My Favorite Paint Projects of 2015

Last week I visited the new Wisteria Outlet in Dallas and had the pleasure of meeting Stephanie, one of their associates.  We started talking about home decor and painting and transforming accessories to fit one’s vision and home.  Of course, I told her about my love of finding (or if you’re lucky having) vintage items to update or change with chalk paint.  She asked me to send her some of my posts featuring paint projects, which I was more than happy to do.  Then, I thought, why not share them with you, too.

Here are my

My Favorite Paint Projects of 2015

My Favorite Paint Projects of 2015

The first project of the year was our dining room table.  Since I see it multiple times a day and still love it and serving dinners on it, this may be my favorite.  I absolutely love how it turned out, fulfilling my vision.

How to Transform a Vintage Dining Room Table

My Favorite Paint Projects of 2015

My Favorite Paint Projects of 2015

Next came the transformation of an ugly bookcase from a re-sale store to a feature that I’m proud to have as a focal point in our living room.

How I Transformed a Bookcase from Ugly to Beautiful

Here’s how it looks today; I’ve rearranged it a few times.

My Favorite Paint Projects of 2015

Here’s what it looked like at Christmas.

My Favorite Paint Projects of 2015

My older daughter’s armoire in her Atlanta dining room was a fun project.  I first saw it over 30 years ago in the back room of an antique store; it was dirty and dusty and forgotten.  I bought it for a $100 and I thought it was a steal.

Old Armoire Becomes Diva of the Dining Room

My Favorite Paint Projects of 2015

My “French” garden chairs are another favorite find.  I recently saw similar chairs in New Orleans for over $100 each.  Mine cost $12 and I think they look just as good. I love to look outside on the patio, even in winter, and see them.

French Garden Chairs Transformation

My Favorite Paint Projects of 2015

In the fall, I shared several projects in which I used Gilding Wax. This little product is very versatile.  I recently bought a jar of gold, which I haven’t used yet;  I’m waiting until I have the right piece.

How to Use Gilding Wax

My Favorite Paint Projects of 2015

Which project did you like best?

I can’t wait to see what 2016 holds: I have a desk, a curio cabinet and some chairs to work on.  Painting starts soon!




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    1. Thank you so much. What a pleasant surprise. I think we are painting soul mates. Just finished my first job for a client. Exciting to make a little cash for doing something you love.

  1. Carol, I would love for you to show more of your home and projects! When you showed your home at Christmas I was wowed. 🙂

    Your paint projects are good to see. We have several items in our garage right now that just came from grandmother’s garage.

    1. Stacey, me too. Now that the holidays are behind us, I am ready to start our home tours again (Kitchen was back in September) and start more projects. I have several in the queue: a desk, a curio cabinet, 4 dining room chairs for my son, a tray, and I’m ready to redo some furniture I painted a few years ago. I will definitely share when I start working on them. I’m currently working on a project for a friend of a friend ~ and getting paid for it! Yea!

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