blog was about this delicious Pesto, Corn and Tomatoes Recipe, Best Amazon Prime Day Deals and How to Make Mixed Media Art for Your Home.
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10 Fabulous Finds: Awesome Amazon Prime Day Buys

Here we go with Bluesky Browsing #46.

I hope you did some shopping on Amazon Prime Days. It really was fun to discover new items and see ones that I’ve had my eye on. Here is what I bought that you may want to put on your wish list.

Awesome Finds for the Home

  1. I love blue and white (you probably already knew that) and chinoiserie. I’ve had my eye on this set of 6 chinoiserie canvases for quite some time. Now was the time to jump and buy. Not sure where I will put them, but watch for a future post about it.

2. I have wanted some plain cotton/linen zippered pillow covers for some time. I have a couple of DIY projects in mind. I looked at the usual local big box stores and couldn’t find them. When I came across this set of 4 on Amazon, I knew they were perfect for painting, stenciling or embellishing.

3. Did I need another thing that is blue? No, but I couldn’t resist this lovely blue tray with the brass handles. I can’t wait to use it on our coffee table or entry or kitchen counter. What do you think?

4. This is the coverlet with a bed skirt that we have on the bed in our master bedroom. I absolutely love the look and the softness of it. I’ve been thinking about updating our guest room ~ the one with twin beds where the grandkids sleep. When I saw that it was on Amazon Prime Day Deals, I clicked faster than you can say twin beds. They arrived Thursday, but I haven’t opened the boxes yet. I’m waiting until I get back from Haven and have time to think how I want to redo the room.

5. A couple of weeks ago I ruined my Le Creuset tea kettle that I’ve had for about eight years. For some reason that I haven’t figured out, I set the hot kettle on the drying cloth on the side of the sink. I heard a sizzle. The drying cloth (the kind with a waffle texture) had stuck to the bottle of my kettle. There was no way to get it off.

I let the kettle cool off, then threw it away. Since I use the kettle everyday to heat water for my bone broth, I needed another one. I thought this pretty blue tea kettle is so cute. It appears to be still on sale!

Fabulous Finds for Me

6. I wasn’t searching for skin care on Amazon Prime Days. When I saw this brand pop up, I was so excited. Elemis is the line of skin care that Princess Cruises has in their spa. It’s a great line and I buy some product on every cruise. Once I ran out of a product, that was it.

On our Alaskan cruise in May, I bought the Elemis toner and a collagen serum. This is not drug store or grocery store quality (which my esthetician daughter is always telling me never to buy), so it’s not inexpensive.

I never knew that it was available anywhere but on the cruise. So I had to take advantage. First I ordered the Pro~College Marine Anti~Wrinkle Day Moisturizer.

7. Next, I decided to splurge and get the Pro~Collagen Wrinkle Smoothing Night Cream. These two items aren’t on sale now, but they are still cheaper than what I saw on the cruise ship. This is such a good skincare line that I had to share.

Still on my Amazon Wish List

I didn’t want to overdo it on my shopping spree. I decided to put a few items on my wish list. Maybe by Black Friday, they will be on sale.

8. When our new sofa and chairs for the living room arrive in October, we want to convert our breakfast room area ~ which we never use for dining to a small conversation area. I have plans to use our two Bergere chairs and find two more casual chairs.

I want a round coffee table that has a top that lifts up to table height. A table like that would be the perfect option for this area. I found this one that is almost perfect. I don’t need the cushions, but I like the style and size of the table.

9. We will need new lamps in the living room in the fall. Lamps are so important to the design of a room. I find them one of the hardest things to buy. I do love the shape and style of these. And of course, the blue is awesome. To the wish list, they go.

10. I’m not sharing a book I’ve read this week. I’m halfway through a 700~page Ken Follett saga right now.

Instead, I’m sharing a book I just heard about this week: A Loving Table: Creating Memorable Gatherings. One of the bloggers in a mastermind group shared the book with us.

I love books with beautiful photography of gorgeous tablescapes. What perked my interest is the author: Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, who just happens to be from Dallas, is known for her special events company (which she sold in 2006) and her entertaining style. She has written four books on entertaining and table settings.

Now, Kimberly and I do not run in the same circles, but I do appreciate her love of high style and beautiful table settings.

That wraps up this week’s Bluesky Browsing #46. I hope that you enjoyed the Amazon Prime Day deals that I shared and found something you like for yourself.

I’d love to know what subjects you are most curious about. Let me know in the comments and I’ll search browse for them. Be sure to PIN to keep these ideas handy.

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Amazon finds

In between writing posts, listening to podcasts, reading, doing various blogging tasks, walking Nola, and playing tennis, I’ll be browsing away.

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