5 New Flea Market Finds Feed a Bad Habit

We all have bad habits. One of mine is I love to shop flea markets and estate sales, garage sales, yard sales and antique malls. And I recently nurtured that bad habit and added 5 new flea market finds to my stash. And I’m not one bit sorry.

Finding new flea market finds is a bad habit that I have no intention of breaking.

As a kid, I would play with my bangs and drive my dad nuts. I rubbed my elbows on my desk until they were black. (Thankfully, that habit has long been overcome.) I also would sneak a flashlight under my bed covers to read at night after lights out. Is that a bad habit? As an adult, I have a habit of saving up new magazines to read and then forgetting to read them. Sort of bad. I put a load of laundry in the wash and forget it’s there until the next morning. Pretty bad. I can let a few months go by without checking my bank statements. Really bad. Another bad habit?  (I told you about this last week when I shared my bird cage make over.) Somehow it’s a bad habit I just don’t want to break. 

5 New Flea Market Finds

Aren’t you glad? Now I can show you a few more recent purchases ~ some will be projects that require paint or sanding or a screwdriver or some imaginative thought. That’s O.K. Isn’t that what makes life fun and creative and challenging?

And you get to put on your imagination hat, too. Because I need some suggestions.

Flea Market Finds: 5 New Discoveries

Number 1

At the same estate sale where I found my birdcage on a Friday, I saw this cool wooden box. It says Remington Sure Shots on the side. Since it was a little pricey and I had no idea what Remington Sure Shots were (must be something special because the price reflected it), I decided to wait until prices were reduced 50% on Saturday. And sure enough, it was still there at half~off. I loved the size, shape and roughness of it.

Remington sure shot box

I don’t know yet what I’m going to do with it. Any ideas?

Number 2

Laying on the ground near the Remington box was this palette. Now I don’t know about you, but I’ve been wanting a palette ~ just because. $10 marked down to $5. Sold.

Remington sure shot box

I actually have a few ideas for the palette. I know it will involve paint, maybe stencils, hangers and nails. Stay tuned.

Number 3

While in Atlanta last week visiting family, a trip to Simple Finds was in order. When you first enter this store, you just think you are in a consignment store of 1960’s ~ 1990’s cast~off furniture.

But head off to the left and you’ll find great vintage (or it looks like vintage) finds. The first thing I spied was this adorable oval clock. I’m a sucker for anything that says “Paris” or has French writing. I love the shape, which is about 14~inches X by 7~inches, the metal rim with great patina and the weathered~looking clock face.  If I ever get an office, this will be one of the first items I hang on the wall. Until then, I’m not sure where it will go. I just know I love it.

Paris clock

Number 4

In the same booth as the clock (Isn’t it funny how one booth will have several things you love ~ must be that the vendor and I are on the same wavelength.), hanging on a peg board was this wonderful galvanized shelf with 3 pails. Wow! Lots of possibilities for that. Bins to hold brushes or pens or knick~knacks. Or outside hanging on the fence with flowers (That will require drilling holes.) Numbers (1, 2, 3, un, deux, trois) or letters (A,B,C, X,Y,Z) stenciled on the pails. I haven’t decided yet.

galvanized buckets


Number 5

And last, we went to the Lakewood 400, held the 3rd weekend of the month. Located about an hour north of Atlanta, this huge warehouse and outdoor tents full of treasures old and new is a flea market bonanza. Since room on my return trip home was limited, I steered away from anything bigger than a bread box. Then I saw this cool, stoppered glass jar with, what else, French lettering. Heck, I could get that in my purse. It would fit in beautifully with the other French~inspired decorative pieces in my kitchen. And the lettering was blue. How perfect.

le bon lait bottle

Do you have any ideas for transforming Numbers 1,2, and 4? If you do, I welcome any and all suggestions. Maybe having a flea market finds shopping habit isn’t such a bad thing, after all.

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  1. I’m 30 and share your same bad habit. I live by myself in a very small house, but can’t stop buying things I “need” but have no space for. I also never get around to completing and restoring my projects, which makes my habit even worse, haha! Like you mentioned though, I usually find a booth or two where I like many items a vendor has for sale and the desk clerk will call them for me to try and cut a better deal, which fuels my habit even more. I wish I had friends my age like you that I could share these things with! Happy hunting!

    1. Jamie, I go in spurts of shopping, buying, repurposing, painting. Sometimes, you just have to stay too busy to go shopping and starting the cycle all other again. It does make life fun and interesting. Thanks for visiting Bluesky Kitchen and I hope you drop by again.

  2. Hello! I am happy that I found your blog, this morning, via “Poofing the Pillows”. For the wooden box, I suggest using it to store magazines. I have an old, local soda company wooden box that I use for our magazines. After cleaning the box, I waxed it…that’s it. Because I didn’t want the box to scratch the hardwood floors, I added a piece of felt to the bottom.
    Back to reading more of your blog!

    1. Cindy, I’m so happy you found me too! I’ve thought about using the box as a magazine holder too. I all know how those darn magazines pile up! I think I’m going to do a barely there white wash to fit my farmhouse esthetic. Great idea for putting felt pads on the bottom. We do that with all our chairs. I hope you’ll come back often.

  3. Watching to see what you do with the shotgun shells box. We have several explosives boxes that are old and wooden. I’ve got one or two ideas but really never use them to their full potential. 🙂

    I want to shop with you soon. 🙂

    1. Let’s go to Canton. Haven’t been there in years. I’m pretty sure I’m going to paint the shotgun shell box. A friend who’s husband is a hunter and collector told me that they usually pay $50 for one in good condition and I paid $17.50 for mine. YooWoo! I’m pretty sure a wash in Annie Sloan Old White is in its future.

  4. Love your finds! I’m partial to the clock. I am just drawn to them somehow. Can’t wait to see what you are going to do with the others, especially #1. I’ll stay tuned…

    1. Rev, Isn’t that clock the coolest? I just love it. I have ideas, but right now I’m trying to finish some other projects, so these flea market finds are in the queue. I love having projects waiting to be tackled; it’s like having a stack of books to read or a pile of recipes to make. Anticipation!!

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